1171 Infinite Summoning

    As soon as they heard that there was a way to level, everyone was re-energized.

    "This was discovered by a friend. When he was completing an Instance Dungeon, he accidentally ran into an Ironwrath Summoner, but at the time he was in a hurry, so he quickly finished up the Instance Dungeon without killing it. Upon reflecting and returning to the Instance Dungeon, he found that the Summoner was stuck in a hole. When the Summoner saw my friend, he began madly summoning Fire Elementals..."

    Lu Li had completely fabricated this so-called friend. However,s this a bug that would be discovered in the future.

    In fact, the bug had actually been discovered in a much more complicated way. If Glory Capital had not been rapidly levelling, Lu Li wouldn't have wanted to exploit this bug so soon as it would get patched out.

    In the coming days, there were going to be big events that would have a major impact on the game, so most players wouldn't notice.

    Lu Li could faintly remember people talking about it. It was more than a year later and when it happened, everyone thought it was a joke at first. An artificial intelligence had taken over the game, and had perhaps even taken the place of the Game Company?

    However, Lu Li wasn't sure when that day would come. Until then, the Game Company still had the power to interfere with the game.

    If the Game Company found that the players of Ruling Sword were exploiting a bug, they had no right to punish Ruling Sword as the bug had come from the game. Nevertheless, they were entitled to patch out the bug as quickly as possible.

    "Is everyone ready?" Lu Li asked.

    "You just asked me to call them moments ago. I'll get the players together now," Square Root 3 said excitedly.

    "It's too bad I'm not a combat player, otherwise, I'd like to go have a look. I always thought that Dawn was the ultimate game. Who knew there would still be bugs?" Cat Dad said regretfully. Although he still played, he wasn't a very high level and this meant that he couldn't enter the Instance Dungeon as he would be taking up a valuable spot.

    "All games have bugs, no matter what," Lu Li responded.

    Even if an artificial intelligence takes over the game, there would still be bugs. One of the principles that artificial intelligence held was quite interesting. If there was a bug that made things convenient for some, but did not negatively impact the health of the game, the AI would choose to ignore it. Even if the Game Company was furious about this bug, they couldn't do anything about it.

    But right now, Lu Li couldn't wait any longer.

    When he saw his teammates that had been mobilized, all he could say was for them to train as much as they could. At the very least, he couldn't let Glory Capital take any of the top three positions on the Level Rankings.

    Of the 15 players who entered, most of them were professionals. There was Lu Li, March Rain, Fat Monkey, Sakura Memories, Moonlight, Kitty Likes Meat and Mu Qiu. All these professional players were guaranteed a spot.

    The main tank was naturally Azure Sea Breeze, whlei the healers were March Rain, Hachi Chan and Mu Qiu. They had also brought Remnant Dream, Sesame Rice Ball and Lonesome Flower for damage output. Wandering had heard that he could level without moving, and also immediately turned up.

    This meant that they now had 13 players.

    In the end, it was better to match the players according to the Instance Dungeon. Since they were farming a bug, the more Mages they had, the more efficient it would be.

    Nuo Yu was a Fire Mage with decent area of effect skills. Lu Li was also convinced of his character; he knew that he wouldn't disclose information about the bug to anyone. As such, he was given the 14th spot.

    Even among the club members of Ruling Sword, his damage output was well-known.

    The more important reason for Lu Li to take him was because he had a special effect that could passively regenerate mana. Any teammates surrounding him could also share this effect, which was very important when farming monsters.

    Jaweika was a very popular member of Ruling Sword. Any levelling team would ask him to follow their group, but he and Fat Monkey would always come in a package because they got along so well.

    Fifteen players entered the Instance Dungeon and they swept their way through it. They quickly reached the Lord General, but it wasn't the First Clear, so there wasn't worthwhile good loot. They received an Epic Magic item with passable Attributes which was given to Nuo Yu.

    They had killed the Lord General, but there was a monster that they couldn't kill.

    There weren't many teams that could miss this monster before killing the Boss. This was why the bug was difficult to find. However, the position of this Ironwrath Summoner was still a little unusual.

    This bug was only really discovered when many players reached level 60. The players had the level and equipment which made them strong enough to dare to ignore some monsters. Blackrock Abyss was still being explored by most players at that point, so these large sweeping teams only existed within large clubs.

    "Don't kill the one that has a pattern on the back of its clothes," Lu Li said, pointing at a monster that was facing the wall.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click  for visiting.

    This monster's clothes were different from the others and its posture was also quite strange. The other monsters were standing still or walking around, but this was the only one squatting and facing the wall.

    This monster was just an ordinary elite monster and it was very easy for the players to kill it. According to the monster aggro rules, it was quite easy to aggro it, but since Lu Li had explicitly asked everyone to avoid killing it, it wasn't difficult at all.

    After the Boss was killed, Lu Li began to walk towards the Ironwrath Summoner.

    The others were arranged to stand in the corner so that they wouldn't attract any aggro. This wasn't really a logical position, but it was something that Lu Li had previously explored after a bit of experimentation.

    The first time, Lu Li couldn't pull the Ironwrath Summoner and had to go in and out of Stealth.

    He then gave it a second and third try until the players were beginning to become a little impatient. The Summoner was stuck in a gap near the Lord General's original position. Lu Li was trying to test the position of the monster and how close he needed to get.

    After Lu Li stopped at the right position, the Ironwrath Summoner started casting a spell that summoned a group of Fire Elementals. There were probably about 25 of them.

    After seeing so many monsters, Lu Li wanted praise himself. This bug wasn't difficult to exploit, but the results were not always repeatable. There were about three situations that could arise. The first was six monsters, which was quite a small group that would only satisfy an average team. However, this was a party of experts, so six monsters wasn't enough.

    There was also a situation where 12 monsters were summoned. Most ordinary players preferred this situation as it was good EXP without any danger.

    The 25-monster summon was the most difficult to achieve and was unwanted by most players. Not only were more monsters summoned, but the rate that they were summoned at was also increased. This wave of monsters that had just been summoned began running towards Lu Li.

    The spawn rate ensured that there was always 25 monsters present. Ordinary players that wanted to farm these monsters needed to be careful - otherwise, they could get wiped.

    However, Lu Li wasn't afraid here; this party contained Ruling Sword's strongest players. Azure Sea Breeze and Wandering were both here to pull the monsters while Lonesome Flower, Fat Monkey, Nuo Yu, Kitty Likes Meat and Sesame Rice Ball were all very good damage dealers. All they had to do was cast their skills on the monsters.

    Hachi Chan had a whole set of mana regeneration items which complemented Jaweika's mana regeneration special effect. Mu Qiu also had a mana regeneration aura. This meant there was almost no need to stop and regenerate mana.

    Sakura Memories also possessed a very powerful mana regeneration effect.

    There was also very little stress on the healers. Azure Sea Breeze, to Lu Li's surprise, seemed to manage these level 55 monsters almost effortlessly.

    The only regret was that these monsters didn't provide that much EXP. After all, they were only level 55 and they were ordinary monsters. The EXP drop from a single monster was not that much higher than the same monster in the Wild.

    However, this way of farming wasn't too tiring. Everyone was free to cast whatever skills they wanted and it was just a matter of time and energy.

    At the end of the day, even their will to chat was gone as they numbingly casted skill after skill...

    However, whenever someone levelled up, everyone's spirits would lift a little as they checked how long it was before they would too.
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