1297 Trap

    "Help, help me! Lu Li, I bet you planned this. Can you at least tell me the truth next time before sending me out to die?"

    Azure Sea Breeze was about to cry. Even with his defensives, he still felt like his death was imminent. Although the dragonlings weren't doing too much damage to him, there were hundreds of them spitting tiny fireballs at him and he was about to drown in a sea of fire.

    The healers began healing him and the number one Main Tank in Dawn narrowly managed to survive.

    However, if Lu Li didn't give the order to attack, it would be impossible for Azure to survive the next wave of monsters since he was out of his defensive skills.

    "Memories, cast Bloodlust. Everyone else, use your buffs and attack."

    Lu Li saw that the time was right and boldly gave the order to attack. Within seconds, Azure Sea Breeze was engulfed by countless friendly skills from his teammates.

    Most of the skills were high damaging AoE skills, and even Lu Li joined in on the fun.

    Since there were so many monsters, Azure had a hard time keeping track of the aggro of them all. Therefore, some of the dragonlings were aggro'd onto his teammates who were dealing too much damage.

    This was another problem that they had to face.

    Rounding up monsters was difficult and lot of less-experienced Main Tanks would be dead before they could even draw the monsters to the designated spot. Tanking hundreds upon hundreds of monsters was even more difficult and relied on the mechanics of the Main Tank.

    When the team started attacking, the monsters would scatter like ants.

    In order to prevent a team wipe, Lu Li needed the team to kill majority of the dragonlings in a very short amount of time.

    As the dragonlings were about to scatter, Lonesome Flower became very useful because of his skills and Water Elemental that froze monsters.

    The other mages also joined on Lonesome Flower's quick thinking, freezing the mobs and quickly teleporting away to avoid taking damage.

    These dragonlings began dying in groups, not only rewarding them with a significant amount of EXP, but also the title of "Combo King" because of the number of monsters they killed.

    Lu Li looked at the stats of the title.

    In the Blackrock Towers upper level, Combo King gave the players a 5% damage increase.

    5% did not sound like much on paper, but it was quite a significant increase. There were a total of 15 players in the party. If the main tanks and healers were taken out of the equation, that was a 5% damage increase for 10 or so players, equivalent of 50% damage increase for the entire party.

    Besides the effect, it was also something to brag about once they exited the dungeon.

    Everyone felt that the effort they put in was worth it.

    "The boss is about to spawn. Remnant Dreams and Hachi Chan, you two clean up the rest. Everyone else, potion up and reset."

    Hachi Chan didn't need to heal up or restore her mana because of her exquisite gear. Remnant Dreams didn't need to use potions either because she didn't use much mana.

    The dragonlings did not drop anything worth mentioning and soon, the Boss appeared.

    Solakar Flamewreath was a Dragonkin, and was the most powerful warrior of his people. Even though he was highly-rated by the Black Dragon Legion, he was appointed to look after the offspring of Nefarian. If anything were to happen to them, he would have to pay the price.

    This Boss appeared after killing the Dragonlings and dropped some valuable gear for Priests, making it quite a popular Boss to farm.

    Lu Li wanted to kill Solakar as well because he dropped a useful Engineering blueprint called Schematic: Hyper-Radiant Flame Reflector. The item itself wasn't useful, but it provided a very cheap and fast way to level up Engineering. This way, Lu Li could start crafting some useful toys that he could play with.

    Solakar Flamewreath wasn't very powerful but his signature skill was War Stomp.

    This skill was often used by Taurens, who would stomp on the ground beneath them and deal damage to their enemies while stunning them. It could also interrupt opposing spells and heals.

    Solakar Firewreath's War Stomp was very powerful, but he did not have the intelligence to time it and use it to interrupt skills.

    Therefore, if a player's skill was interrupted, it was because they had bad luck.

    When the fight started, Solakar frequently casted War Stomp and Azure Sea breeze was stunned. This put a lot of pressure on the DPS players to slow down their DPS in order to avoid drawing the aggro.

    Fat Monkey was too excited because there was finally a Boss that wasn't fire resistant and accidentally attacked too much, drawing the aggro. However, Fat Monkey was a professional PvP player and was skilled in kiting his enemies. He managed to stall out long enough for Azure to draw the aggro again.

    "Stay on two different sides, understood?" Lu Li instructed.

    "Not really," Azure Sea Breeze and Wandering said as they both shook their heads. Even if they were on two different sides, the Boss' War Stomp was an area of effect skill, so they would still both be stunned.

    "War Stomp has a radius of 5 yards,.Azure stay here and Wandering go over to the other side, but make sure you stay 5 yards away from him. Once the Boss War Stomps Azure, you go in and draw the aggro."

    In reality, Solakar Fireweave was an easy Boss and Lu Li's instruction was perfect in defeating him. The Main Tank would draw the aggro while the secondary Tank acted as backup when the Main Tank is stunned.

    Execution was key.

    In the third stage, more dragon eggs would spawn. If the players got too close to the eggs, they will hatch more dragonlings and these were a lot more powerful than the ones they killed before.

    "Sorry Nefarian, I've let you down," the Dragonkin cried out as he held his fist in front of his chest and fell.

    The Boss dropped two enhancement stones, Blackrock Dragon Scales, rare materials and a War Stomp skill book. Unfortunately, Lu Li did not get the blueprint that he wanted and was slightly disappointed.

    Azure Sea Breeze couldn't help but think that if they kicked Lu Li out of the party, the drops that they received would be so much better.

    A Mage robe was also dropped but the stats weren't so great. It looked beautiful and elegant, but Remnant Dream couldn't pull it off.

    In the end, the robe was given to Kitty Likes Meat because none of the male Mages wanted it.

    March Rain also received new Shoulders.

    After defeating Solakar Fireweave, they entered the gate. There was a very long corridor and on one side of the corridor was the Dragon Egg Hall.

    There were some Dragonkin and Ogre guards along the corridor which were annoying to deal with.

    They had the Warrior skill Charge, but it was slightly different. Upon impact, the target was stunned and displaced backwards.

    If the player was unlucky, they could be sent flying into the Dragon Egg Hall.

    That was exactly what happened to Sesame Rice Ball. Luckily, Lu Li and the others had already cleaned up the Hall beforehand and Sesame Rice Ball escaped without a scratch on him.

    Afterwards, they arrived at a big gate and Azure Sea Breeze entered thinking it was the right path.

    He let out a loud scream, which was followed by silence.

    Everyone looked at each other, thankful that they didn't do the same, but were curious as to what had happened.

    Azure Sea Breeze quickly revived and came back. According to him, the room was full of traps that attacked him from all sorts of different angles. They also dealt an insane amount of damage because he died almost instantly.
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