1185 Director Urok

    The spider egg had a translucent glittering surface. It was said that after it hatched, a Smoulderweb Spider could be obtained. There was no further quest required nor money to be paid to a pet shop.

    After confirming for the egg to hatch, Remnant Dream had a small pet spider breaking out of the shell.

    Its whole body was emerald green and clear like the purest crystal. If it couldn't move, it would look like a work of art.

    Initially, it was quite frail, and it struggled to move about, but it quickly gained strength and learned to walk before everyone's eyes. It then learned to run about and cry out. Its cry was not as loud as a big spider, but it could be clearly heard.

    The surrounding spider web was its paradise as it ran around. It was a spider, so it had natural spider instincts and there was no fear that it would fall from the webs.

    Since it was a pet that belonged to Remnant Dream, it wasn't afraid of the players and once again fell onto Lu Li's shoulders. It was such a small spider that Lu Li could have stabbed it to death with his finger.

    Upon a closer inspection, you could see its large eyes, which actually made it quite cute. Apparently, the designer wanted this spider to appeal to the female players. When you looked at such a small creature, it was hard to ignore its cuteness. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    However, in the future, this baby spider probably wouldn't be safe. It was given in a quest and the players were able to let it go. The point of this spider seemed to just be to appeal to female players.

    Lu Li was thinking of killing this spider or asking someone else to kill it so that they could obtain its loot. It wasn't going to hurt them, so they might as well get something out of it.

    After dealing with the other spiders, it was time to face King Urok.

    In this world, there were women called fujoshis who were very strange. Because of them, there was an alternative story, or fanfiction about President Urok pampering a few of his darlings.

    Urok was clearly something of a president, as he was the true leader of the Spire Ogres.

    This tyrannical character used his evil magic to charm his trusted assistant Highlord Omokk into taking his position. He had said things to inspire Omokk's patriotism and sense of belonging. Urok had spared no effort in maintaining his pet's position and cruelly destroyed any ogres that dared to question Omokk's rule.

    Urok promised to destroy anyone that bullied Omokk.

    Lu Li had never paid attention to such gossip, but he had to face a slightly embarrassing situation. Urok was not a regular Boss - he needed to be summoned with Highlord Omokk's head.

    The problem was that they had skipped Highlord Omokk, so naturally they didn't have his head.

    Since they couldn't summon the Boss, they couldn't fight it either.

    They could continue through and fight the other Bosses, but they were here for equipment as well. It just wasn't economical to give up two Bosses in the same Instance Dungeon.

    However, in order to acquire the First Clear, this was no doubt much faster.

    If possible, they would just go straight to the final Boss. This was the fastest way to obtain the First Clera, but not all Instance Dungeons could be completed like this. In fact, if Lu Li hadn't thought of that jump, Highlord Omokk would normally be a compulsory Boss. However, one could choose not to fight Urok - all they needed to do was not summon him.

    If they didn't kill Urok, then they could just head straight into clearing out the mobs. Ahead of them was a tunnel that led to a wolf cave.

    The wolves here were not ordinary wolves, but were Wargs.

    Wargs were the most common mounts of the Orc army. The Orc Wolfriders that Lu Li had seen before were riding them. These mounts didn't run as smoothly as horses, but there were no horses that had the same explosive charge. It was very important for the cavalry to have short-ranged explosive power.

    As such, the Orcs had chosen to ride Wargs into battle. Their short-distance speed could create an impact that was powerful enough to destroy any human army formation.

    In addition, the Wargs themselves had some fighting ability and were at least better than human horses.

    Lu Li knew that the upcoming Boss Halycon had come from a great Warg family known for being heartlessly loyal.

    Over the years, the wolf mother had given birth to a number of offspring. It was rumoured that she was favoured by lord of the Burning Legion, who then acquired some of these Wargs for Rend Blackhand to attack the city.

    As such, this Boss was really a test for the Off-tank, as he needed to pull all the summoned Wargs from attacking the target that their mother was attacking. If they were given an opportunity to attack Azure Sea Breeze while he was tanking the Boss' hits, he would definitely be one-shot.

    With the mother and children united, they had an unstoppable momentum!

    The first problem was caused by Azure Sea Breeze's own hand. When he saw that the summoned Wargs were about to attack another person, he went to taunt and tried to tank them together with Halycon. The result was naturally a disaster.

    Lu Li revived him, but he soon died again for the second time.

    This time, it was Azure Sea Breeze again as he made a mistake which resulted in him dying once more. After the main tank died twice, there was no point in continuing the fight as they only had two resurrects.

    After fighting for a while, the team was going to get wiped anyway so it was worthwhile to spend their time preparing for the next attempt.

    After the first attempt, Lu Li could boldly say that the summoned Wargs and Halycon were going to try and attack the same target so they had to make sure that this didn't happen. First of all, it would be best if they moved Azure Sea Breeze so he wasn't surrounded by summoned Wargs. Then, Wandering had to move in to pull the Wargs and finally, Moonlight and Lonesome Flower were responsible for dealing with any leaks.

    Now that they knew the strategy, Halycon was a piece of cake.

    With a last sorrowful howl, the huge Warg fell onto the ground.
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