1490 God of War

    The safe zone was a little far from where they were, so Lu Li chose a grey Dacia sedan.

    He thought about choosing the Jeep, but the vehicle seemed like it had gone through some crossfire. There were quite a few bullet marks on the body and it did not have much remaining health left.

    The Dacia didn't have as high defence as the Jeep, but it was faster.

    "I'll drive. I'll focus on supporting you guys this time."

    Water Fairy was quite keen on trying it out.

    She had only killed one person so far, so she probably felt quite useless.

    "Hmm...I...How about this? I'll find another car so I can attract some attention to myself."

    Water Fairy's driving skills were infamous - even Innocent Child knew about them. That was why he quickly found a perfect excuse to avoid this.

    Driving two cars was actually a good idea in a four-man squad.

    Four guns would easily destroy a car. However, if they wanted to destroy two cars simultaneously, then it was much more difficult.

    "Let me drive. Time to go."

    Lu Li really wanted to give Water Fairy a chance to prove herself. If it was a duo, then he wouldn't have a problem dying in her hands. However, this was a four-man squad, with two other players. Therefore, if they wanted to win, then it was better to be safe.

    Letting Water Fairy drive was even more dangerous than parachuting.

    Even after killing their way out of a place with 20 enemies, Lu Li still didn't have confidence in surviving Water Fairy's driving.

    Water Fairy couldn't do anything, so she allowed him to drive. Since Lu Li was driving, Innocent Child stopped looking for a separate car. The three of them jumped into the car, and immediately sped towards the safe zone, leaving behind a group of boxes. Some were Elevenless', some belonged to other unfortunate players, and some were Unforgettable Maple's.

    The death of Unforgettable Maple was truly an unfortunate one. The other squads all had four people left while they were left with three.

    The car zoomed across the grasslands and towards the mountains. Lu Li planned to go into the safe zone using the mountain, so that they would have a height advantage instead of being practice targets on the ground like just then.

    This action wasn't without any risk either. What if there were people on the mountain already?

    Lu Li and the others actually found themselves in such a situation.

    "Someone's there!" Innocent Child yelled.

    Lu Li already saw them; four heads were exposed. They were clearing aiming to destroy the car. Lu Li swerved and swerved, looking for an area to avoid their gunfire.

    There was a reason behind the choice that the four of them had made to position themselves there.

    Lu Li couldn't find a safe area and he even got hit once. He had level 3 protective gear and helmet, so the damage wasn't too significant. However, this was not the case for the car.

    Once the enemy discovered that it was more difficult to aim at the people inside the vehicle, it was likely for them to target the vehicle instead.

    "Get ready to jump off!" Lu Li yelled.

    He swung the tail of the car around and jumped off swiftly. The car was parked in a horizontal direction, which was used as cover. Innocent Child and Water Fairy also got out of the car. At this time, there were three people hiding behind the car, so if the car exploded, they would all die. Their HP was also quite low, and had it not been for the level 3 protective gear, they probably would have died from this round of gunfire.

    "Try and pressure them. We'll retreat in the meantime. Snowy, destroy the car."

    Since the car could explode anytime from the enemy's gunfire, they might as well destroy it themselves. The destroyed car would also become a safer option for a cover.

    Lu Li and Innocent Child backed away slowly while firing at the enemy.

    As soon as the enemy showed themselves, a bullet would hit them and they would retreat. One of them couldn't retreat in time, so he was gunned down. As for the others, they didn't dare to expose themselves for a while. They were waiting for Lu Li and Innocent Child to start reloading. Even if they attached an extended mag on the gun, an automatic rifle would only have 40 bullets anyway.


    Water Fairy destroyed the Dacia. The car immediately exploded into flames and flew into the air. Smoke filled the area as soon as the car landed.

    The three of them then immediately retreated to a safe area so that the explosion wouldn't deal any damage to them, then proceeded to reload and heal themselves. They still had to look out for their opponents.

