1198 Quail Bro

    The blood-red flag of the Horde was planted in the Farm. Lu Li circled twice around the location, but found no one guarding it.

    Was there really no one here guarding the flag?

    Lu Li felt like there was no way. This wasn't a team of rookies, so where was the flag-keeper?

    The farmland was divided into squares, but the outskirts were quite densely covered in weeds...Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    Lu Li sneered as he slammed into the grass and found something hiding - a quail.

    Quails were one of the main forms that a Druid could transform into. Although specializations for this form had not yet been introduced, it had already started gaining popularity.

    Quails had quite a large rear-end, so they generally drew attention if they were walking about outside. If someone had fearlessly began capturing the flag, this Druid would have jumped out and madly attacked them. Even if you were stronger, such a surprise attack would likely lead to a poor exchange.

    Some players also preferred to interrupt the flag captures at the very last second.

    The quail had a bit of a smile of its face, but it didn't know that someone was preparing to stab him in the back.

    "Ahhh, ahhhh, ahhhh!"

    A high-pitched cry sounded out throughout the Arathi Basin. This battlefield wasn't that small, so the fact that it could be heard throughout meant that it was quite loud and quite high-pitched.

    "Hey, why do you yell so loudly?" Lu Li couldn't believe that anyone would have their pain setting set so high.

    When he looked at where he had stabbed with his knife, he realized what had happened. Even so, Lu Li didn't feel like this was his fault - why would he have his butt pointed up so high?

    "Help me! Otherwise, I'm going to die!" the Druid cried out as he changed from a quail to a Bear. The Bear Form increased Armor and HP, and could negate some crowd control, but it couldn't completely get rid of it. This player knew that he had run into an expert.

    What was the most effective way to deal with an expert that you couldn't defeat?

    No, it had nothing to do with the Farm's manure supply - it was just to call for help. Lu Li could soon see another player rushing out from a little hut in the Farm.

    This was the Farm; was it really necessary to have two players protecting it?

    Although more players meant that a location would be safer, it also meant that the defense of other locations would be compromised. After all, the Strength of each team was fixed at fifteen per side.

    The other player was a Mage, but he had received a buff.

    The Arathi Basin's Resources Points each provided one of three different buffs. The first was a Movement Speed buff, which was what the Mage had. This increased the player's movement speed by 50%. The other was a HP recovery, which could restore a player's HP very quickly if they were fortunate enough to receive it. The last was an increase in attack strength by 50%.

    Fortunately, the Mage didn't receive an increase in attack strength.

    Lu Li was worried, but he wasn't scared. He tanked some of the Mage's Ice Bolts which dealt a few hundred damage.

    "Hey, this Thief is so tanky. Surely he put all his points into Constitution!" the Mage called out.

    "What do you mean? He is dealing so much damage to me. How can a Thief have both high attacking power and still be so tanky? If both of us die to him, it is going to be humiliating," the Druid yelled back as he used his badge and pushed off the ground to finally evade Lu Li's attacks.

    The other Mage hurried to attack Lu Li, intending to give him a Movement Speed debuff.

    Lu Li couldn't exactly fight the Mage right now. The buff made him quite mobile, so he would be difficult to chase. Moreover, the quail was almost dead, so Lu Li kept chasing it. After casting Shadow Cloak, Lu Li didn't really need to worry about it anymore.

    "I need a heal!" the quail cried with a face full of tears.

    "How about you heal yourself."

    The Mage was about to cry as well. He had cast a number of skills onto Lu Li, but had only taken half of his HP.


    The quail had only just remembered that he was a Druid. No matter how a Druid was built, they would still have some healing skills. Moreover, the quail had gone down the Intelligence path, so he would actually have more healing than someone who had gone down the path of Strength or Agility.

    Kidney Shot!

    Lu Li had been waiting for a long time for him to do this. How could he let the quail heal himself? As for the Mage, he didn't dare take many more of his skills, so he cast an exile skill onto him.

    Death's Clutch (Dark Gold): Armor 55, Agility +50, Strength +35, Critical Hit +20%, Special Effect 1: Backstab +1, Special Effect 2: After casting Cheap Shot, there is a certain chance that a shield that reduces 50% of damage taken will appear. This effect lasts for up to 3 skills. Special Effect 3: Exile, prevent the target from taking any actions for 2 seconds. During this period, the target is invincible. Only one target can be exiled at a time and this skill can only be used on targets that are lower-levelled than the user. Equipment Requirement: Level 55. Durability 268/268.

    The Mage was shocked and quickly used his badge.

    He felt that this Thief was very dangerous. Once he dealt with his Druid friend, he was going to deal with him. Even though he was at half health, the Mage didn't think that he would win.

    Were they going to give up this point this easily?

    Lu Li couldn't understand what this Mage was thinking, but it didn't stop him from throwing a Blind at him and continuing to attack the Druid. The Mage had no choice but to turn around to dodge it.

    Eventually, the Druid was killed in the crowd control. He was only a Magic Profession after all, even if he did wear leather armor.

    What's more, the sheer gap in strength between Lu Li and this player was like the gap between a major guild elite player and an average player.

    After the Druid died, Lu Li immediately rushed at the Mage.

    However, before attacking the Mage, he took advantage of his attacking initiative and took two steps to re-enter the grass.

    The other side's reinforcements had arrived.

    After several battles, the Horde players had given up on capturing the Gold Mines and Sawmill. In addition to the limited players sent to those areas, the main fight was still taking place at the Blacksmith. However, since the Farm was near their home base, they couldn't allow Lu Li's cheap tactic to succeed.

    Lu Li's thought process was also quite simple. There was no need for him to fight them here. As long as Ruling Sword players captured the Blacksmith and were holding on to the Barn, the Gold Mines and the Sawmill, they would be soon victorious.

    The number of players at the Blacksmith changed once again. Now, there were nine Ruling Sword players, including Lu Li, and twelve players from the other team.

    "Would you like our support there?" Wandering asked.

    "Leave one player at each point. Everyone else, go to the Farm."

    Instead of reinforcing the Blacksmith, it was better to increase the pressure on the Farm. As long as pressure on the Farm was maintained, any attack on the Blacksmith was bound to be stopped.

    In a fight where it was 9 on 12, there were some consequences. Lu Li actually died in the fighting.

    However, he had successfully killed the healer for a second time in the process.

    Now the Horde players that no longer had their healer quickly lost the fight. When the Alliance completely captured the Blacksmith and controlled four resource points, the battle came to an end.

    The Horde players were a full team, and they were quite a strong team that often played in this battlefield.

    When they saw that the Alliance team was focusing on the Blacksmith and using sneak attacks on the farmland, and especially after finding out that it was a Ruling Sword team, they fell into despair. However, this didn't cause them to retreat - instead, they took it as a training exercise.

    Ordinarily, there was no chance for a team to train against a club-level team.

    They sadly discovered the seemingly insurmountable difference between themselves and those players, but this didn't make them desperate. They were determined to fight until the end, even if they were pushed all the way back to the Farms. After they dealt with Lu Li's sneak attack, they had lost control of the four other resource points.

    However, by the time this match ended, it had already taken several times longer than the first.
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