920 Thousand Gold Moun

    "Execute!" Moonlight suddenly roared. Everyone watched in anticipation as the glowing white sword cut into the chest and abdomen of Balnazzar.


    This was the Strength of Execute. Normal attacks could never deal this much damage to the Boss; everyone's attacks usually dealt a dozen damage each.

    However, this still wasn't enough to kill Balnazzar, who still had more than 7000HP.

    If Lu Li used his skills, he could deal slightly over a hundred damage. With sixty or seventy attacks, he could finish off the Boss, but he didn't have many teammates left. He probably had ten more chances at most, not sixty to seventy.

    After Moonlight dealt so much damage, Balnazzar responded by turning around and taking him out.

    Sakura Memories then died quickly afterwards...

    Remnant Dream, who had just gotten up from her Feign Death state, had been attacking the Boss the whole time, which caused him to turn to her. With a single swipe, she helplessly fell to the ground.

    "Riceball, run and pull it away!" Lu Li shouted when he saw the Boss chasing Sesame Rice Ball.

    "Haha, I'm back," Azure Sea Breeze said as a light shone around his body and he stood up. Lu Li then remembered that his body was tied to the Soul Stone that was on Sesame Rice Ball. The original plan was probably to wait until the Boss was almost dead before reviving him to share the EXP.

    Unfortunately, the current situation looked like they were going to get wiped, so there was going to be no EXP to share.

    Lu Li really wanted to give him a piece of his mind, but after recalling how he hadn't received EXP for the last few battles he decided against it. This was also not the time to be teaching any lessons.

    Azure Sea Breeze had some damage reduction skills that had already refreshed, which gave Lu Li and Sesame Rice Ball the opportunity to deal as much damage as they could.

    No one was ready to give up yet!

    Balnazzar only had 4000HP left; they just needed a bit more time.


    A Shadow Bolt flew out of the fallen Boss and slammed into a wall further away, leaving behind a blackened mark.

    Was he dead?

    Azure Sea Breeze had estimated that he could probably tank one more of the Boss' attacks, but definitely not more than two. They probably had 3 to 5 seconds left before the fight was over. It really seemed like their Instance Dungeon attempt would have had to stop here until he was level 48 or higher.

    He definitely did not expect the Boss' HP to suddenly get emptied like that.

    "Don't run to the corpse yet; let my Resurrect cooldown refresh first. The Boss isn't going anywhere," Lu Li said as he sat down numbly.

    System: Congratulations to Ruling Sword members, Azure Sea Breeze, March Rain, Lonesome Flower, Sesame Rice Ball... who under the leadership of Party Leader Lu Li, have managed to acquire the First Clear on the Stratholme Instance Dungeon.

    The System's prompt woke everyone up from their daze. It was only then that they realized the battle was finally over.

    Balnazzar, who had killed them over and over, was now a corpse on the ground. Its original bright, purple wings were now no different to the rotten ones of the Plague Bats in the Plaguelands.

    "I... I got EXP!"

    Azure Sea Breeze was so excited that he was shaking.

    Lu Li had also reached level 48, and two of the three survivors were also awarded Skill Points. Unfortunately, these two players did not include Lu Li. He truly was unlucky, but after what he received from the second Boss, he no longer suspected that the System was oppressing him.

    The System then began to distribute the First Clear rewards.

    Whether they were alive or dead, everyone had a share.

    "Flurry Axe. Too bad it's not an Epic, but this Attribute, hehe..." Azure Sea Breeze smirked as he received his reward and placed it into his backpack. Although it wasn't an Epic grade, judging from the sound he was making, it was probably quite powerful.

    "I got the Royal Tribunal Cloak. It's also Dark Gold, and the Attributes are pretty good," Sesame Rice Ball announced as he sent out the details of his item to everyone.

    Lu Li received his equipment, which was unexpectedly a sword.

    Hanzo Sword, Dark Gold.

    This was a force-sensitive dual-handed sword, with two slots and three special effects. It also had a very high Critical Hit and Attack Speed, which made it an exquisite item.

    Unfortunately, he was taking the Agility route. Even if this was a one-handed sword, he would still only consider those that improved his Agility.

    The First Clear Reward granted by the System wouldn't give a Thief a Priest item, but it was unrealistic to expect items that always complimented their playstyle.

    Lu Li wasn't too disappointed. As long as it was an exquisite item, there would be someone who would want it if he put it into the warehouse. That person would benefit from it much more from it than he would, which would benefit him in turn. After all, Ruling Sword belonged to him.

    After Resurrect refreshed, he revived the others, who were itching to see what they had received.

    Hachi Chan was given a piece of Druid Leather Armor which increased her damage output. This was useless to her, but she could still trade it into the Guild Warehouse for points.

    Wandering received a piece of Plate Armor, which was perfect for Defensive Professions. Azure Sea Breeze immediately tried to buy it from him when he saw it, since it was not that suitable for Wandering anyway.

    Moonlight got a two-handed axe - Kang the Decapitator.

    Although it was a Dark Gold item, its Attributes were surprisingly good. It had two slots and three special effects on top of increased Critical Damage. One of the three special effects was a powerful Berserk effect, which made Moonlight want to equip it immediately.

    Unfortunately, it was a level 50 weapon, so he would have to wait a while.

    In fact, the Dark Gold Sul'Thraze Whiplash that he had now was already quite powerful. Lu Li hadn't come across many items which were better than that.

    However, one of the reasons why Moonlight wanted to change his weapon was because he liked the heaviness of the axe. There was a thrill in splitting a target from head to toe.

    Remnant Dream...

    "I think I received a Mount, but why is it so bony?" Remnant Dream was particularly happy at first, but didn't like it as much when she saw its name. She was wondering whether she could get a refund with the System.

    When she told everyone the name of the mount, they were left speechless.

    Most of the First Clear rewards were things that the Instance Dungeon could produce, which included Undead Horses.

    They had received one before, and now they were receiving another. Were these mounts really as rare as Lu Li said they were?

    Azure Sea Breeze saw his chance and went over, planning to make his move here.

    "Keke, Dreamy, I treat you well, right?"

    "Dreamy, I'll give you 500 gold now, and another 500 gold when we get back," Wandering offered as he kicked Azure Sea Breeze aside and handed a bag containing 500 gold to Remnant Dream.

    "Okay, I'll take it," Remnant Dream agreed. The 1000 gold coins were simply too tempting.


    Azure Sea Breeze's eyes rolled back in their sockets as he passed out. He shouldn't have tried to smooth-talk this little girl; this was obviously something that should have been dealt with in gold...
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