718 Patience

    "Boss, why do I feel like he's very weak?" Cain's Left Hand asked as he stopped before Lu Li, clearly confused.

    There were only players from Ruling Sword left; everyone from the Gangnam Royals had died, including Dancing Star Dream himself. The floor was littered with dead bodies, equipmentsand potions. Ruling Sword had suffered heavy losses as well; they only had around a dozen players left. However, compared to their opponents, they could proudly say that they were the victors of this round.

    Lu Li played with the staff that Dancing Star Dream had dropped and shook his head.

    "Weak? He's not weak; he just gave up."

    "Goodness, he's a competitor. I've never heard of a competitor giving up. Don't they all fight until the very end?"

    Cain's Left Hand was stunned and began to look down on his opponent.

    "You think too much. Left Hand, you should eat more vitamins in the future," Lu Li said as he tossed the item in his hands to Nuo Yu. "Take a look and tell me your thoughts. This is Dancing Star Dream's weapon."

    "Wow, he dropped a weapon. This trip is so worth it!" Nuo Yu exclaimed as he examined it, then passed it back to Lu Li.

    Lu Li was lost for words.

    "Don't tell me you don't like it; this is a Dark Gold equip and all three of the special effects are exquisite. It's good enough for Dancing Star Dream. You won't be able to buy this without two or three thousand gold coins."

    "Boss, you must be joking. How could I possibly not like it?" Nuo Yu said as he waved his hands then continued, "I'm not a competitor; it's too much of a waste to let me have it. Give it to Monkey instead."

    "It's his own loss for not coming."

    Lu Li was determined to distribute the item to Nuo Yu, and just as Nuo Yu was about to reject the offer again, he said, "You can lend it to Monkey during competitions. Our rules remain - whoever comes takes the loot."

    Nuo Yu was on a high-priority list, but Fat Monkey was a competitor, so his priority was still lower.

    However, Ruling Sword had another rule - those who showed up would have the highest priority. Nuo Yu had the highest points out of all the Mages who showed up, and he had also directed the group combat well. He killed all of his opponents with his team and didn't let a single one escape.

    Nuo Yu didn't persist since Lu Li was determined and gratefully took the exquisite Staff.

    "Alright, we've cleaned up the battleground. Let's go," Lu Li announced then teleported back first.

    He was very satisfied with the result. Not only did they kill Dancing Star Dream, but they also looted his weapon.

    Twenty percent wasn't a small sum of experience. Dancing Star Dream was currently level 42, so 20% would take at least half a day to regain.

    He had also lost his level 40 Dark Gold weapon. Lu Li was sure that even if he had a spare, it wouldn't be as good as this one. The worst item to drop upon a death was definitely an equip.

    What Lu Li anticipated the most was Dancing Star Dream's feelings.

    He had brought a few hundred players in the morning to kill Lu Li and failed, then died to Lu Li and the others in the afternoon. Moreover, this was under the circumstances where both parties had even numbers.

    "Nope, boss, I have to go make a post in the forums. I've recorded everything."

    Even after they returned to the city, Cain's Left Hand was still excited. He still couldn't believe that he was a part of killing Dancing Star Dream. He had taken both the first and last hits as well.

    "Uh, that's a bit harsh."

    Lu Li could already feel the sweat pouring down his sides as he imagined the reactions of the Gangnam Royals after they watch the video. Dancing Star Dream had given up and didn't use a single ace, so he would seem as if he wasn't a good player.

    "Boss, if you feel like it's too much, I'll just keep it to myself..."

    Cain's Left Hand was slightly disappointed, but he wouldn't disobey Lu Li's commands.

    "Why would you keep it to yourself? Go post it. Wait, find an editor and make it even better," Lu Li said. He wasn't a very responsible person either.

    "Boss where are you going? It's almost time to go offline. Do you want to come with us to the bar after game time is over?" Cain's Left Hand felt like Lu Li wasn't as distant at the moment as he usually was, so he extended an invitation.

    "Drinking?" Lu Li asked as he hesitated.

    "We're going to a bar, the biggest one in Qingshan District. It's filled with pretty girls from the schools nearby. Boss, you're so cool already. You'd definitely be popular there," Cain's Left Hand persuaded. He had taken Lu Li's hesitation the wrong way and thought that he was interested.

    "I'm good. You guys go and have fun," Lu Li declined with a slight frown.

    He thought that everyone was just having a gathering to eat and drink. He didn't want to have a closer relationship with the elites from the guild, but he didn't expect them to go to that kind of place.

    "Alright," Cain's Left Hand said as he scratched his hair, slightly disappointed.

    Lu Li checked the time; there was less than an hour left. There was no need for him to try and level up as it was still messy outside.

    Lu Li thought for a bit and ended up going to the Mercenary Hall.

    "Coordinates 3175, 14895, 24, Swamp of Sorrows. I didn't think he would be the type to like such a scary map..."

    After Lu Li picked up the coordinates, he immediately headed towards the Swamp of Sorrows. Heart of War didn't have any PK points on him, so his coordinates could only be searched every half an hour. If Lu Li was too slow, he wouldn't be able to catch his location.

    That's right, Lu Li was going to pay Heart of War a visit.

    For a majority of the time, the Swamp of Sorrows were wet and rainy. The ocean waters had seeped into the swamp, turning it into a salty wetland, while the trees that grew here were massive and helped to thicken the air with moisture. It was as if he had entered a rainforest.

    When the gaming company wrote an introduction for this place, there was only one line of description: The Swamp of Sorrows is no place for cowards.

    Lu Li quickly saw his target.

    In an area where the Swamp Tigers were gathered, around seven to eight hundred players were leveling.

    The Swamp Tigers gave great experience rewards and their loot was quite decent as well, so they were the favorite targets of major guilds.

    Lu Li went into Stealth in a nearby bush; monsters didn't refresh in this location. The sky was already dark, so he didn't need to worry about anyone discovering him.

    The seven to eight hundred players here were all from the Gangnam Royals and were protecting Heart of War. Once Lu Li saw the entire squad, he gave up all hope.

    There were plenty of torches placed near Heart of War. Lu Li could see him battling monsters with a sword and shield as he joked around with a girl nearby.

    What Lu Li couldn't figure out was why his usual stuck-up expression had changed to a humble one.

    Perhaps it was because of his curiosity, but Lu Li didn't back away immediately. There wasn't much time left anyway, so couldn't accomplish anything from going back.

    The guild members often pulled monsters past Lu Li, oblivious to the fact that their worst enemy was hiding right next to them.
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