1072 Void Gaze

    Feather Enthusiast smiled and slowly turned around when he heard movement behind him.

    Lu Li then found himself frozen within a large ice block.

    Freezing Trap: launch a Freezing Trap to the target position. Any targets that walk within range of the trap will be frozen for 30 seconds, and any attacks will cancel this effect. The trap can only freeze one target at a time. The trap lasts for 1 minute.

    This was one of the Hunter's signature skills that allowed them to use certain materials to create traps that no one could see.

    After Feather Enthusiast did this successfully, a burst of excitement rippled through the audience. He immediately appeared much stronger to these players, firstly because not many players had learned this skill yet and secondly because he had managed to hit Lu Li.

    Lu Li was also stunned for a moment but quickly reacted and decisively cast Gale Steps to launch his attack.

    All this had been done within Feather Enthusiast's line of sight, because he had cast Flare the moment the trap had been set off. However, he couldn't do more than watch as Lu Li escaped as not only did Gale Steps give the player a boost of speed, but also 1 second of invincibility.

    The 1 second was more than enough for Lu Li to escape..

    Feather Enthusiast had taken the initiative and forced Lu Li to escape!

    This made the audience erupt with excitement, especially the players who were supporting the Blue Universe team. The excitement was so great that it was palpable.

    Everyone finally realized what had happened. The previous exchange between Feather Enthusiast and Lu Li was just a delaying tactic. Feather Enthusiast was really laying a Freezing Trap behind him which Lu Li fell for when he tried to get behind him.

    "I don't know if Feather can win," Enthrall sighed as he watched the game sadly.

    "It's almost impossible," Sindra said as he shook his head with a wry smile. "Feather has used Freezing Trap and a Flare, which gave him the opportunity to attack, but he has used quite a bit for that opportunity. On the surface it seems like he has the upper hand, but what has Lu Li lost?"

    Enthrall burst out laughing. What had Lu Li lost?

    Freezing Trap and Flare were not offensive skills, and the subsequent offensive skills were all blocked by Gale Steps.

    Lu Li's only losses were the Gale Steps and his badge; he had many other means of doing the same thing. The two players were really still on an even playing field.

    "I hope that Feather will be smarter. Lu Li will probably appear before the Flare's cooldown refreshes to perform an all-out attack..." Sindra hadn't even finished his sentence before Lu Li suddenly appeared behind Feather Enthusiast. This time, there was no Freezing Trap.

    Feather Enthusiast had predicted this move, but Thieves had the Shadowstep ability, which was quite difficult to defend against it.

    The Raptor pet roared and rushed towards Lu Li with Charge. Lu Li only had the chance to cast Premeditation and Cheap Shot before its claws started tearing at him. Blood had finally been drawn in this match between the Hunter and the Thief.

    Lu Li gritted his teeth and cast his damage reductions skills before continuing his attack on Feather Enthusiast.

    A pet didn't have the same attack power as a high-level Thief with exquisite equipment. Not to mention, Lu Li had other various Armor Pierce effects, Disarm, and enhanced damage skills like Shadowstrike. Feather Enthusiast was eventually forced to use his badge when Lu Li used Kidney Shot.

    After escaping trouble, the Hunter cast Mark and Serpent Sting.

    The first skill was a buff that not only increased attack strength, but also enabled him to see targets that were in Stealth. The second was a continuous damage skill with a poison Attribute that prevented Lu Li from going into Stealth.

    However, Lu Li continued his pursuit. With his movement speed, there were few players who could truly escape his attacks.

    Feather Enthusiast rolled backwards and turned into a grey wolf as he landed. He then quickly faded away, going into Stealth.

    This was quite interesting. Lu Li couldn't help but want to praise Feather Enthusiast. He had not expected this player's technique, equipment and skills to be this good.

    Shadow Wolf was one of Dawn's better effects. Any equipment with this kind of special effect would have a sky-high price. It allowed the player to transform into a Shadow Wolf and go into Stealth for 30 seconds. This effect would be cancelled when they attacked or were attacked.

    Feather Enthusiast couldn't attack, but he still had his pet.

    The Raptor was constantly dealing damage to Lu Li. Although it couldn't kill Lu Li in 30 seconds, it was enough to significantly lower his HP bar.

    Lu Li's current health had fallen below 50%, but the attacks that Lu Li had inflicted on Feather Enthusiast had dropped his HP to 30%.

    Void Gaze!

    Lu Li's two eyes suddenly turned black, sending out a brilliant dark aura. His vision also dramatically changed during this time.

    Nightslayer Ghostface (Exquisite Dark Gold): Armor 60, Agility 55, Strength +30, Dark Field of View +30%, 2 Slots. Special Effect 1: Wild Roar. The caster roars, increasing base attack power of everyone within 30 yards by 10%. Lasts 30 seconds. 20 minute cooldown. Special Effect 2: Shadow Plunder. Randomly obtains a buff from the target. Lasts 20 minutes. 30 minute cooldown. Special Effect 3: Void Gaze, Increases the probability of finding Stealth units for 60 seconds. 20 minute cooldown. Equipment Requirement: Level 55. Durability 280/280.

    With this effect, he found Feather Enthusiast hiding in the corner. Lu Li blinked to that location and easily started his chain of Crowd Control skills once again.

    Until his death, Feather Enthusiast was in a daze. He had used his trump card in an attempt to find victory, but these skills that he had never used before were somehow dealt with so easily.

    In fact, Lu Li had taken out a trump card of his own. If it weren't for the Void Gaze effect, there was no way he could have found Feather Enthusiast. He had happened to have the right effect at the right time.

    The Shadow Wolf was nothing more than an ordinary Stealth unit, so there was no way it could escape Void Gaze's effect. The skill was probably a bit of an overkill, but Feather Enthusiast ended up dead regardless.

    With 45% HP remaining, Lu Li welcomed the fourth player from Blue Universe.

    Each player became more and more eager to fight Lu Li. Blue Universe had not given up as they were a new team that wasn't afraid of anything. They didn't have any concept of surrendering.

    Post-Mortem Cook had an annoying name and an equally annoying playstyle.

    He had gone for the mobility build - most of his equipment was based around mobility. Although his attack wasn't very high, he had a number of continuous damage skills that he used to kill his opponents.

    Professions that were inflexible generally struggled against this kind of opponent.

    He was just like a fly - before you knew it, you might have lost all your HP while trying to catch him.
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