1354 Doomsday

    "Boss, what do we do?" Everyone was dumbfounded.

    This was their second attempt. The first person that got charmed was an insignificant damage output player who was swiftly executed. They didn't feel any sense of guilt because that guy had a girlfriend, and everyone felt justified in being given the opportunity to kill him.

    However, the next player that got charmed was not someone that they were willing to make a decision on their own about.

    It wasn't Azure Sea Breeze. Even if it was, they would still just kill him. Wandering and World's Best Friend were enough to tank it for a while.

    "Kill... me!" Lu Li was also quite depressed.

    Was today the revenge of the singles? First, they had killed someone with a girlfriend and now they were killing someone who was in love. The theme was quite clear.

    Everyone looked at Lu Li with a pained expression before casting their skills at him. Even though they said that they didn't want to, their actions betrayed their intentions as some even cast their ultimate skills.

    Lu Li was quickly eliminated, and the other Lu Li's were rendered useless.

    "Hachi Chan, Resurrect me," Lu Li instructed. He couldn't just lay there. After death, a player's vision turned grey and their viewing angle changed. This would affect his ability to observe the battlefield. It was impossible for a commander to command a fight from the ground.

    Hachi Chan obediently went to Resurrect Lu Li before adding, "I am providing a valuable service. I will only accept 300 gold coins. Thank you for your patronage and come again next time."

    Lu Li was too lazy to care about her. He had to remind the people who made the mistake last time.

    "Mages, get ready, if you spend more than 15 seconds lifting the curses this time, don't blame me for being mad. Especially you Star Baby - you represent Drizzle Court's Mages."

    "I will definitely do it right this time," Star Baby muttered through gritted teeth. She then turned her head to Remnant Dream and said, "Dreamy, I finally know why you call Lu Li a slavedriver now. You can still come to our guild; we have many beautiful sisters."

    "Beautiful sister, look, the Boss is going to cast the curse again," Remnant Dream cried out as she pointed at the Boss.

    Then, there was the chaos once again. Although it was a little messy, it was much more efficient than last time. Remove Curse was a simple instant skill. The casting action was also quite easy to perform; they just had to be quick in choosing their targets.

    Of course, Lucifron's curse has a mana burning effect and an increased mana cost effect. As such, if they dealt with it faster, it would have less effect.

    Additionally, the Mages' speed was still far lower than Lu Li's expectations.

    "Let's keep fighting. Next time there is a curse, anyone who has it should just cry out so that the Mages can pick out the targets more easily. You have to work together perfectly," he sighed.

    After a while, he couldn't help but cry out, "What are you guys looking at the Boss for? Quickly attack the fire demons! Do you want to get charmed?"

    After that, everyone sprung back into action. The main strategy at the moment was to kill the minions and then fight the Boss.

    In fact, everyone could feel Lu Li's anxiety. The Instance Dungeon was clearly putting pressure on him, because his words were not usually so abrasive, or at least, they weren't usually so consistently offensive.

    They eventually killed one of the two fire demons. Then, someone was charmed, and Lu Li had no choice but to bear the pain of killing another teammate. This slow attrition was very painful, and they had lost a tank healer too. It was worse to lose one healer than to lose two damage output players.

    The early strategy for this Boss involved bringing in Druids with Resurrect. However, this was quite tricky and it didn't always work, which was why Lu Li didn't go for it. After all, it was better to kill the Boss quickly than to risk the skill refreshing.


    Doomsday - the end of times is approaching. In 10 seconds, deal 20,000 Shadow damage to nearby enemies.

    This was one of three skills that caused the most trouble - the demon's charm, Lucifron's curse and Doomsday. There were countless teams that died here because of these three skills, and many of the unorganised parties were completely barred from progressing because of this obstacle.

    As the name suggested, when Doomsday was cast, the players surrounding the area would take 20,000 damage after 10 seconds.

    20,000 damage was enough to instantly kill any player from any profession.

    As for the players that had invulnerability skills or special blocking effects, there were only a few of them. Moreover, this was the kind of damage that ignored defence and invulnerability. The Paladin's invulnerability and the Mage's Ice Block wouldn't protect them.

    Among the Instance Dungeons in Dawn, there were some that were thought to be extraordinarily hard.

    Later, a designer would admit that it wasn't because they wanted to make it hard, but it was a requirement from above that they needed to increase the difficulty. The designers had no choice, which was how these situations came about.

    Therefore, every time Dawn had a system update, it always seemed to be reducing the game's difficulty.

    There was another thing that made the players despair. Regardless of whether it was the curse or Doomsday, they were both area of effect skills. Anyone who had fought the Boss would tell you what a disaster these area of effect skills caused.

    Just when Lu Li was about to yell, he suddenly closed his mouth.

    There was a circle that had appeared and was expanding outwards directly towards the players that were standing near the Boss. Around each of the players that had been hit, and there was another circle...

    Disperse - Disperse all magic within a 15 yard radius. Removes all harmful de-buffs from friendly targets and removes 1 buff from enemy targets. This Disperse was quite powerful and could remove skills that an ordinary Disperse couldn't.

    This was a legendary effect and was March Rain's signature skill.

    Lu Li facepalmed himself. He had been terrified of Lucifron's curse to the point that he completely forgot about March Rain's Disperse.

    In terms of effect, Doomsday was much more deadly as the curse simply burned mana. However, a strong Priest was a very simple solution to the problem.

    March Rain could just cast Disperse!

    Lu Li was suddenly filled with confidence in killing Lucifron, as long as...

    The three Mages suddenly started to quiver. They felt like the look that Lu Li was giving them was very intimidating.
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