1250 Trying to Outwit Each Other

    The Ice Bear then did something that made Torrent completely speechless - it charged towards the bush.

    Lu Li, too, was speechless. The pet's Charge direction was nowhere near his position!

    Torrent nearly fainted. He had completely forgotten about the loyalty level. The pet must have still been at level 2, which would explain its actions.

    In this situation, it would have been better if the bear had refused Torrent's command. Had that had happened, Torrent would have been able to summon another pet instead.

    Call Pet was an instant cast skill, but to return a pet took time. To summon another pet, the Hunter needed to return the summoned pet first. Torrent already had no chance of defeating Lu Li. Adding on to this blunder, he could only take 30% of Lu Li's HP.

    Lu Li took out his dagger as he watched Torrent's body disappear into white light.

    It was still advantageous to take out one opponent.

    They were fortunate that this was the map that had been chosen. Had it been a normal arena, Thieves would be severely limited in their ability to fight and would have been unable to face a Hunter one on one.

    Of course, the actions of the bear also contributed to Lu Li's victory.

    Lu Li slipped back into the dense vegetation and rested until his HP was back to 100%. Then, he transformed into a leopard and travelled towards his destination.

    He had to be aware at all times. After all, in a map like this, he had no idea if he would end up facing another opponent.

    Torrent was defeated, which meant that a change was made on the competition board. His icon was greyed, but no one knew what happened.

    The Rainforest was a map where it was hard to observe what was happening.

    After confirming his position, Lu Li was nearing the waterfall. At this time, he did not see any enemies or allies. Unfortunate events were unfolding, one after the next. Both Fat Monkey and Mu Qiu were defeated, so Lu Li estimated that there were multiple people who had grouped together, but he wasn't sure on the exact numbers.

    Mu Qiu was a Paladin, which meant that not many players could kill him one on one.

    Fat Monkey, however, was most likely hindered by the environment. Since his magic was based on Fire, it was a great disadvantage in this map. The disadvantage was greater than the decrease in Fire-damage, but the humidity of this place would also hinder the actual casting of the magic. As a result, movement was greatly restricted as well.

    As such, Fire-based Mages would also be affected mentally in an environment like this.

    Lu Li couldn't understand the situation at the time, so his plan didn't change.

    Originally, the plan was to meet at the bottom of the waterfall. However, Lu Li planned to travel to the top instead. By doing this, he could potentially encounter one of his opponents. After all, the top of the waterfall was one of the Rainforest's few vantage points, which meant that Gale Legion may have used this as one of their bases.

    At the top of the waterfall was flat ground with water flowing from a crevice under the surface. The flow of the water would then fall off the edge, which created the roaring waterfall.

    Lu Li transformed into a seal and began to swim in the water. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    From the water, he could observe what was happening on land. For example, he saw a wolf running along the shore.

    A normal player would see this as a monster. However, Lu Li realised that there was no way that it was a monster, since wolves did not reside in this map.

    Did this player think that Lu Li would not be able to recognise them by transforming into a wolf?

    Angry City Dweller!

    Ghost Wolf, Instant Cast: turn into a Ghost Wolf, increasing movement speed by 30% and preventing movement speed from being reduced below 100%.

    Although the transformation would never be as good as a Druid's, Shamans could still turn into a convincing wolf.

    Lu Li did not engage in combat right away. After all, he had no information about this person. No one knew why he was here prancing around. He could have been bait for all they knew.

    A wolf jumping around on the shore and a seal hiding quietly in the water - this situation lasted for two minutes, with none of them shapeshifting back and attacking. However, after these two minutes, a person suddenly emerged from a bunch of dead leaves. This person was Flowing Wind.

    "Are we done yet? It's already been so long. Let's go back and meet with the leader," Flowing Wind impatiently said.

    "Looks like this isn't their meetup point." Angry City Dweller sighed, then said, "Leader Cloud and Gaze already took down two opponents. How admirable! It would be embarrassing if we went back without anything to show for it."

    "Embarrassing? Pah! Just look at yourself, jumping around like that. It was suffocating being in that pile of dead leaves! I already said before, even if this was their meeting point, they would meet at the bottom of the waterfall. To come up here would mean climbing a long way anyway..."

    Flowing Wind had already walked over to the shore, but he didn't see the seal at the bottom of the water.

    "There's no way that they would be at the bottom. I've already staked this place out for a while," Angry City Dweller said.

    "Then let's g-..."

    Flowing Wind's sentence was suddenly cut off midway.

    "Wow, do I finally have your recognition?" Angry City Dweller began to laugh, but he knew that this was not a place for jokes. His eyes followed the direction that Flowing Wind was pointing towards. He saw that at the bottom of the waterfall was a Berserker.

    From his armor and colors, it was clearly not Gaze, which meant that it had to be Ruling Swords' Moonlight.

    "Is he a bait? Why doesn't he run?" Flowing Wind didn't care about his teammate's remarks; he was extremely excited. It was good that he hadn't lost his mind and stopped to consult the opinion of Angry City Dweller.

    "Shouldn't be. If he was bait, then Moonlight wouldn't be the bait. Do you think that we could fight Moonlight?" Angry City Dweller asked.

    "I don't care; I'm going down first. Hurry up and follow me. We have a DPS and a Healer here, so we could wear him down bit by bit anyway."

    As soon as Flowing Wind heard that it was not a trap, he immediately jumped from the waterfall.

    If he jumped from this height, he would likely die and if not, he would be left with a sliver of HP. However, he had some tricks up his sleeves. His cloak had a special effect that softened his landing by acting as a parachute of some kind. Flowing Wind was extremely keen on fighting a legendary player like Moonlight.

    After killing Moonlight, he could boast about it to Gaze.

    After all, Gaze's rival was Moonlight. If Moonlight was defeated by Flowing Wind, he would have the right to boast about it. However, Angry City Dweller, his helper, hesitated instantly.


    As soon as Angry City Dweller saw that there was someone coming at him at the same time, he knew that they were in trouble. Unfortunately, his warning came late, and he was interrupted by an ambush from Lu Li. Flowing Wind couldn't fly back to his position, so it was too late.
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