    Unfortunately, they could only see if they had hit their target or not, instead of seeing their targets' HP as well. Therefore, they didn't know that the three of them were already on the verge of death. Although it wouldn't be guaranteed wipe, it was still a much better chance to kill them all before they finish preparing themselves.

    Lu Li quickly used a medkit and also drank an energy drink, raising his HP to a safe amount.

    He put away his gun and took out a bomb. Innocent Child and Water Fairy did the same. They took out the grenades that they had been holding for such a long time, then threw them.

    Bang! Bang! Bang!

    After they threw the first round of bombs, they threw a wave of flashbangs. The first round was to lower their opponents' HP, but the flashbang was to blind them.

    After throwing the flashbang, Lu Li and Innocent Child immediately rushed ahead, one on the left and one on the right. The enemy only had two more players alive, with one of them seemingly blind as he was just firing randomly. Lu Li was worried for the guy's teammate. To be firing recklessly in this situation, was he not afraid of friendly fire?

    After killing these four, they looted the ammo. The circle was already upon them.

    This group of four didn't have a car. Their idea was clearly to kill Lu Li and the others, then use the car to escape to the safe zone. Unfortunately for them, Lu Li and his team were too skilled. They had bitten off more than they could chew.

    However, the team didn't have a car now either, so they had to run on foot towards the safe zone.

    This was a huge loss.

    Lu Li's level 3 armor was mostly damaged. They were all originally quite rich, so they didn't need any more items. Besides losing out on the loot, they had also lost their car.

    Fortunately, with the medicine that they had, they didn't need to worry about dying on the way to the safe zone.

    "There's a car, but it's not a fresh one," Lu Li reported after he scanned the area for cars.

    "How do you know? Vehicles that are on the side of the roads are usually fresh, aren't they?"

    Water Fairy used a scope and looked at the car but couldn't find anything wrong with it.

    "The vehicles that spawn on the roadside will always face East, while boats would always face West. If this is not the case, then someone has touched it. The possibilities are that this car has run out of fuel or has been used as gunfire cover," Lu Li explained.

    Innocent Child was speechless. So was Water Fairy.

    There was even a rule like this!

    Even Innocent Child, who was a veteran at the game, was completely stunned.

    If this was true, then this only emphasised Lu Li's attention to detail. After all, his experience with Survival and Escape was only a few days' worth.

    "Well, what do we do now?" Innocent Child asked. Although the damage from being outside of the safe zone wasn't lethal, to lose HP that way would be too wasteful. Furthermore, it wasn't long until the next wave of damage.

    "Innocent Bro, go and find a suitable position on the left side of the hill. Notify us when you do.

    Snowy, go and drive the car and I'll do the gunfire," Lu Li instructed, quickly planning out a strategy. As the top strategist in Dawn, this simple strategy wouldn't be hard to execute in Survival and Escape.

    Prodigious gaming talent was something that Lu Li discovered in his previous life.

    Otherwise, he wouldn't have gotten to where he was in his previous life despite being one year behind the other players. To be able to not worry about food and clothes was already an achievement in itself.

    He did not have any opportunity to showcase his commanding skills in his previous life. He was only able to do this in his present life where he had built his own team.

    Water Fairy strutted over to drive the car. If they knew of Water Fairy's capabilities, they would never think that she was stealing the car.

    The cars were quite important for camping, so stealing them would be quite troublesome.

    Therefore, when the enemy saw Water Fairy strut towards their car, they immediately jumped out of their hiding place, wanting to kill her.

    At this moment, Lu Li used one bullet to instantly kill a player, while Innocent Child also gunned down another. Lu Li then immediately jumped over to kill the other player. The system indicated that their squad had been wiped. This meant that this squad had already lost members, as they only two left.

    "Let's go. Don't loot anymore."

    Lu Li scanned over the corpses and saw that they all only had level 2 equipment. The guns were also worse than what Lu Li and his party had, so there was no need to loot items. Furthermore, they were outside of the safe zone and would continually lose HP.

