1409 Strategy and Money

    By the time Ruling Sword's Chariots reached the wall, Blood Red War Flag and Azure Guard had indeed been working on it for a while.

    This situation was no secret, because the game was shamelessly using these sieges to make money. Anyone was allowed to watch this siege unfold, as long as they paid a little bit of money.

    Everyone could clearly see the difference in this Black Sea Coast Stronghold siege.

    Blood Red War Flag was first; they had reached the wall ahead of everyone else. Azure Guard was second, but Ruling Sword wasn't even third. A guild called Inferno had dropped a large sum of gold coins to buy 60 chariots to push from two different directions. Ruling Sword was the fourth team to reach the city walls.

    The System only gave them one section of the city wall to attack from. If you wanted to line up in two rows to attack the Naga Archers, more than forty chariots could be placed.

    The twenty chariots that Ruling Sword had couldn't even fill up a single row.

    The audience that supported Ruling Sword felt a bit ashamed. Was it really too hard to buy more chariots? Or had the money that Ruling Sword earned recently been stolen?

    The crow that had been following the Ruling Sword formation transformed back into Lu Li's normal appearance.

    "Alright, get 15 chariots to aim at the Naga on the left and kill them, but leave the one on the far left."

    Before the Druids could even transform into birds, Lu Li was the only person who could do this.

    He had hovered over the sky and scouted the situation inside the city wall. The left side was the most suitable location for breaking through, which was perfect for this plan.

    The Black Sea Coast was a home city of the Night Elves. It was once one of the most prosperous areas of the Kaldorei Empire, just like the great cities of Ameth'Aran and Bashal'Aran. Back then, it was the peak of that civilisation, but after the collapse of the Well of Eternity, the High Elves sank into the sea and most of them were transformed by the curse of the Naga forever.

    These ancient Night Elves found that they could survive underwater. However, there were a few Naga that believed they had a small chance to recover the land that belonged to the High Elves.

    Because of the suffering of being expelled into the sea, the Naga were determined to wait for the opportunity to recapture the places that had once belonged to them.

    The biggest threats in the Black Sea Coast were the Naga and the Bear monsters.

    The Naga stood along the wall. Most of them were archers, but some of them were Mages and Priests.

    The other teams were fighting all the Naga along the wall, but Lu Li was concentrating on just a few. Naturally, Lu Li's team was more efficient. In a short time, there was a blank spot where the Naga once stood. There was only one Naga remaining on the leftmost section of the wall.

    Lu Lui nodded at Sesame Rice Ball.

    "You can start now; find a place to hide once you get there."

    "Relax, this isn't going to be difficult at all."

    Sesame Rice Ball had a rare opportunity to display his confidence before Lu Li. He raised his hand and showed him the ring.

    "Hey, did you two exchange rings?" Sakura Memories had a bright eye and a perverted heart. Based on the rich expression on her face, she was probably thinking of some love story between them.

    "..." Lu Li was speechless.

    However, he didn't have time to explain, as it was time to go. Lu Li and Hachi Chan transformed into their flying forms and gradually pulled up until they were hovering over the inside of the Stronghold.

    At this point, Sesame Rice Ball successfully cast the special effect on the ring.

    Special Effect 3: Shift. Instant Cast. Select a target within 40 yards and swap positions. 6 hour cooldown. Equipment Requirements: Level 60.

    This was the effect on the ring that Lu Li gave to Sesame Rice Ball.

    Most rings weren't limited by profession, so the Thief's ring could easily be used by a Warlock. Sesame Rice Ball successfully swapped positions with the Naga archer on the left most of the wall.

    The fate that befell that Naga archer was quite unfortunate. It had been dropped right into a pack of wolf-like players that quickly devoured it before it even got to struggle. Sesame Rice Ball immediately drank the potions. With the invulnerability, he jumped into the Stronghold and ran to a place where there weren't any monsters. He then drank the invisibility potion to leave combat.

    Lu Li and Hachi Chan carefully flew towards Sesame Rice Ball before transforming back into

    human form.

    Sesame Rice Ball summoned the portal and the three players quickly began to pull the teammates in from outside. The chariots had all been abandoned and left by the wall. Once they had crossed the wall, they were just facing monsters, so their role was limited anyway.

    Once the team was re-organised, it was time to attack the centre of the Stronghold.

    What were Blood Red War Flag, Azure Guard and Inferno doing at this time?

    They were still outside the wall!

    Throughout the Stronghold siege, there were few things that could stop the players. If they didn't have enough chariots, they would be slowed by a few minutes. The archers along the wall could also slow them down, but what wasted the most time was the city wall itself.

    Lu Li had no plans to smash the wall. He had used items, potions and Sesame Rice Ball's portal, along with the extra help from himself and Hachi Chan. This was his strategy for crossing the wall.

    The off-site commentary and audience were overwhelmed. This great reversal was absolutely dumbfounding.

    There were still a lot of players laughing at Ruling Sword. There were some that even shouted that Ruling Sword was so short-sighted for distributed the money that they had earned already.

    But now, everyone knew that it wasn't that Ruling Sword couldn't afford it, but that they didn't need it at all.

    At this time, the battle of the Black Sea Coast had basically become a colonisation. Ruling Sword even had Revive points within the city walls, so the dead could be revived there. It was now impossible for them to fall behind the teams outside the city.

    Lu Li had achieved yet another victory, but what about Water Fairy?

    There were many viewers also paying attention to the Stronghold competition in the Western Wilderness. The situation was tight, and there were beautiful women to watch. This attracted countless people to watch as the events unfolded.

    Participating in the Western Wilderness with Drizzle Court was the main force of Seventh Heaven, Majin Temple, Purple Lunar Paradise and the Imperial Secret Service. It was no better than the Blood Red War Flag and Azure Guard that Lu Li faced.

    But Water Fairy once again taught all the local tycoons a lesson.

    Previously, the Gangnam Royals had a record of using 55 chariots, but this was overtaken by several teams today. However, when they found out about Water Fairy's line up, they immediately felt like crying at the thought that they were so much poorer than she was.

    What was this idea of using 400 chariots??

    With three angles of attack, they didn't even bother with the towers. They piled up by the walls and ignored the Naga archers, launching a barrage of attacks against the wall.

    If a chariot was lost, there would be a new one to replace it and many more after that.

    It was just a little after Lu Li broke through that the walls were collapsed by the combined attacks of 100 chariots from three different sides. The female tycoon was leading her team into the Stronghold.
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