1775 Sorrowless’ Wrath

    Since it was a battle between Glory Capital and Drizzle Court, they had to watch it in person.

    Although it was hard for an ordinary player to buy tickets, it was quite easy for someone like Lu Li.

    The group was sitting on the stands, waiting for Drizzle Court to face Glory Capital. They thought that Drizzle Court would give Glory Capital a run for their money, but no one really thought that they would win.

    And if Drizzle Court really did beat Glory Capital, Lu Li wouldn't be too happy with placing second either.

    After all, everyone fighting in the finals would be from the same alliance.

    The atmosphere was enthusiastic as the match finally began.

    Aside from the relative strengths of the two sides, there were also quite a few high-profile players on stage. Both Water Fairy and Sorrowless were superstars in the gaming community. Water Fairy had male and female fans from all over, but Sorrowless mainly had female fans among the crowd. Even if he wasn't riding a white horse, many of these fans thought of him as their Prince Charming.

    As for Lu Li, he didn't care about who was the best looking. He didn't even care that much about who was going to win this match.

    He was just observing to remember.

    "The legendary dagger is in Blood Dagger's hands, and he just used its second effect," Lu Li commented, quickly reaching his first conclusion. Blood Dagger had used it in his fight against Water Fairy. This equipment corresponded with the screenshot provided by Shen Wansan.

    Unfortunately, the actual effect was blocked by Water Fairy with Gale Steps.

    Blood Dagger was annoyed, but saw that Water Fairy had taken two steps back before

    rushing back at him.

    Blood Dagger had previously already used Gale Steps, and now Lu Li felt sympathetic towards him. He knew that Blood Dagger's strategy of dealing with this match as quickly as possible had failed. Water Fairy had been waiting for him to use Gale Steps, and now that he had, it was over for him.

    Kryss of the Fallen King (Legendary): Damage 100-135, Agility +150, Strength +120, Critical Hit +35%, 3 Slots. Special Effect 1: Shadowstrike +1, Special Effect 2: Gale Steps +1, Special Effect 3: Sudden Thrust. Choose a target within 15 yards and instantly thrust towards the target to deal double damage and cause a 2 second stun. Special Effect 4: Part 1 - Sacrifice 30% of your HP to deal double damage to the target. Part 2 - Sacrifice 50% of your HP to deal triple damage to your target. Part 3 - Sacrifice 99% of your HP to deal quintuple damage to your target. 30 minute cooldown. There is a certain probability that your attacks will result in an instant kill effect.

    This weapon had four special effects, and three of them could be used continuously. If the player being attacked didn't have an ultimate escape skill like Gale Steps, then they were done for.

    Water Fairy had lost some HP in the previous trade, so she could only use the second part of the special effect. She had sacrificed 50% of her HP to deal three-times the damage.

    In their last trade, she was dealing double damage, and now, she was dealing triple damage. Blood Dagger was immediately killed.

    Unfortunately, that meant that Lu Li didn't get to see any of the other item's special effects!

    Somewhat regrettably, Lu Li saw the dead Blood Dagger stand up again. He had some revive effect, but the HP he was revived at was quite pitiful. Water Fairy was not unfamiliar with an effect like this, so after another brief struggle, Blood Dagger fell again. This time, he didn't get back up.

    The Legendary equipment that he had was clearly not comparable to Water Fairy's new Kryss of the Fallen King.

    Blood Dagger had thought that he could easily defeat this female tycoon with his new Legendary weapon. In fact, he had even hoped to single-handedly carry the match against Drizzle Court's strongest player.

    However, what he didn't know was that today's encounter wasn't going to be an isolated event.

    Lu Li also had the same weapon!

    There were two new equips on Blood Dagger. Lu Li noted that he had a Legendary dagger and exquisite Epic shoes. These Epic shoes provided him with extremely fast movement speed and high evasion.

    But in the end, Water Fairy ultimately defeated Blood Dagger.

    This result was a little surprising. Blood Dagger had been performing very well this season, and had often defeated three players before going down. Lu Li didn't actually expect Water Fairy to beat him.

    Water Fairy had about 30% HP left before she was greeted by Sorrowless.

    "Even the best heroes can be charmed by the beauty of a woman," White Westhill sighed as she ate her melon seeds.

    Blood Dagger was shocked.

    "What!? Boss is in love with Water Fairy??"

    "Are you an idiot?" White Westhill screamed at Blood Dagger, "The Boss obviously feels like his girl has been kidnapped by Lu Li, so he wants to repay this blood debt by defeating Water Fairy and make Lu Li feel uncomfortable."

    "Do you really think Lu Li will feel uncomfortable?" Blood Dagger disagreed.

    "You shouldn't use common sense on people who are in love," White Westhill said, then threw away the remaining seeds and patted Blood Dagger, continuing, "We should try to get Darkness back sooner rather than later, so we won't have all these problems."

    "We'll just destroy Ruling Sword," Blood Dagger sneered. "Then, Darkness will have to come back."

    "Oh, that's a good idea! How about you go and destroy Ruling Sword? We'll wait and see," White Westhill said sarcastically.

    As they were speaking, Water Fairy was killed.

    Lu Li didn't really mind. He was just recording as much as he could. However, he did find that the skills Sorrowless was using were a little strange, and perhaps even unnecessary. Even if he didn't use these new skills, he could have easily defeated Water Fairy.

    Lu Li racked his brain, but couldn't work how why he was doing this. Even if it was out of jealousy, the advantage he was giving up was hard to comprehend.

    Although he knew that Sorrowless liked Darkness, they didn't even have a relationship. How could Sorrowless expect him to expel Darkness just to avoid a conflict? This wasn't possible, and it wasn't something he was afraid of anyway. He was happy to hear that Sorrowless had been unhappy about it.

    Drizzle Court's next player just died as well; they were completely defeated.

    Lu Li was surprised and made another note. Sorrowless was crazy - he was venting his frustrations onto his opponents. All the skills that had been hidden until now, were being revealed.

    In fact, it would be even better if Darkness was sitting next to him, or even on his lap. Sorrowless would lose it if he saw Lu Li doing that.
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