1322 Someone Else’s Sister

    Of course, Ruling Sword was incapable of building a few thousand squads of 15 to grind the Blackrock Spires Instance Dungeons anyway. Furthermore, among the ten thousand in Ruling Sword, only a few were capable players.

    This was why he decided to look for Water Fairy.

    Combining the numbers of Drizzle Court and Peerless City, there should be no problem to use up this reward.

    As a whole, the small reward that Maxwell gave ultimately became a huge benefit. After all, the cost to hire two soldiers was 100 gold. How much gold would that amount to when multiplied by a few thousand? Furthermore, how much would that number grow when converted to real life currency?

    Lu Li felt bad for Marshal Maxwell, who was smiling brightly, but this wasn't enough to change his ways.

    After receiving their rewards, everyone left the area. Drifting Rain organised a spot in the Burning Steppes for them to grind for Experience while waiting for Wandering to sort out the strategy for the combined forces of Peerless City, Drizzle Court and Ruling Sword. After contacting the other two guilds, they would be ready to grind the Instance Dungeon again and again.

    Lu Li and his party still couldn't leave because they had other quests to submit.

    Marshal Maxwell didn't realise that Lu Li was going to use him. After confirming the validity of the item from defeating Drakkisath, he began to generously distribute rewards.

    Hachi Chan received a Legendary item!

    Everyone else received a Dark Gold item. How outrageous! Had everyone received a Dark Gold item, then there would be no complaints or conflict. They would have embraced the gift of a Dark Gold item.

    Hachi Chan was confused and a little slow. She didn't realise that everyone's hateful gazes were on her. On top of this, she was still playing as a cute girl towards Marshal Maxwell.

    Marshal Maxwell was quite happy, so he gave Hachi Chan a few more quests. These quests were extremely easy to do, and came with generous rewards.

    Lu Li didn't really have a use for the item, but he still received some Experience and Reputation.

    The reward of Experience was better than nothing. After all, he was still at least a week's worth of grinding away from level 60. However, he was still satisfied with the Reputation, because he could now learn Enhanced Gouge with what he had accumulated.

    It was estimated that it would be around a year before the game company would decrease the amount of Reputation needed to learn Enhanced skills.

    At the moment, skill books were the only realistic way to obtain enhanced skills. Even so, the skill books required a huge amount of luck to find. The other method was to use Reputation to learn these skills. However, a majority of the players didn't have enough Reputation to do so. Lu Li didn't want to become one of these people. After all, his priority was to increase his strength by leaps and bounds at every opportunity.

    "Lu Li!" March Rain called out.

    Everyone was surprised. They didn't know why she was calling for him. Her brother, Lonesome Flower, was even more surprised and nervous.

    "What's up?" Lu Li didn't dare to show even a hint of gentleness. After all, there was a controlling brother there.

    "I can go and make your equipment now."

    March Rain was quite straightforward with her words. Actually, she didn't have any interest in Lu Li before and the possibility of her having interest in Lu Li was even lower now.

    "Then I'll come with you. Stormwind, right?" Lu Li asked as he nodded his head.

    Stormwind was the same as always - rugged and old. Rows and rows of soldiers stood underneath the gigantic castle walls, always inspecting suspicious-looking individuals. They would kill whoever had murderous intentions.

    Many people could be seen placing flags down, right outside the gate, near the Gryphon stables.

    Besides levelling, many players would come here and place their flags down. The reason as to why they chose this place was that it was simple, convenient and safe.

    A love for PVP did not mean a love for death.

    In the Wild, there were maniacs who would hunt and kill players from opposing camps. They might not intentionally kill players who were training, but they would attack players who placed flags in front of them.

    Therefore, placing them in front of Stormwind was a safe area. After all, they could just enter the city and it would be fine.

    Lu Li and March Rain hid themselves and slipped through this group of people. Lu Li had to reject a few invitations to PVP. The people here were quite casual when picking who to fight. After all, the placement of a flag would leave them with a sliver of HP, and the System would determine the victor automatically.

    No one would be able to beat him here, but Lu Li didn't feel the need to pretend.

    March Rain was planning on going to the largest tailor workroom in Stormwind. She was also a well-known person here. Many people in the workroom would be able to recognise her based on the patterns on her garments.

    Everyone was quite curious. Normally, her brother would be the one accompanying her, but this time, it wasn't Lonesome Flower.

    A mysterious man!

    This workroom belonged to the System and had the best equipment and environment. Furthermore, the success rate was increased here; it was much better than the normal shops. The only negative about coming here was that there was a hefty fee to be paid. Lu Li could decide to not pay March Rain for her efforts, but he needed to pay this fee from his own pocket.

    The days of being cheated by the System would only come to an end when the Players' Stronghold appeared.

    In the Stronghold, they would be able to build workshops of Forging, Tailoring, Alchemy and others. However, the items would be of a lower quality. In the early days, it would be hard to attract players, but when the Profession levels were much higher, the success rate of creating exquisite items would increase. At this time, it would become massively profitable.

    Lu Li wanted to make these items after having the Stronghold.

    However, the investment needed for these items were simply too large. For him, who did not work with rich companies, he needed much more effort to break even.

    After March Rain entered her personal tailoring room, Lu Li decided to wait outside.

    While in the waiting area, Lu Li began reading a book. In his storage, there were many books of every genre and even books from real life. Dawn was becoming not merely a game world, but a world of learning, entertainment and trading.

    After a short while, March Rain came out.

    She was different to Lu Li. Lu Li completely relied on the ability of the hammer to create a perfect exquisite item, but March Rain was a Grandmaster. Actually, she might have been the only one in the game at that time.

    She had only reached the Grandmaster level recently. Otherwise she would have finished a lot sooner.

    A Grandmaster tailor's items were much better than a normal Master tailor's items. The properties of the items were vastly different. After the victorious Away match with Glory Capital, Lu Li decided to wait for March Rain to hit Grandmaster level before giving her the two equipment to make.

    Now he had three of the set!

    Lu Li took the items, walked with his chest puffed, and said, "Let's go! I'll treat you to something special!"
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