1609 Can’t Lose

    "Should we go listen to his lecture? Maybe we'll learn something."

    Water Fairy saw that a crowd was gathering around Neill Ramstein the Ram Racing Master and thought about joining.

    "Nah, he's not a good person." Lu Li said.

    "You were just unlucky today. Don't blame him for not giving you a skill point."

    Water Fairy found it funny, but kind of annoying.

    "I wasted so much time and effort and all I got in return was a Dark Gold equip," Lu Li sighed. This equip was actually high quality and was one of the better rewards. However, Lu Li could easily level up from 60 to 70, so he didn't care about it.

    "Can we really get rewarded with a Skill Point if we win the race?" Water Fairy asked.

    "There's a chance if you're lucky," Lu Li answered.

    Then, the both of them let out a sigh.

    They were both very unlucky and wondered if players like Remnant Dream and Hachi Chan would get rewarded with a Skill Point.

    This was why guilds liked to recruit as many lucky or charismatic players as possible. Compared to normal players, all they had to do was put in a little bit of effort and they could become the main players in the guild.

    When they thought of this, they decided to call Remnant Dream and Hachi Chan and send them a quick guide to Ram Racing.

    "Okay, can we start now?"

    Water Fairy bought a Male Ram from the vendor, then took it to Lu Li waited for him to teach her how to race. Each Ram could be borrowed for 5 minutes and Lu Li only took 2 minutes to go through everything with her.

    Lu Li summoned his headless mount and rode alongside Water Fairy's ram.

    He could teach her everything that Neill Ramstein would have taught her, and probably even better. He had much better patience than Neill Ramstein as well.

    The two of them had a lot of fun messing around for about two minutes until Water Fairy finally perfected her skills.

    "Let's go. Remember to listen to my cues," Lu Li said as he transformed into a crow and flew up into the air. He would be up high in the air with a birds-eye view to help Water Fairy with the race.

    This was basically cheating but there were very few that could do this.

    This was something that could be abused in this patch of Ram Race, but this would be fixed in the next patch. The racetrack would become like an Instance Dungeon and only allow the racers to enter the room. They allowed spectators, but they were no were near as close as Lu Li was.

    Besides Water Fairy, there were 99 other poor kids that entered the race.

    They had no idea they were about to become victims of the couple's plans and each of them were gunning for the prizes.

    There were a huge crowd of spectators cheering on their friends. In the air, Lu Li had a good view of everything and saw a huge banner in support of a racer.

    It read "The Prettiest Girl in the Capital".

    They weren't in support of his girlfriend because she was very lowkey in public events and would always wear a mask over her face.


    Were they referring to Dancing Flower Beauty from Glory Capital? If it really was her then she indeed deserved that title.

    However...would the players from Glory Capital be that cheesy?

    He flew down to get a better look and saw the girl they were referring to.

    "Is she pretty?" Water Fairy asked.

    "Hm? What's pretty?" Lu Li had very low EQ but still knew he should never admit to checking out another girl. He knew what the outcome would be from those cheesy rom-com movies.

    "Aren't you trying to look at how pretty the prettiest girl in the capital is?" Water Fairy chuckled coldly.

    "No, she's not pretty at all. She's average at most," Lu Li replied.

    "If you didn't look at her then how do you know she's average?" Water Fairy was annoyed.

    "No, I was just pissed off that they claimed someone else was the prettiest girl in the capital when you're here in person. They must be out of their minds," Lu Li said, pretending to be angry, but his acting skills were subpar and quite obvious.

    "She's the sister of the guild master of a medium-sized guild. She's actually quite pretty and has a lot of fans," Water Fairy commented. She actually about her.

    She was just messing around and pretended to be mad at Lu Li. Based on her understanding of Lu Li, she knew that he wouldn't be interested in a pretentious and spoilt little girl.

    The Dwarf who was refereeing raised his rifle, signaling that the race was about to begin.

    Water Fairy and Lu Li stopped messing around. They were both people who could mess around and laugh with each other constantly, but once the game started, they were more serious than anyone else.

    They felt a rush of adrenaline as the race was about to begin. Lu Li carefully observed each and every opponent.

    To Water Fairy, a Skill Point might be worth more than ten pieces of Epic equipment.

    Lu Li's mind began to race. Maybe...just maybe if he helped Water Fairy win the race, he could receive a kiss as a reward.

    As he was scanning through the players, he noticed something unusual about a racer.

    Usually, when a race was about to begin, most people would usually either look ahead or at the referee. However, there was someone who was looking at someone next to them which was rather unusual.

    Then, Lu Li noticed that a lot of players were doing this and grew suspicious.

    He realized that these were players helping someone from their own guild to win.

    Could Water Fairy get anymore unlucky?

    No, he couldn't let her lose!

    Lu Li couldn't let her down after bragging so much about his ability in ram racing. If she were to lose under Lu Li's coaching, not only would he not receive a kiss, but his privilege of holding hands might be taken away as well.
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