1277 Holiness

    After Water Fairy came in and they made their orders, the waiter regrettably had to leave.

    Why did the owner have to design it to be like this?

    "This place..." Water Fairy began.

    Lu Li felt like he should explain that Square Root 3 had fooled him.

    "This place is pretty nice," Water Fairy said, finishing her sentence.

    "Oh, really? I think it's pretty good too, haha..." Lu Li laughed, withdrawing what he was about to say. It didn't matter what kind of place it was, as long as his guest was happy.

    "So you've been here before? Who did you come with?" Water Fairy asked.


    Lu Li almost spat out the wine that had a touch of sweetness to it. He didn't like wine very much; it tasted too bitter for him, but what caught him off-guard was the fact that he had been misunderstood. Why else would he have said that he liked this place?

    "Hyacinth is one of the best dating spots in Stormwind. Don't you know that?" Water Fairy asked helplessly.

    "Alright, it was Three Bro that introduced this place to me. I've... never been here before," Lu Li admitted, feeling much better.

    "In any case, I actually really like this place. You might have heard of Star Baby, our club's Priest..." Water Fairy wanted to calm Lu Li's nerves, but found herself getting nervous as well.

    "I know her; she's a pretty skilled Priest," Lu Li responded.

    "How do you think she looks?"

    "Wh... what?"

    "Has she made a good impression on you? How do you think she looks?"

    "This... uh..."

    Lu Li didn't know how to answer that question. If he said that one of her friends was just okay, would Water Fairy get upset? Was it appropriate to praise her friend's beauty here? In fact, Lu Li didn't actually have much of an impression of Star Baby's appearance.

    When he wasn't in the arena, he probably wouldn't even recognize her.

    "You really don't remember what she looks like," Water Fairy laughed.

    The waiter came over once again to check and had to leave again sadly. He was disappointed to find that these two hadn't removed their disguises. They had to be two celebrities.

    However, he didn't know that after he left, Water Fairy took off her veil and Lu Li removed his helmet.

    Water Fairy seemed to be wearing some light make up today. As long as you were willing to spend gold coins on cosmetics in the main city, you were able to acquire makeup. Of course you also had to have the makeup skills to match, as not all women grew up using it.

    Lu Li wasn't sure if it was the makeup, or if Water Fairy's face just looked a bit rosy today.

    "I was looking for you to give you something. This quest reward has been good," Lu Li said as he took out the Enhanced Gouge Skill Book. "You shouldn't use it immediately. I will be taking a trial with my tutor in the near future, and we can do the trial together then. Learning enhanced skills on your own isn't too great anyway."

    "Alright, I'll listen to you," Water Fairy agreed as she glanced at the Skill Book and put it in her backpack.

    It was a bit different to the ecstatic response that Lu Li had expected. Did Water Fairy not value this Enhanced Gouge Skill Book? That was almost impossible for any Thief that played PVP. This skill book could sell of a very large sum of gold coins or real money.

    "Well, there is one more reward, but it's a bit of a strange item. I don't know if you'll like it," Lu Li said as he took out one of the pocket watches.

    Water Fairy didn't seem that interested at first, but took the item anyway.

    The Dawn of All Beings pocket watch was quite valuable. It was delicate and compact, and it was less like a pocket watch, but more like a brooch. Lu Li thought that a girl would definitely like something like this. When Water Fairy saw this item's shape, she knew that she already liked it.

    However, Lu Li had disappointed her.

    She thought that he was here to open up about himself. She didn't expect this meeting to just be an apportionment of equipment. If that was it, he should have just sent them through the mailbox.

    "This item comes in a pair and is very easy to use," Lu Li explained as he took out his own pocket watch. After showing its attributes, he added, "It's quite convenient. Next time you want to do a quest together, you can just summon me."

    "..." Water Fairy opened her mouth, but just stared with widened eyes.

    She took back the thoughts that she was having previously. Lu Li wasn't a blockhead, as this was a clear display of affection. He had actually found such an item and decided to give it in such a romantic environment...Any girl would be swept off her feet by this, right?

    "It doesn't do anything else. If you don't want it..." Lu Li said awkwardly.

    All his life, Lu Li had never felt awkwardness like this before. With his normal way of doing things, she just had to nod or shake her head and then they could split. He would normally never waste precious money-making time like this. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    "It's good. I'll take it," Water Fairy said as she put on the pocket watch happily.

    The two of them weren't particularly outspoken, but this warm environment was very different and there was no shortage of things talk about. Lu Li talked about how his teacher had allowed him to use the poison lab and he felt like he had been screwed over.

    However, at the end of the day, they had to look at the long run. In future, poisons produced by a Poison Brewer would be a few times stronger than the poison produced by ordinary alchemy. Unfortunately, this would come at the cost of Lu Li's strength right now.

    Water Fairy talked about the follow up to the Battle of Hillsbrad, and the more interesting things about the war.

    The best topic for these two people was Thief fighting skills. Although their views were not exactly the same, they always had a sense of mutual respect. Particularly for Water Fairy, Lu Li always refreshed her perspective on the game and would give her a deeper understanding of it.

    Lu Li would also ask questions about guild management, which was something Water Fairy was very comfortable in.

    Water Fairy had received an elite education all her life, but she had not been exposed to the management of various industries in her home until she was an adult. She was now a senior expert in the construction of game clubs. This knowledge wasn't something that could be obtained by reading a few books, so Lu Li was a rookie even though he had been born again.

    No one would believe it if they were told, but Lu Li was like a primary school student in front of Water Fairy. He was humble and very open minded.
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