1017 Falling Behind

    This was a loophole in the System.

    Although there was no way to take a break between the battles, that single monster was almost no danger, so everyone could slowly regenerate.

    If it was a normal Boss, there would be no need to do something so troublesome. It was no big deal - just a little time lost and some costs in equipment repairs. However, Doctor Theolen Krastinov was not the same. As a Hidden Boss, he vanished as soon as the group got wiped.

    Who knew when the next time that they saw him would be?

    If they didn't regenerate before facing the Boss, they would have little hope of defeating Doctor Theolen Krastinov.

    "Deathwalker Bracer - it's a Dark Gold Bracer that made up of Cloth Armor. Looks suitable for a Mage." Remnant Dream didn't delay this time and quickly picked up the equipment. After Lonesome Flower declined the item, it was directly given to Fat Monkey. Of course, Lu Li didn't forget to deduct some of his guild points.

    A Gold Plate Armor item with good Attributes was given to Her Tears. The rest of the items were to be left in the guild warehouse. These included some Rare Materials, a Paladin Skill Book and a Strengthening Stone.

    Azure Sea Breeze was also replaced by Wandering after a while. When they had finished regenerating and their damage reduction skills had refreshed, Lu Li announced for them to kill the last Flesh Horror.


    A giggle that made their skin crawl echoed throughout the room as a man with a black hood appeared.It was the Hidden Boss - Doctor Theolen Krastinov.

    "I will be taking this class," he said as he filled the room with a dark cloud.

    Lu Li and the others received a System Prompt that they were within a Plague Barrier and would lose 10HP per second in addition to receiving an Armor debuff.

    "Attack! Breezy, take aggro. Wandering, back him up. Everyone else, don't take aggro from the Main Tank."

    Before he even finished, everyone already knew what to do. Even so, Lu Li specifically emphasized it this time because maintaining aggro was a key strategy for this Boss.

    Doctor Theolen Krastinov had a Mage Skill that would occasionally summon a wave of Flesh Horrors.

    This kind of attack intensity wouldn't cause fatal damage to a team like Lu Li's. Azure Sea Breeze didn't even have many opportunities to cast his damage reduction skills. However, when Doctor Theolen Krasitnov summoned a Shadow Whirlwind to blow Azure Sea Breeze upwards, everyone understood the threat of this Boss.

    The whirlwind lasted 45 seconds, during which no Crowd Control skills could be used by the player.

    Fortunately, the second tank was Wandering and he was prepared. If anyone else with high damage output began tanking the attacks, they would definitely be killed by Krastinov.

    "Wandering, keep going; Breezy will back you up as soon as he can. Flower do you want to die? Stop attacking," Lu Li quickly warned Lonesome Flower.

    Lonesome Flower was currently the player with the highest damage output in this Instance Dungeon.

    In their current state, it was difficult for a Thief to surpass a Mage in damage output. Not all of Lu Li's equipment was geared towards completing Instance Dungeons as well, so there was no way for him to compete with Lonesome Flower for first place.

    Lonesome Flower would often tunnel-vision on dealing damage and take aggro from the Main Tank.

    However, whenever the aggro was transferred onto him, he would freeze himself and immediately cancel it out. He was particularly fond of this playstyle, but Lu Li knew that Doctor Theolen Krastinov wouldn't let him do that.

    The whirlwind skill wasn't cast at regular intervals, but when the aggro was particularly high.

    As such, the most dangerous situation would be if both Main Tanks were blown up, because the Boss would turn to Lonesome Flower. However, if he froze himself to avoid the aggro, the Boss would go looking for March Rain.

    Although he wasn't a defensive profession, Wandering still had some Taunt skills. One of them seemed to be very powerful as the Boss immediately turned to attack him.

    In general, Doctor Theolen Krastinov was fairly easy to fight. They just needed to control the aggro and keep their Main Tanks in the front. As long as there were no incidents and they could overcome the whirlwinds, they would be fine.

    The only other despicable thing was his ability to regenerate HP. When the bodies of the Flesh Horrors returned to him, he would devour them to recover health.

    This meant that the battle took a little longer than it should have. Within 10 minutes, Lu Li and the others had dealt with Doctor Theolen Krastinov, but Glory Capital had now finished with Rattlegore and were moving ahead.

    Just like that, Glory Capital had overtaken Ruling Sword.

    "Go loot the Boss."

    Lu Li wasn't that anxious, and didn't even mention that they had fought a Hidden Boss. Even if he had to fight another Hidden Boss, he was confident that they wouldn't lose.

    "An Ancient Bone Bow...wow it's really pretty!" Remnant Dream exclaimed. She had found an equip that she could use and was ecstatic.

    "It's too bad that you're not good at using bows," Lu Li said, bursting her bubble.

    "Says who? I've practiced and I can do it now."

    Remnant Dream was holding the crystal-white longbow in her hands. She had a keen eye for equipment, so who knew how powerful it really was?

    Even if she was not particularly skilled with a longbow, there was no way that she didn't understand what +25% Critical Hit and +25% Attack Speed meant.

    With the bonus Critical Hit and Attack Speed, even a newbie could use this bow. She wasn't lying either - ever since the others had joked about her archery abilities, she had been practicing whenever she could. Her ability had now surpassed most other average hunters.

    "You can take it if you want it. This item is quite exquisite so it'll cost you more points," Lu Li said.

    "Hmph, next time I won't get anything for you." Remnant Dream made a face at Lu Li and put away the Ancient Bone Bow.

    Lu Li was very curious as to what she would do if she knew that the bow was actually made out of bones.

    Deathbone Chestplate, Necropile Leggings and Necropile Cuffs were the three Gold items that were subsequently looted. They were all part of sets - one for Warriors and two Cloth pieces for Magic Professions, which was quite lucky.

    These sets were not part of the regular T series, but they didn't necessarily have Attributes that were much worse. It was also much easier to acquire all the pieces.

    Because they were part of the same set, Lu Li simply bundled the two pieces together for the Magic Professions to bid for together.

    They were eventually taken away by Kitty Likes Meat.

    Lonesome Flower and Sesame Rice Ball both wanted a T series set, and Jaweika didn't have many points. Fat Monkey didn't really want to fight a girl for the equipment, so she actually managed to take the items at a bargain.
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