1607 Eating Apples

    Lu Li, along with 99 other people, led their respective rams to the starting line.

    The Dwarves saw the action of mounting a ram as a competition as well, since they thought that it looked cool. This was why they included this action as a part of the race as well. This action didn't take any skill though. As long as you didn't pull on the ram's wool, it would sit still and let you climb on.

    Then, as soon as the gun sounded, the riders would be allowed to take off.

    False starts were not allowed. If a false start occurred, the big Dwarven uncle's next shot would be fired at you. There were some fierce-looking Dwarves on the sidelines, waiting to shoot their rifles. If players went up to them, they would be able to listen in on their conversation.

    Shooting people was like shooting birds!

    These guys were the new riflemen recruits in the Ironforge Brigade, so they used this opportunity as practice.

    Lu Li stared at the raised rifle. As soon as the rifle fired, Lu Li rapidly climbed onto his ram and immediately rushed out.

    Why did he use his eyes instead of listening for the sound?

    Even if Lu Li never went to school, he still knew that the speed of light was faster than the speed of sound, so with this knowledge, he decided to use his sight to make the first move.

    Even so, he wasn't the quickest. There were a few more people who reacted just as fast, or even faster than him. After all, he was uneducated, while the rest of the competitors were likely more cultured than he was. Furthermore, these people immediately swung their ropes as soon as they got onto the ram, so they gained a few more meters initially.

    Gradually, more and more people passed him.

    However, he wasn't panicking. If the players just blindly sped up their rams, then it would only make the ram fatigue faster. When that happened, then the speed of the ram would be even slower than the initial speed. Furthermore, the spawn rate of the apples wasn't set - it was random.

    The messaging function suddenly vibrated. Who would call him at this time? Lu Li was speechless; he planned to end the call straight away. However, upon glancing over the identity of the caller, he decided to answer. There were two people who he would always answer. One was of course, his beloved sister whose life was more important than his own, and the other was Water Fairy, whose life was already nearly as important as his own.

    The caller this time was Water Fairy.

    Lu Xin's body was already nearly healthy. Her level also wasn't that low anymore after training with some of the stronger players in the guild. Currently, she was drinking alcohol with some of her best friends, who were her previous female landlords, so Lu Li wasn't worried that they would cause trouble.

    "This Brewfest is really quite nice..." Water Fairy said while hiccupping. It was clear as to what she had just been doing.

    "Drinking can't give you skill points," Lu Li sighed.

    Water Fairy's luck was below average as well. Even if she drank until her belly was the size of a 10-month pregnant lady's, she still wouldn't gain any skill points.

    "I...I know that now, but what can I do?"

    The female tycoon was a little drunk now and was a little confused. It was unfortunate that Lu Li was currently ram racing then, so he couldn't see her confused look and behaviour.

    "There's medicine to cure drunkenness at the tavern. Get someone to buy it for you. Then, you should go and do the quests for Ram Racing. It would be the best if you placed in your first attempt. I'll tell you how to do it," Lu Li said.

    Then, he heard her telling someone to get medicine for her.

    As the leader of a large guild, it was natural for her to have someone else to run this errand.

    Lu Li was adjusting the speed of his ram constantly while keeping a look out for crates of apples around him.

    One apple crate would drop around one to two apples. Under the control of the player, the ram would eat the apples in the crates if it walked next to one.

    The fatigue level would drop to 0 after eating the apples, which meant that there was an opportunity to charge.

    Lu Li wasn't wearing his usual items or the ones that he used to entrap Glory Capital. He was wearing a whole new set of items that had been retrieved from the guild storage. Each piece focused on increasing his range of vision. Usually, these items weren't wanted, since the usage scenario was usually quite niche. As such, these items didn't have much value either.

    Ruling Sword had many things, after all, it was a large club. Therefore, the items to increase range of vision were assembled without much searching.

    Lu Li had these items equipped for the sole purpose of discovering the apple crates.

    Sometimes, the crates would spawn deeper on the side of the road, so they weren't as visible. Therefore, some players would miss them while the other players with keen eyes would steal them away.

    With this set of items, Lu Li would be able to spot these crates sooner.

    He would immediately detour and even charge towards the crates. After all, the fatigue level would be reset to 0 after eating the apples, so he might as well use up all the energy beforehand.

    While Water Fairy was curing herself of her drunkenness, most of the players in Lu Li's race had already passed him.

    There were a few people who decided to save up their rams' energy to avoid slowing down to a snail-like pace. However, they didn't have Lu Li's experience of transitioning between different speeds, so their fatigue level was still increasing, albeit at a slower rate.

    As for those who charged ahead in the early phase of the race, their speed had already dropped. They were all crawling along like snails. It was inevitable for those behind them to pass them.

    At this time, if they could get their rams to eat an apple, then this problem would be solved.

    Unfortunately, the crates were behind them.

    Lu Li saw a crate of apples and immediately charged towards it.

    It was at this moment when Lu Li was the quickest. This was because other players were also rushing to get it. It was just that their reaction time was slower. It didn't matter whether it was a detour or changing speeds - reaction time still mattered. They could only watch on as Lu Li passed them and reached the crate first.

    With Lu Li's experienced control, he successfully took an apple from the crate.

    Then, he continued on his way, speeding up in the process. Upon seeing the next apple crate, he remained at his current speed and ran towards it. Because of his previous charge, he was already in front of most players.

    There was actually one more apple inside the crate.

    One of the players was following Lu Li closely to eat the remaining apple. However, something happened that devastated him. The person behind him watched as the player charged towards the last apple. He decided that since he couldn't steal it from him, he would use his ram and charge at the player's butt.

    The ram in front was originally moving forward, but when the rear-end assault occurred, it immediately screamed in pain.
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