    They were quite far away from the safe zone and needed to heal up twice before they managed to escape.

    After escaping, they immediately crouched on the ground and started healing. At this time, two grenades suddenly dropped in front of them. They needed time to get up and move. Even if they managed to escape, they would still get fired at.

    How could there be so many campers? Who knew that they would meet with enemies the moment they reached safety?

    There weren't any other options besides surrendering at this point.

    Water Fairy was down. Innocent Child was down. Lu Li managed to get away, so he didn't die.

    This was one of his habits when escaping the danger zone. He discovered that if he had his legs in the danger zone, but his chest area was in the safe zone, he wouldn't take damage. This was why he usually only had half of his body within the safe area.

    Lu Li was still safe, since he was close-by to a car, so he could just hide behind it.

    The problem was Water Fairy and Innocent Child. They didn't have any cover and they were both in 'downed' states. It was hard to say whether or not they would survive. Lu Li didn't know how many people were in the enemy squad and he was completely unable to cover for Water Fairy and Innocent Child to crawl to a safe place.

    Risk it all!

    Lu Li hugged his automatic rifle tightly and rushed towards the tree that the grenade had flown from. Before he even spotted the enemy, he had already started firing.

    Pa! Pa! Pa!

    One of the enemy members wanted to shoot Lu Li as well, but was gunned down by Lu Li's bullets.

    Another person appeared from the back of the tree, hoping to save his teammate, but was killed by Lu Li.


    The sounds of a 98K were heard. This was fired from shrubbery not far from where Lu Li was. Lu Li saw the movements of the player, who was dressed as a Mirage Tank and was a sniper. His reactions weren't particularly quick, but he was able to headshot Lu Li in this short amount of time.

    Lu Li's helmet was instantly destroyed, but he wasn't down yet. If he was gunned down, then the three of them would have died.

    Lu Li never stopped firing his gun even when he was crawling on the ground. He fired all the bullets he had until his target was killed. Bullet after bullet flew over his head and denting the car behind him.

    The system finally indicated that the enemy team was eliminated. Lu Li breathed a big sigh of relief after this.

    He couldn't heal himself, since he had to revive his two teammates. After all, people might be flocking to this area hoping for some easy loot after hearing such a fierce exchange of gunfire.

    All the streams involving Water Fairy, Innocent Child, and even the dead Unforgettable Maple were all screaming three words.

    God of war!

    God of war!

    God of war!

    This nickname was already given to Lu Li on his first day of playing. For a first-timer to reach this level, this nickname was truly deserved.

    Of course, with this nickname also came the mocking and taunting.

    Could he kill 30 people? Could he go for 20 straight 'Winner Winner Chicken Dinners'? Could he take on 7 people at once?"

    God of war was a prestigious title. It was even more prestigious than other titles like Gun god. It wasn't that the others didn't have moments like these, but that their livestreams couldn't handle the weight that came with this title.

    Now, Lu Li reappeared in front of the audience. Although he had plenty of experience in the game after his first time playing with Water Fairy, he never livestreamed, so no one knew.

    He had his fair share of highlight plays, killing left, right and centre on top of a roof, rushing into a room to save Unforgettable Maple and taking on three people at once and killing them all.

    Lu Li's style of play was extremely popular with the fans. This reckless and confrontational playstyle that had easily won the hearts of many, causing them to immediately feel that he was the best player in the game.

    Truthfully, his shooting mechanics were not any better than Innocent Child's. His gaming sense was not any better than Unforgettable Maple's either. His driving skills were also worse than Moonlight's, and in terms of positioning, there were also many others who were better.

    However, their styles of play were not as aggressive as Lu Li.

    Rushing forward and killing on sight!

    This playstyle was the most suitable for livestreams since it was popular with the fans. Many people asked in the three teammates' streams where they could find Lu Li's stream and see things from his perspective.

