1425 Mechanical Chicken

    Before they started on the Instance Dungeon, Lu Li planned to finish the quest with Water Fairy first.

    "These instructions are so vague and brief. How cheap," Water Fairy complained as she flipped over the instructions on the quest and indicated that she didn't understand them at all. Intelligence didn't matter here.

    "It means that we need to look for Oglethorpe Obnoticus. Then, we can look for the quest items in the three maps..." Lu Li said, then examined the details further and continued, "We need to kill monsters, and the drop rate doesn't look like its very high."

    Water Fairy instantly had a disappointed look on her face when looking at Lu Li. He was much too unlucky.

    "Cough...cough...I'll call Remnant Dream to come."

    Lu Li was thinking that although he was unlucky, it wasn't as though she was far luckier than him.

    At that time, Remnant Dream was brushing the hair of one of her pets - a black-coated lion. This lion had quite a good name - Xiu Ma. This animal had a name that was designated by the System, which was rare. As a result, the abnormal coloured coat was also quite rare.

    The little hunter brushed the coat, then the lion licked the little hunter. They were quite happy while playing together.

    "Dreamy, come help me with a quest," Lu Li messaged Remnant Dream..

    "Why don't you look for Hachi Chan for quests? You're crazy."

    The little hunter was being disturbed, so she wasn't too pleased.

    "Hmmm..." Lu Li was quite speechless. Was he not her leader? It seemed like this little brat would only sweetly call Lu Li as big brother when she wanted something.

    "If there's nothing else, I'm going to go. I still have many of my babies to attend to."

    Dreamy clearly didn't think that she had emotionally hurt her leader's fragile mental state.

    "The reward from the quest is rumoured to be a pet!" Lu Li tempted, trying to talk to her in a different way. He didn't like to lie to little girls. There were multiple options for the quest reward in the end. The first was the Fusion Scroll, the second was a mechanical pet and the third was a Dark Gold item.

    In his previous life, Lu Li had picked the Dark Gold item. It was a shame that the level of the item was too low, so it wasn't valuable.

    "Oh, Big Brother Lu Li, why didn't you say sooner? Where are you? I'll come over right away!" Remnant Dream was like a different person; she quickly went to Lu Li.

    Booty Bay was part of the Blackwater Pirates' territory, where Baron Revilgaz was managing. This was also a Goblin-based technologically-advanced city in the most southern part of the Eastern kingdom. The main attractions here were the fishing competitions, as well as the engineering expertise of the Goblins. There was also a travelling system here for the Alliance.

    They could take a transporting device to Ratchet here.

    It was part of the Steamwheedle Cartel, where the Bloodsail Buccaneers were the nemeses.

    Oglethorpe Obnoticus was the trainer for the Gnome engineers. He was a gnome, but he was larger than most gnomes that Lu Li had seen.

    Oglethorpe was quite a thin gnome and had many wrinkles in his skin. It seemed like he had led a rich life. His eyelids were so large that they almost covered his eyes and his mouth was hidden behind his huge white beard. He was quite an old gnome.

    Because Lu Li had taken in a gnome student before, and had completed many gnome quests, his reputation in the minds of gnome NPCs were very good. Furthermore, he was also a well-renowned engineer.

    "Welcome, guests from afar," the master engineer said quite passionately.

    After engaging in small-talk for a while, Lu Li finally got to the main point. "Greetings, Master Obnoticus. Do you have any news on the Mechanical Chicken?"

    "Mechanical Chicken, huh? You've looked in the right place. It is one of my creations, as I am quite curious about robotic creatures. There was a period of time where I thought I could create life. My god, what an unbearable time!" the gnome exclaimed, while rubbing on the wrinkles on his face.

    Perhaps it was a little excessive, but that kind of drive and impulse could not be realised anymore.

    Time never stopped for anyone, so naturally, it had also taken away quite a lot of the Master Engineer's life. However, his legacy as an engineer was excellent, so it wouldn't be surpassed any time soon.

    "Is that a pet?" Remnant Dream interjected and asked.

    "Pet? You could say that it is, kiddo. You can make it whatever you want, as long as you are able to express its value to the maximum. Once upon a time, I even treated them as my friends," Oglethorpe Obnoticus answered, then took out a mechanical model and continued, "The last time I sent them all out, they ended up malfunctioning. There must've been something wrong with the inner systems. Otherwise, they wouldn't have all stopped together. If my memory serves me correctly, then are in the Hinterlands, Feralas and Tanaris. As for the position of them, it depends on yourselves. After all, those places are full of monsters and thieves. This device can help you guys find clues. Once you guys can deliver the Mechanical Chicken to the designated area, then I can control them to come back here."

    The three of them accepted the quest, then had a short discussion. After this, they decided to first go to Tanaris.

    Gadgetzan was a beautiful area. Cities such as these were the favourite areas for players to frequent. This city was full of the sounds of markets and gnomes attempting to haggle.

    Lu Li brought along Water Fairy and Remnant Dream and charged out of the safe area on mounts. The monsters here didn't exceed level 50, so they were not threats to Lu Li and the others. Furthermore, the players here weren't going to come in conflict with players on mounts. The mounts that they were using were also not ordinary ones.

    The monsters that were near the boundaries of the cities were instantly killed. As soon as they respawned, they were killed. There were players here that were training to get used to their new skills.

    They killed some monsters on the way out of the city, but there were no notable drops. Even if there was a lucky person here, it wouldn't make a difference. Lu Li knew that it was because of their level differences. A player that was level 60 something fighting against monsters that were level 40 something. Naturally, there would be no drops. Even if there were, it was the lucky little hunter. If it was him who was looting the corpses, then there probably would not even be one hair.

    "Are we there yet?" Remnant Dream was already extremely keen on getting a mechanical pet.

    "Well, we should find a few lower-levelled players to join our party to lower the level average. Then the drops would be better," Water Fairy suggested. "I'll try and gather some people, but there aren't many low-levelled players in the guild."

    Both guilds, Drizzle Court and Ruling Sword, didn't have many level 40 players. The minimum level requirement was at least level 55 to join.
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