796 Steady Defea

    Perhaps it was because Moonlight wasn't facing a Thief, but from this match, Berserkers sure looked impressive. The Berserkers in the audience seats felt reignited; this was what a Berserker should look like.

    High damage, high defense, great mobility, great burst with strong positioning...

    After Faker than Wind made his appearance, the brutality of the Berserker class would become even more apparent.

    When Moonlight was left with less than 20% health, it seemed as if he went into some sort of rage mode. A Paladin with half health remaining - one who still had the ability to heal himself - was slain by his Berserk mode.

    The Berserker was showered in a glow of blood red, like a hero who returned from battle.

    His gear didn't match in terms of shape and color, especially compared to Elevenless' set of golden armor.

    If Elevenless was a rich prince, Moonlight seemed like a beggar off the street.

    Strangely enough, everyone felt like he was the real Berserker.

    The last contestant from the Wings of Dawn defeated Moonlight, who was left at low health. After this, he was wiped out by Fat Monkey, which ended this match.

    There was a half-an-hour rest time before the group match commenced.

    Lu Li closed his eyes to rest. His expression seemed peaceful, but if you paid close attention, you would see that he was slightly frowning. He was clearly troubled by something.

    "Don't worry; just do our best," Moonlight reassured as he tapped him on the shoulder.

    "We're leading in points. After we win the group match, we will still advance over the other guilds," Fat Monkey said confidently.

    "Elevenless is a hard bone to chew on. Can you do it?" Lu Li asked as he opened his eyes.

    Fat Monkey's face went pale at the question.

    The atmosphere in the Wings of Dawn was much more relaxed. Although they didn't expect to lose so hard, they were confident in the upcoming group match.

    "For this group match, Wings of Dawn is probably going to win," Water Fairy predicted.

    Pure White Season was astonished at her apparent lack of loyalty to Lu Li.

    Dark Wind was a Warrior, so he understood why Water Fairy made her claim.

    "Here's a little note for those who love the Berserker class - persevere in what you're passionate about and don't back out because of the difficulties that lie ahead."

    The key was Elevenless.

    If someone thought that Elevenless was a failure because of the way that he fought Lu Li, they would be completely wrong.

    "Kill the healer. Try to take down their healer in one go," Lu Li said in a lowered voice as he looked at the timer.

    The greatest weakness of Elevenless was that he couldn't heal, but what if there was a healer who could do this for him?

    A Berserker that even Lu Li couldn't really kill with a Priest behind to heal him was truly an unsolvable conundrum.

    They had to kill their healer first!

    From another perspective, their opponents probably knew about the same thing. It wouldn't be hard to imagine that their Priest would be their key target for protection.

    Hence, Elevenless, who had been seen as a joke by everyone, finally had the opportunity for redemption.

    As the battle began, Ruling Sword immediately targeted Falling Smile from Wings of Dawn. They were determined to get rid of him.

    "Ahaha, I'm a Priest with all Constitution Attributes. It won't be easy for you guys to kill me," Falling Smile laughed. He was already mentally prepared and quickly popped a shield on himself.

    Lu Li knocked him out with a Cheap Shot, but this was cancelled by his Badge without the slightest hesitation.

    A four second stun was enough for Lu Li's team to wipe out the Priest. If he hesitated, he probably wouldn't have another chance to use it again.

    Lu Li, Moonlight, Fat Monkey and Sakura Memories chased after Falling Smile with the Bloodlust buff.

    Falling Smile had used his damage reduction, and had even found some time to heal himself, but his health still dropped rapidly. Just as he saw that he was about to enter the low health range, he was covered by a golden ray.


    They often saw Moonlight cast this skill, so they immediately understood what had just happened.

    With Elevenless taking damage for him, Falling Smile finally had the chance to heal himself. After all, Wings of Dawn was a five-man team; they wouldn't sit and watch as Lu Li and the others bullied their healer.

    After Elevenless casted Intervene, he used Charge at Lu Li and the others and immediately spun into a Whirlwind.

    At the same time, a Frost Nova was laid out under their feet, so they had to quickly leave the range of Elevenless. This meant that they couldn't keep the same attack formation as before.

    Moonlight went head on with a Whirlwind too.

    Now, the audience was much happier. Not only did they get to see a battle between Berserkers, but they also got to see them fight with their signature skills.

    The Berserker at the center of Whirlwind couldn't be controlled, but they could take damage.

    The difference between Moonlight and Elevenless became visible here. Moonlight took about one hundred points of damage while Elevenless only took about a dozen points of damage. Sometime, it even dropped into the single digits.

    They couldn't kill the Priest, but they couldn't stop Elevenless either. Ruling Sword was headed towards a sure defeat for the group match.

    Lu Li didn't care about how the others fought and completely focused on Falling Smile.

    "My goodness, you're so stubborn. You can't kill me anyway with your surprise appearances - are you trying to frighten me to death?" Falling Smile laughed coldly. He hadn't actually put all of his Attribute Points into Constitution.

    March Rain's maximum health was a little over 3000, but he had around 4000. His equipment was also heavily geared towards protecting him.

    "Don't worry about me; kill their Shaman. The cooldown time on Bloodlust is about to end," Falling Smile reminded. As long as he wasn't ganged up by the group, he didn't think that Lu Li would be able to kill him alone.

    "Focus on the Shaman," Dreaming About Being 13 nodded; it was time to end the battle.

    When the group match started, he felt slightly anxious. He was worried that Falling Smile wouldn't be able to make it past the first round of attacks. However, the truth was that he had thought too much. With the support of team members, Falling Smile successfully made it through.

    "Memories, try and drag on some time. You guys can go take on a player each; I'm going to take down their Priest," Lu Li suddenly said this in their own channel.

    Was he too tired and hallucinating? If it wasn't for the fact that his team members really understood him, they would have thought so.
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