1541 A Secret Pathway

    "This one should be a win, right?" Lu Li breathed a sigh of relief.

    "That's right. Is there anything else that the Wildhammer Dwarves can help with?"

    Lord Metz Drakrep didn't think that he would lose at something he was so proficient in. It was in this moment that he felt a little nervous, since he didn't know what Lu Li would ask of him.

    "We wish to go to Tyr's Hand in the Eastern Plaguelands," Lu Li answered.

    "Tyr's Hand?"

    Drakrep tilted his head slight and looked at Lu Li. After a short while, he answered, stroking his beard, "That's not a good place at all. It was just recently conquered by Undead forces and many died. What are you planning to do?"

    "How does Lord Drakrep see the Undead?" Lu Li asked.

    "How else should I see them? They should not exist!" Drakrep boomed without hesitation.

    "Then, my Dwarven friend, are you not worried that they will eventually move towards Eagle Nest Mountain? If that time comes, the whole Mountain will look like that," Lu Li continued. His what-if scenario was quite horrifying. A few Dwarves in the hall frowned upon hearing Lu Li's words.

    "They're not interested in this place, so they won't come here," Lord Drakrep confidently replied.

    "Not interested?" Lu Li laughed, as if he had heard a joke. "Is there a corner in this world that the Scourge is not interested in? The Lich King is a being who wants to destroy all lands. In what sense is Eagle Nest Mountain an exception? The only reason as to why Eagle Nest Mountain is safe is because there are other more easily-invaded targets. My Lord..."

    Lu Li walked forwards, then softly whispered in Drakrep's ears, "If the Undead at Tyr's Hand found the secret pathway, do you think that they would leave Eagle Nest Mountain alone?"

    "How do you know about it?"

    Other people couldn't hear what Lu Li said, but all of them saw that Drakrep had jumped a little.

    It was like someone had stepped on his tail. He looked at Lu Li with a horrified expression, as if Lu Li was a monster who had brought the plague with him to destroy the whole Mountain.

    "As to how I know, that is not important. My Lord, your coldness pains me. You can clearly save those lives, yet you knowingly let the Undead consume them," Lu Li said as he looked condescendingly at Drakrep. This proud and disdainful look made Drakrep feel ashamed of himself.

    "I am the Lord of the Wildhammer Dwarves, yet my people only have a sliver of hope left," Metz Drakrep explained.

    "Once the things that I have said have happened, your remaining sliver of hope will also be destroyed. When that time comes, perhaps my Lord will also recognise that person. He has turned many powerful knights into Death Knights," Lu Li responded, not hesitating to burst Drakrep's bubble.

    "I trust that you have your own objectives in saying these words. Alright then, Elf. You've convinced me. I'm all ears."

    Metz Drakrep has lived for a long time. After calming down, he quickly realised what Lu Li wanted.

    "Tyr's Hand cannot fall to the Scourge. Otherwise, calamity will hang over us. It could be tonight, or it could be tomorrow morning. Who knows? When that time comes, the traitors who cursed the gods may be the ones to appear in front of you. They will spread the plague in the Eagle Nest Mountain, turning all Wildhammer Dwarves into Undead Dwarves."

    "Goddamn it. I know that Tyr's Hand cannot fall to the Scourge. However, it is now in the Scourge's

    hand!" Metz Drakrep impatiently replied.

    "We need a base of operations. If you allow it, we are willing to defend Eagle Nest Mountain," the usually silent Tirion Fordring suddenly piped up.

    Lu Li was stunned at this proposal and looked at Fordring. He had originally planned to convince the Dwarves to take back Tyr's Hand with them so that they could complete the objective, then leave Tyr's Hand's matters to the Dwarves to worry about.

    However, upon the cibckysuib of this battle, the Scarlet Crusade would eventually invade Tyr's Hand under the command of High General Abbendis.

    Then, Tyr's Hand would become one of the main camps of the Scarlet Crusade, who would battle the Scourge alongside Light's Hope Chapel for many years.

    The Light's Hope Chapel had all the Paladins in the Alliance fighting for them. Furthermore, why would Tyr's Hand be left alone deep in the enemy's territory?

    Naturally, these Dwarves residing in the Eagle Nest Mountain would provide support to the Scarlet Crusade using the secret pathway. Not only did they prevent the starvation of the Crusade, but they also fed them well. This was also why Tyr's Hand eventually became a key place to grind for gold.

    However, it seemed that the game was leaning towards a different storyline this time.

    Unexpectedly, Tirion Fordring wanted to conquer and defend Tyr's Hand tightly. Lu Li wasn't worried about not being able to hold Tyr's Hand, since it was quite a rural place, so it wasn't of much importance to the Scourge. Furthermore, the Scourge's main forces were currently battling against the Alliance and the Horde. After the battles, they wouldn't have enough strength to invade anyway.

    Even if Arthas came personally, Tirion Fordring, an immensely powerful Paladin, would not be afraid of facing him.

    Once he had the Ashbringer, even Arthas wouldn't leave without a defeat.

    "Guarding Tyr's Hand? Just the few of you?"

    Metz Drakrep doubted their abilities. Lu Li and Water Fairy seemed alright, but the rest of them looked average.

    "This is Tirion Fordring, the Lord of Hearthglen and the leader of the Knights of the Silver Hand," Lu Li stood up and introduced Tirion Fordring. Lu Li didn't need to say anything other than this. Revealing his identity was enough.

    As expected, Drakrep immediately stood up and greeted Fordring with respect upon hearing his name.

    With a wealth of experiences under his belt, he was able to understand Fordring's decisions and the difficulty that Fordring faced when making those decisions. As a result, he firmly decided on this: "If Hearthglen is willing to defend Tyr's Hand, then the Eagle Nest Mountain will give its absolute support."

    "Firstly, we need access to the secret pathway. We need to take down the place first."

    Brimming with satisfaction, Lu Li raised his glass and drank. His plan was already semi-completed.

    He only needed to convince the Dwarves to let them use the pathway. Once that was completed, the rest of it was easy. Now, not only had he convinced the Dwarves to let them use the pathway, but he had also managed to recruit a powerful force with him. Even if he didn't have the twenty-thousand people with him, the powerful Wildhammer Dwarves would also be able to clear all the Undead in Tyr's Hand.

    The Wildhammer Dwarves had dwelled in the Eagle Nest Mountains for many years. Not only did they manage to build an advanced civilisation here, but they were also deadly in combat.

    They definitely wouldn't be able to defeat the Lich King, but Tyr's Hand would be a piece of cake for them.
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