894 Hun

    Lu Li pushed his dead target into the water and immediately turned around to leave. He didn't even bother with the two other potential targets that he suspected to be players.

    In this game, while you inspected others, others were also inspecting you. While Lu Li was chatting up the old man, he had the image of an NPC, but as soon as he killed someone, he became suspicious.

    Sometimes, what exposed a player would not be his actions, but his greed instead.

    Lu Li blended into the crowd and quickly disappeared from this area.

    Although he would have other chances to kill in a similar setting, that would expose him too much. Once he was caught by another NPC or players, he would be in trouble.

    He called a taxi and entered it as if he was really tired, like a businessman who had just gone through a whole day of work. As he placed a cigarette into his mouth, he said, "Mr. Driver, I've just arrived here for work. Is there anywhere nearby for me to relax?"

    "Hehe," the taxi driver laughed, understanding the connotation behind Lu Li's words. He turned and winked at Lu Li, then asked, "What are you into? How much do you want to relax?"

    Lu Li appeared to be very interested, but he still shook his head in the end and declined, "No thanks. Just anywhere will do. Is there a bar nearby? There have to be plenty of girls of course!"

    "Leave it to me. I'll show you where all the pretty girls are within 15 minutes," the taxi driver said, pushing his foot onto the accelerator.

    Others probably would have thought that he was the one who was on the way for a happy time.

    Lu Li checked the time on his watch. It was already nine o'clock at night, but he didn't feel surprised at all.

    If combining the System with the human nervous system was a new development, then time technology was a mountain that everyone was trying to tackle.

    Immortality - this was something that everyone had dreamed of.

    From the past until now, besides those who wanted to commit suicide, most people did not want to die early.

    People anticipated virtual reality to be able to twist time. For example, spending three days in the game would be equivalent to spending one day in reality. Or perhaps even spending a whole lifetime in a game would actually only be an instant in real life. This would probably be the closest that humans could get to achieving immortality.

    There had been a certain amount of development in this aspect, but unfortunately, this was a dream that still couldn't be accomplished, even after dozens of years.

    The dungeon today employed this kind of premature technology. In the killer game, players felt like they had spent twelve hours in the game, while only three had passed in real life.

    As the taxi driver had promised, Lu Li stood outside a massive club after fifteen minutes.

    Lu Li saw the bouncer behind the doors nod discreetly to the taxi driver; sthey most likely knew each other. Perhaps the taxi driver even earned some commission for bringing people here.

    "How many?"

    "One," Lu Li said, appearing to be very natural. A single hundred dollar note successfully distracted the bouncer's gaze from himself.

    He pushed the door open and entered a loud and lively world, mixed with the smell of make-up and alcohol. There was some sort of blood-boiling passion that filled the air.

    This was a giant area, surrounded by bars and tables. You could choose to drink alcohol by yourself or you could choose to be accompanied by some girls.

    There was a giant dance floor in the middle where men and women who were most likely strangers danced against each other. In the center, there was a stage with a group of scantily-clad dancers.

    Lu Li chose to seat himself at the bar and had the bartender pour him a drink.

    "Sir, do you need us to get you some girls?" the bartender asked, upon seeing that Lu Li was a new face.

    "No need - pour me another one," Lu Li said as he finished his alcohol in one gulp and placed the cup in front of the bartender. "I like to do things myself. Give me another one and look after my alcohol. I'll be back for it."

    The bartender laughed and told Lu Li not to worry about it.

    Lu Li staggered around like a drunkard and quickly blended into the crowd.

    There was more than one hunter here!

    A player who didn't seem to be familiar with this kind of environment accidentally exposed himself. He was strangled by a strong man, who brought him back to a table and made him pose as if he had fallen asleep.

    Careful, and smart - but unfortunately, he didn't realize that that he had also became someone else's prey.

    It didn't matter how strong a person was; the neck would always be a fragile weak spot.

    When Lu Li's knife slit across his throat, he could only struggle and ended up in the same pose as his previous target.

    After killing this guy, Lu Li quickly left - he was careful not to make the same mistake. This was a club and countless drunkards rested on the tables, so these two weren't going to be caught too soon.

    Lu Li's total score now sat at eleven points.

    The strong man had killed more than one person, so the reward for killing him was only a little less than a red-named player. Lu Li's target from the river only gave him two points, but he was more interested in his own safety. He didn't care too much about how many points his target gave him.

    Once he was discovered, he might be caught by the NPCs.

    Lu Li blended into the dance floor, then approached the stage where the dancers were and found a target there.

    It was no wonder why this player had become Lu Li's target. As a player, he was attracted by the beauty of these dancers and wanted to climb up on the stage to touch them.

    Lu Li went up and dragged him off, apologizing as he did so.

    "Sorry, my friend drank a little too much, I'm sorry."

    In reality, his knife had already pierced through the heart of his target.

    He brought the body to somewhere less crowded and disposed of it, then continued to search for more possible targets. In order to prevent himself from becoming the target of other players, he changed locations every time he killed, never staying in one place for too long.

    System: Assassination quest activated. Mr. A - man in yellow t-shirt, 173cm tall, weighs 67kg, 5 body guards, rewards 15 points.

    This was an unexpected quest, and a quest that rewarded 15 points no less. Without the slightest change in expression, Lu Li avoided the hand of a local lady. His eyes darted towards the entrance and quickly spotted his assassination target, protected by the few body guards around him.

    All the players in this setting would have received the same quest prompt, so it wasn't going to be easy at all.
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