1187 Worg Pup

    They took out four Bosses along the way and received quite a lot of experience due to their levels. Lu Li finally managed to reach level 57, and the others were roughly the same.

    The highest-levelled player on the level rankings hadn't reached level 58 yet either. Everyone was on level 57; it was just a matter of the percentage of their Experience bar they had filled up.

    Sakura Memories obtained a skill point. As a buff Shaman, not only was she required to output damage, but she also needed to use some Shaman skills as support. As such, she could never have too many skill points.

    Buff Shamans were actually a popular class right now. They had a higher victory rate in the arena. Shamans had an Earth Shock ability with a short cooldown that could interrupt Mage skills. They had Bloodlust, Clarity, and other spells to close in on Mages too.

    Of course, this was all in theory. Classes never made too much difference when it came to highly-skilled players.

    Not to mention, patches always changed things. A class might look powerful now, but you never know when a patch would nerf them. By then, that class would only be able to cry some tears in remembrance of their past glory. At the very least, Lu Li knew that Shamans would get fixed sooner or later.

    Synthetic Stone - increases the damage of Frostbolt by 10%. This was a decent Synthetic Stone that buffed a skill. The only downside to the stone was that it could only be imbued on a weapon. Normally, weapons only came with two slots, so it'd be a tough choice to decide.

    There were no skill books, and the rare material that dropped was Evil Claw. It was an average kind of rare material, but because it had many uses, it was still an acceptable loot.

    The first equipment was Gold grade, and so was the second. Everyone questioned if Remnant Dream was reaching the end of her luck. The Boss was so difficult to kill and this was First Clear on Nightmare mode, yet the loot was so mediocre.

    "Hoho, this seems to be good. Giant Wolf Pants, Dark Gold, and it's part of a set with the one before. Don't tell me that I'm out of luck."

    Most importantly, the set allowed its user to transform into a Worg for a short amount of time. Even if the burst wasn't great, it would still be a fun item to use.

    Seeing that no one was really complimenting her, Remnant Dream started praying for something good.

    Rhombeard Protector - Legendary shield. However, after the attributes were shared, Azure Sea Breeze and Wandering nearly cried.

    This was a shield for Healers.

    "Mu Qiu, is this shield suitable for you?" Lu Li asked. He knew that Mu Qiu's Healing Paladin was slightly different compared to the rest of his kind.

    "Suitable? It's perfect!" Mu Qiu cried out as he took the shield in excitement. He needed high Critical Strike and high Intelligence for his playstyle. Not only was Intelligence the main Attribute of this shield, but it also included an extra 30 points to Critical Strike. Most importantly, the 3 special effects included one that boosted critical strike over a short period of time. This was ideal for his playstyle of both high damage and high healing.

    "Take it if it's useful," Lu Li said patted his shoulders.

    Mu Qiu hadn't actually been under the spotlight much in Ruling Sword. At least, compared to the other competitors, he wasn't seen in the public as much. Even Sakura Memories had more opportunities for matches than he did. He also wasn't part of the regular team for dungeons.

    After they looted, they left the room, headed straight and entered another hall. This was the Dragonspire Hall.

    They found the hall storage after they cleared out the monsters and saw a Blackrock Tauren officer - Quartermaster Zigris.

    After the first war ended, Tauren Hunter Zigris was infamous for hunting down the refugees of Stormwind City for fun. Even until this day, his bounty still hung on the announcement board of Stormwind City, although it had decreased as time went by.

    After all, the victims had gradually forgotten about the initial pain, and the constant disappointment began to numb their hearts for revenge.

    In fact, Zigris actually hated the scary and enclosed hall within Blackrock Spire. However, he believed that one day, he would be able to stand on the battlegrounds again and slaughter out in the open.

    He was a Warrior who had no morals; no one would feel guilty for killing him.

    "I can often recall the blood from that day..."

    The battle began the moment he licked his lips. Azure Sea Breeze slammed his shield into Zigris' face and sent him reeling backwards, almost falling on the floor.

    Originally, Zigris was a Wolfrider. If he still had his Worg, things would be much harder for Lu Li and the others, even if this battleground wasn't suitable for Wolfriders. The two Worgs had proven the strength of their species and a Worg with its rider wasn't as simple as a one-plus-one maths equation.

    Apparently, during the second war, his mount was decapitated by Lothar, but Zigris survived because the corpse shielded him.

    This murderer still remembered what it felt like when the blade slipped past his skin. From then onwards, he never dared to set foot out of the Blackrock Spire again. Although he hated the enclosed environment, it did make him feel safe.

    Without his Worg, players could even dodge his charge with a jog.

    Her Tears sent a message saying if they should sell the guide, but Lu Li never agreed. If he let Glory Capital knew about the lava cliff, the monsters after wouldn't be able to stop them.

    After around a dozen minutes, Quartermaster Zigris finally ended his sinful life.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    What they looted first was his head. The head of Zigris could be used to hand in some quests. They could hand in bounty quests even without accepting them first and would be rewarded with a set amount of gold coins and Stormwind reputation.

    There were no rare materials this time, which was fine too. Zigris was a Quartermaster, and usually, these types of monsters dropped valuable things.

    Recipe: Annihilator. This was a forging recipe that could be used three times, which meant three Dark Gold weapons.

    The difference between a recipe and a Mold was the final outcome. The prior had a set outcome. There were no particular quality grade - whatever was written in the recipe, that's what determined the final outcome. Molds came with a lot more possibilities.

    The next item was a part of the T0 Warrior set. Nobody wanted it, so it went right to the guild storage.

    The last item was another pet - a Worg Pup. Lu Li was amazed by the dungeon today. When did dungeons ever drop two pets at the same time? Rather than saying Remnant Dream was lucky, it was more like she was cheating.

    However, this time, Remnant Dream was too shy to claim the little pet to herself. After all, this wasn't a battle pet, and players who weren't Hunters could also use it.

    They used the roll method and in the end, the little Worg Pup went home with Kitty Likes Meat.
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