971 Successive Berserks

    "Stand firm; don't run around randomly. Cast your damage reduction skills if you have them and take your potions. Healers, use your area of effect heals and pay extra attention on the tank."

    Lu Li wasn't afraid of the Boss' skills, but the players themselves running around like headless chickens.

    Not only would that lead to more players dying, but the party could also be wiped because of

    their incompetence.

    Fortunately, most of them were elite players, and they had fantastic mental fortitude.

    These players weren't afraid of the Boss' skills either, but rather a commander's silence. They didn't really know what to do either, so when they were given instructions, they would just instinctively follow them.

    Several boulders smashed into the ground, colliding and knocking down a number of players.

    Other than the sudden deaths at the beginning, there were fewer casualties now because everyone had either cast their damage reductions skills or taken their potions.

    Once the players were in disarray, there was a high chance that they would die.

    "The mobs have finally been cleared," Water Fairy announced. Her team had finally killed the tens of thousands of mobs, at the cost of over twenty casualties, but all of them were eventually revived.

    The Revive Skill required most professions to out of combat before it could be used, so Lu Li had to separate a few Healers from the fight.

    Of course, there was a still a distance requirement that needed to be met.

    When they got close enough, they would invariably be forced into battle. This meant that only Druids had enough range to use their Resurrect skill.

    "Have a break before joining the relief team," Lu Li said without breaking his concentration on the battlefield. He watched carefully as Haggle's Berserk ended, but he seemed to have taken some kind of medicine because he was still fighting in the same way.

    "It's okay; I don't need it. I'll go fight the Boss," Water Fairy said, rejecting Lu Li's kindness.

    Lu Li shrugged and said nothing about it.

    There were too many players here, so he couldn't help but adopt a care-free attitude. He knew that every move he made could be blown out of proportion when it was gossiped about.

    Player X: Our Boss and Ruling Sword's Boss seemed to have gotten closer over the years...

    Lu Li: I've only been playing video games for four months.

    Player X: This pretty boy has risen up so quickly' no one can defeat him...

    Lu Li: This is the first time I've ever been called a pretty boy.

    Player X: That couple is obviously working together and doing things they shouldn't be...

    Lu Li: I have no idea what you're talking about.

    "The third Boss is at 20% HP and the second Boss is at 18% HP. You guys, slow down. I said slow down! Why are those ranged players still attacking? What's wrong with them?"

    Lu Li had to deduct a few points from those players before they started paying attention again.

    Although he was commanding both guilds, the authority of Lu Li was almost entirely supported by Water Fairy's command.

    Magus was a Magic Profession. Although he could occasionally heal himself, the sheer number of interrupting skills prevented that from happening.

    As a result, his HP dropped the fastest. However, Lu Li was worried that the death of Magus would cause the other two Bosses to go berserk, so he has been meticulously controlling his HP.

    "10% - we're almost there. We will have succeeded soon enough."

    The battle had already lasted for too long, and many were starting to show signs of fatigue. However, Lu Li's words caused a wave of excitement that revitalized the players' spirits.

    Some commanders only liked giving their players bad news, for fear that the players would start to slack off.

    However, Lu Li was different. He always believed that people would put the most energy into something when they were in a good mood.

    When he said that they were going to be successful, everyone believed him.

    "Main Tanks, cast your damage reduction skills. Everyone else, do as much damage as you can. Be wary of the potential for a Boss to go berserk. If we can get through the Berserk, then we would have already won," Lu Li encouraged, but the players didn't even have the time to question it. They were all preparing themselves to survive the Berserk.

    It was difficult to imagine that not one of the three Bosses would go into Berserk, especially since they were Wild Bosses.

    Wild Bosses were notoriously difficult, and always resulted in plenty of player deaths. Most of the deaths also occurred in the final stages when the Boss went Berserk.

    As the HP bars steadily declined, the Bosses appeared as though they were about to go Berserk at 5%.

    "Stop dealing damage to Boss one and three; just attack Boss two. Don't worry about it and just let them go Berserk."

    No one had ever heard of this way of dealing with Berserk before.

    Although the players didn't really understand it in the moment, they still obeyed his orders.

    As the second Boss dropped to critical HP, it went Berserk as they expected it to.

    "Be careful! Healers, support the players fighting Boss two. Everyone else, don't attack and just stand firm. Try to stay alive."

    The smarter players quickly understood what he was doing; he was preparing for the worst case scenario. Lu Li had assumed that all three Bosses were going to go Berserk.

    If that happened at the same time, they might not get wiped, but they would lose at least half of their players.

    Berserk not only increased the damage of the regular attacks but also the damage of the ultimate skills. If all the Bosses cast their ultimate skills together, the result would be unimaginable.

    This was the worst-case scenario. It was probably not going to happen, but Lu Li didn't want to take a chance with the EXP of over a thousand players and their time on the line.

    Following his assumptions, he planned to let the three Bosses go Berserk in succession.

    The first Boss to go Berserk was High Priest Rockjaw Elfin. He caused a number of casualties, but it was because those players were within his crowd-control range.

    After 30 seconds, the Berserk ended and he went into a sluggish state at 2% HP. However, he didn't want to kill it in case the other two Bosses went Berserk.

    Next was Boss one - Protector Rockjaw O'Brien, who also went into the sluggish state after going Berserk.

    Boss three, Rockjaw Khaz'Goroth, was even more aggressive than the previous two. His attacks fell upon almost the entire area, and players continually died. However, many others struggled and stayed alive with the help of the healers.

    This level of strength was to be expected; the only difference between Khaz'Goroth and the others was the coverage on his skills.

    Lu Li used his observation and experience here, potentially saving the group from getting completely wiped. He had overestimated the players, and thought that he could get away with successive Berserks. However, that single Berserk was almost as strong as the other two together.

    "Breezy, stand firm. Don't you want the EXP?" Lu Li reminded calmly.

    Azure Sea Breeze, who was on the verge of dying, forcibly pulled himself together as he continued to persist in facing the Boss' Berserk.

    "Attack with everything you've got, and finish the three Boss as quickly as possible!"

    The command to attack at will had been given. The three level 55 Bosses were now on the chopping block.
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