    The three of them stood up once again, narrowly escaping death.

    They had to loot items this time. They had enough medicine and ammo, but they were in desperate need for protective armor and helmets. It was terrifying to play this game without a helmet. One bullet from an automatic rifle to an exposed head was capable of downing a player instantly.

    Lu Li picked up a level 2 helmet with half of its durability left.

    Water Fairy used the excuse of enemy snipers to give her level 3 helmet to Lu Li.

    Innocent Child also wanted to say that his helmet was also destroyed, and that he also had a responsibility of fighting snipers. However, his performance just then wasn't as impressive as Lu Li's, so he couldn't say anything. Furthermore, they were also flirting with each other here, so he had no place opening his mouth.

    Lu Li looked at the time until the circle became smaller and decided to continue driving a car.

    Running wasted too much time. If they were stopped by enemy gunfire on the road, the danger zone would also catch up.

    "I've made a yellow mark on the map. Take control of that house. If there are people in there, then we'll kill them immediately. If there's no one, then we'll camp there for a bit."

    Lu Li planned out the next step in the strategy. He had also done research on that house, so he knew that it was easily approachable and that even if there were people inside, they wouldn't be able to fire at the car easily.

    "I don't mind." Innocent Child had no objections.

    He liked to fight but didn't like to think. This was the case in Dawn and in Survival and Escape. He was never in charge of strategizing in Dawn, while Unforgettable Maple usually took control of strategies in Survival and Escape.

    Lu Li stepped on the accelerator and never lifted his foot. The car roared down the hill and smashed into the wall of the house. However, before they met their untimely deaths, they immediately jumped out of the car.

    Innocent Child's performance was quite average thus far. As a Gun God, Lu Li had stolen his thunder.

    Even if Lu Li was his boss in the future, he couldn't contain his competitive spirit any longer. Furthermore, he also needed to showcase his skills for Lu Li to take notice.

    As soon as the door opened, Innocent Child immediately jumped into the air, did a 360 spin, and fired towards the backdoor.

    He thought that he would be able to ambush them from the backdoor, but he never saw the bullets coming. Before he could even fire off a single bullet, he was already down. Innocent Child immediately pointed his gun at the staircase, waiting for the reinforcements. As soon as someone appeared, he would fire.

    Pa! Pa! Pa!

    "Wow! I gunned down somebody! Someone jumped right in front of me. Scared the living daylights out of me!" Water Fairy squealed. She was ecstatic.

    This was like manna that had come down from heaven. This guy had jumped from the second floor but was killed by Water Fairy who was in his blind spot. He was likely feeling rather depressed at this point.

    "Innocent Bro, be careful of the bomb," Lu Li warned as he threw a bomb into the window on the second floor.

    "I'll throw one as well. I'll throw mine into the bathroom."

    Water Fairy also had a few bombs on herself. Furthermore, the person who she killed just then also had some more bombs.

    They began to throw bombs into the house from different angles.

    Innocent Child was crouching at the bottom of the staircase, stopping anyone who wanted to escape.

    He heard the footsteps from panicking players running around, trying to avoid the barrage of grenades. It was such a tragedy.

    These four brothers hadn't offended anyone and were just camping in this house peacefully. Unfortunately, Lu Li and the party just had to occupy it. Two of them were killed in less than 20 seconds; they were completely trapped in the room. There was someone guarding the exit downstairs, and there was also someone outside the window.

    However, it wasn't safe in the room either.

    The explosions ended the clash quickly as the last two were bombed to death. Besides contributing their helmets and protective gear, they also gave up this temporary safehouse.

    Besides these, there was also the Jeep parked outside.

    "Eh? How come there aren't many people left already? The circle is still so large," Water Fairy said in surprise.

    "Look at how many people Lu Li killed. It's already pretty good that there are 18 people left in the game," Unforgettable Maple angrily replied. He could only watch on as his teammates went through such intense battles.
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