988 The Demon’s Pupil

    "How about we just have a chat."

    Hornet's Nest smiled and looked relaxed, which caused his fans to cheer.

    As the gaming industry was primarily about entertainment, strength and attractiveness were the two most important measures of an idol. Hornet's Nest was a professional player who was just a bit too attractive; it actually affected the public's determination of his strength.

    "..." Lu Li responded to him with a Sap.

    After the Sap, he immediately rushed towards the rare succubus. Lu Li had read an analysis of this rare succubus before in his previous life; its primary weakness was that it had less HP than an ordinary one.

    "Do you have no shame?!" Hornet's Nest cried out as he pulled an ugly face.

    According to social conventions, shouldn't there have been a friendly interaction between the two

    players first?

    He now regretted playing in the first game as he was in trouble. He didn't want to use Demon's Pupil so early on, but how could he let Lu Li defeat him so easily?

    Hornet's Nest looked nauseous. He didn't really want to use his badge just for a Sap, but watching the little Succubus get attacked was heartbreaking. As such, he had no choice but to escape and run towards his pet.

    Lu Li had already taken the Succubus down to half health without receiving much damage himself.

    The main skills that this Succubus had were crowd-control and burning. The HP that Lu Li had lost was due to this burn.

    When Hornet's Nest arrived, Lu Li decisively used Vanish and disappeared.

    The timing was just right, as Hornet's Nest had cast a skill that was just about to hit him. If the skill had connected, the continuous damage would have instantly removed Lu Li from Stealth.

    In this first round, Lu Li had failed to achieve his goal.

    Obviously, Hornet's Nest didn't gain much of an advantage either. His Succubus had lost half of its HP and it had used some of its skills which required a cooldown period.

    This time, Hornet's Nest didn't want to passively wait to get attacked.

    When he was challenging Lu Li previously, it wasn't just an impulsive decision. What he said about his confidence in defeating Lu Li wasn't just words for the interview. He really did have great confidence in this fight.

    Lu Li lurked outside a 15-yard radius from Hornet's Nest and patiently waited for his next opportunity.

    However, he felt like something was wrong. He felt a chill down his spine and carefully examined his opponent for any indication as to what was happening.

    There was clearly something wrong with Hornet's Nest.

    On the surface, he looked horrible. There were blue veins popping up across his face and it looked like he was about to explode.

    His two eyes were completely dark; there wasn't even a single trace of white.

    Demon's Pupil!

    A long time ago, when Lu Li and Hornet's Nest were fighting, Hornet's Nest had used Demon's Eye, which was the inferior version of Demon's Pupil. If it weren't for Lu Li's proficiency in the game at the time, he easily could have lost.

    Lu Li didn't expect Hornet's Nest to learn the Demon's Pupil Skill.

    What Lu Li did next forced the audience to squint. While his opponent wasn't doing anything, Lu Li transformed into a little leopard and ran away.

    Many Thieves who looked back on this footage openly declared that Lu Li was the very first speed king.

    Hornet's Nest was dumbfounded, as he had deliberately turned to the side before casting Demon's Pupil to prevent arousing Lu Li's suspicions. He planned to lock Lu Li in combat by using Sudden Thrust towards him and then casting a number of skills that dealt continuous damage.

    However, he had no idea that Lu Li would try to run away from him.

    The arena for this competition wasn't that large, but if one person wanted to avoid fighting, it was difficult to catch them unless the chaser was faster than they were.

    After 45 seconds, Lu Li wanted to use Shadow Cloak. He removed the damage de-buff that he had accidentally acquired, and went into Stealth. Apparently, he wasn't just trying to run away.

    Hornet's Nest turned to see what Lu Li was doing, but discovered that the effect of Demon's Pupil had ended.

    Was Lu Li accounting for the duration of his own Demon's Pupil effect?

    This discovery made Hornet's Nest's heart sink. Who really was this guy? He knew the timing of Demon's Pupil better than the user.

    Even so, without Demon's Pupil, Hornet's Nest still didn't feel there wasn't any hope left and Lu Li didn't feel like he had already won. At face value, Lu Li had lost 1/3 of his HP while Hornet's Nest still hadn't lost anything.

    The Veteran racer had already gotten closer to his performance in the last Magic Cup.

    The advantage that he had gained because of his rebirth has largely disappeared, and Lu Li was standing here now with his equipment and level because of his personal efforts.

    In the past six months, Lu Li had almost been like a machine.

    He didn't have any entertainment or leisure, and barely had any contact with his sister.

    He had invested his time and energy in creating a super character. He could confidently say that even without his level advantage, he would still be a super player.

    He first activated his shoes' special effect and appeared behind Hornet's Nest, but only managed to get two attacks in.

    Lu Li calmly used Gale Steps to block an incoming ultimate skill from his opponent. He then used his movement speed advantage to escape and look for the next opportunity.

    The small Succubus lashed its whip and screamed, which periodically took some of Lu Li's HP.

    Hornet's Nest was in a better position than before, as there was a ranged unit to deal with the Thief when he appeared.

    No wonder he was ambitious enough to tell the media that he could defeat Lu Li.

    Unfortunately, Lu Li had almost completely outclassed him in terms of level and equipment. The difference in HP between them grew smaller, and Hornet's Nest was eventually left with less than him.

    With only one-fifth of his HP left, Lu Li finally defeated Hornet's Nest even through the attacks of the small Succubus.

    However, he had exhausted almost everything to do so. Gale Steps, his badge and his crowd control skills had all been used up.

    Seventh Heaven then sent out Lucky Southern Persian. Although it was an unfair fight, there was no doubt that Lucky Southern Persian would quickly deal with Lu Li. Seventh Heaven also didn't want to make the mistakes that other guilds had made.

    Lu Li was quite persistent, and if he wasn't dealt with quickly, he would just keep fighting. The moment his cooldowns refreshed, he would quickly make a comeback.

    "I don't know if Southern Persian will use Polymorph, but if I could keep turning Lu Li into a sheep that would feel so good!" one of the spectators exclaimed.

    "Are you an idiot? Getting turned into a sheep is exactly what Lu Li wants right now!"

    His friend was clearly smarter than he was, but in fact, they had all guessed incorrectly. Lu Li didn't expect Lucky Southern Persian to use Polymorph at all.

    That kind of thinking was typical of a low-level player. There was no way Lucky Southern Persian would make such a basic mistake.
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