1357 Divided

    The first item to appear was a Dark Gold equipment. Its fire resistance Attribute was relatively high, and it was a Plate Armor for damage output Paladins. There was no shortage on the market for such Paladin items.

    Lu Li had no choice but to allow them to bid for it with their points. Lu Li could set a price for gems and skill books, but equipment couldn't be distributed with the same principles. This was because equipment could be traded and players could swap and sell their equipment based on what was in demand.

    The points were bid at an alarming speed, which actually made Lu Li jump.

    Weren't these players afraid that something even better might come better? Even so, this was a pretty good item anyway.

    In fact, their thought process was quite different to Lu Li's, especially those who were newcomers to Lu Li's team. They were already unsure if Lu Li would invite them to future Instance Dungeon runs. Even if an exquisite Epic item appeared, would they really give it to the newcomers?

    In the end, the final price was 65 points. It was even more expensive than the gem that Lu Li had given to Kitty Likes Meat.

    It should be noted that these guild points were not easy to earn. For example, this event was worth 5 points, but if you were late then the points were forfeited. They also had to keep persisting until the commander said it was over. Everyone who was present when they defeated Lucifron received 10 points.

    However, since this was First Clear, and they would have received a bonus for killing the Boss, the points gained were increased by 1.5x.

    In order words, achieving the First Clear on Lucifron was worth 15 points.

    The Main Tank received 2 extra points, while the Off-Tank, Healers and the commander received 1 extra point. The lucky little girl also received 1 extra point.

    Sixty points was the price of an Epic equipment.

    However, since they were willing to pay this price, Lu Li didn't stop them. As the commander, Lu Li wanted them to spend their points. If everyone just kept accumulating them, then their value would decrease as the amount of guild points inflated.

    In a healthy economy, there was only one master of the guild points. This meant that the newcomers would be able to quickly catch up the average players.

    The second item was a Gold equipment. Although the attributes were pretty good, there was no demand for it here. The third and fourth items were the same. These three items were given to Lu Li, who then passed them on to the Main Tanks. They had to pay the most for repairing their equipment and taking potions. If they weren't subsidized, they wouldn't be able to afford to continue being a Main Tank.

    Then there was another Dark Gold item, which was for Bear Tanks. There was no demand for that here either.

    Water Fairy took the equipment with some of her points. They had a Bear Tank - Deep Watersong - and took this item to increase their strength.

    Of course, no one objected to this. Originally, it was something that couldn't be sold, but now they were glad that someone was else was willing to buy it.

    Even if she didn't want it, Lu Li could have just given it to the Elite Groups for their use.

    The fifth piece of equipment that dropped was finally an Epic item. Remnant Dream's eyes clearly lit up and the wry smile she made was particularly cute.

    "Epic equipment - a level 60 T1 robe set Mold..."

    Lu Li was also quite excited. He didn't expect such a good item. He thought it was just an ordinary Epic item.

    The Molten Core's Bosses were bound to drop Epic items, especially if they were on Nightmare Difficulty. Otherwise, there was no point playing it. Neither the rich nor the professional players would even try, because they wouldn't have any hope.

    Although the difficulty of Nightmare Difficulty made it impossible for most, at least there was hope.

    "30 points!" Lonesome Flower exclaimed, unable to stop himself.

    Lu Li gulped when he heard that. He was going to say 15, but it had suddenly started at 30.

    According to Ruling Sword's rules, there was no requirement for Gold equipment. Anyone who wanted it could just take it. There was no way that anyone in this group needed Gold equipment.

    Then there was Dark Gold equipment, which started from 5 points.

    Dark Gold set equipment was basically the same as a normal Epic equipment, and would start at 10 points. Just because it started there didn't mean that they were anywhere near that price. The previous Dark Gold item had just sold for 60 points.

    Finally, Epic and Legendary equipment started at 15 points. However, these happened dropped so rarely that not many players had seen one before.

    "40 points."

    This was not the time to be humble. Deadly Green Orange immediately bid 40 points. They didn't have any Ruling Sword points at first because they were from Drizzle Court, so they were given some extra points. However, there was no way they would be able to compete against someone from the guild, especially someone like Lonesome Flower.

    "50 points," Lonesome Flower insisted.

    "60 points," Short Road chimed in. He wasn't an idiot. Even if he couldn't purchase the equipment, he couldn't let Lonesome Flower take it with too low of a price. Otherwise, the gap between them would be there forever.

    The different sides competed with each other before settling on a final score of 120. Lonesome Flower finally got the item he wanted.

    It wasn't that the other two didn't want to keep fighting, but they just didn't have any more points.

    This was an Epic set item, which probably made it worth three times more. 120 points was still a very low price.

    "When I reach level 60, you can have the robe I'm replacing Short Road," Lonesome Flower offered. He wasn't angry because the others made him spend more points. As long as they left his sister alone, he had no qualms with anyone.

    "Thank you Flower Bro," Short Road said, feeling a little uncomfortable.

    He was physical ill, not mentally ill. Of course, he knew what equipment Lonesome Flower had, and at least half of his items were Epic. The most important of a Mage's items was their robe and despite the fact that Lonesome Flower was replacing it, it would probably still make him stronger than 99.9% of the Mages in the game.

    "Alright, let's see if there is any more. Quickly Dreamy, stop dragging this one out. Flower won't forget the red packet," Lu Li said.

    "Alright, alright."

    Remnant Dream, who had been watching Lonesome Flower, was disappointed when she heard Lu Li say that. However, she was immediately re-energised when she got the next item.

    "Choker of Enlightenment. Ooh, there might be another fight."

    Epic Jewellery was not as good as a set item, but that was just a general rule.

    Previously, there were just the three Mages going for the Robe, but the people going for this Choker of Enlightenment would be...

    Lu Li didn't even want to count them. This was available for anyone who was a Magic profession, and even the Tank Healers could participate.

    "We'll start from 10 points. Let's begin," Lu Li announced.

    He actually wanted to directly assign it to March Rain or Kitty Likes Meat. After all, they were professional players. However, he couldn't do that, as no First Clear team would allow him to do that.

    The club's professional players did have priority when it came to equipment, but it was a bit rude to enforce that right.

    After all, everyone had come into this Instance Dungeon and died together. After all that teamwork, how could the commander just assign the equipment to one of the professional players?
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