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    "These two clubs have a combined total of almost 600 top-tier players. They couldn't even last five minutes against the Fel Reaver. Do you think that anyone would be able to help you get a Fel Reaver right now?"

    Lu Li wasn't exaggerating about the Fel Reaver's difficulty. There were even some other people who joined the two clubs in their battle against the Fel Reaver, but they were all utterly stomped.

    "Then why am I here?" Infinite Starry Sky questioned, speechless. "Are you just telling me how strong the monster is?"

    He immediately took out a Return Stone and planned to return to the previous map right away. His temper was considerably worse than the average person. No one could understand how he could attract an audience of 100,000 while livestreaming.

    "I have a blueprint here to create the Fel Reaver."

    Lu Li's one-liner immediately undid Infinite Starry Sky's actions.

    "Why didn't you say this earlier? Why?"

    Infinite Starry Sky's mood instantly changed as he quickly cosied up to Lu Li. All of his attention was on Lu Li's hands, waiting for him to take out the blueprint.

    "I too am a capable Engineer and have made many good things," Lu Li began to brag. "You also know, as a passionate lover of Engineering, the value of such a blueprint."

    "I know. I know," Infinite Starry Sky said as he furiously nodded his head.

    Lu Li was just bullying him at this point. Even an ordinary person would realise that if it was just as Lu Li said, then why would he want Infinite Starry Sky there? Were they just going to talk about their hopes and dreams?

    From Lu Li's previous memories, Glory Capital had invited Infinite Starry Sky to make four Fel Reavers. In total, they spent around 5 million dollars. Furthermore, Infinite Starry Sky saved one of the four Fel Reavers for himself. One Fel Reaver was worth 5 million dollars already.

    There were also other clubs that wanted to invite Infinite Starry Sky to do the same for them, offering him a great sum of money, but he wasn't a guaranteed taker. As for other Engineers, none of them could match his skill.

    One blueprint could potentially create 10 Fel Reavers. Infinite Starry Sky could make 4 or 5. In the future, when he grew more proficient, he would be able to make six of them. As for other Engineers, it would be a miracle to produce just three. There was someone who wasted 10-Fel-Reavers-worth of materials and couldn't even produce one.

    Lu Li planned to have Infinite Starry Sky make these for them.

    However, he didn't want to spend 10 million dollars, so that was why he hadn't been direct.

    "This blueprint...it's extremely rare. At the very least, there won't be a second one in the near future. Furthermore, the materials are quite extravagant."

    Lu Li allowed some material names to slip his tongue, which only garnered more of Infinite Starry Sky's attention. As one of the experts in this field, he obviously knew of the value of these materials.

    "Give it to me. I won't ask for anything more," Infinite Starry Sky said.

    Naturally, Lu Li was shaking his head.

    Shameless Lu, Shameless Lu - he wasn't just going to let this go.

    "I don't have much money, so I can't pay for the materials. Furthermore, I'm already helping you guys make this. You guys can't make me duplicate money, right?"

    Infinite Starry Sky wasn't stupid. He also knew that Lu Li was being unreasonable. However, he was already completely swayed by the Fel Reaver blueprint and couldn't leave it alone.

    He believed in Lu Li's words regarding the rarity and materials of the Fel Reaver blueprint.

    "Of course we wouldn't let you pay for the materials," Lu Li said, then continued, "I just hope that you can keep helping us make things in the future. For free."

    "Continue?" Infinite Starry Sky's expression immediately changed.

    He loved Engineering and was very interested in the Fel Reaver, but he wasn't planning to sell his soul just for it. This must have been a joke. How could he sell his body just for a blueprint?

    "Of course, we wouldn't make you do all the little things. Only the rarer blueprints like the Fel Reaver will be given to you," Lu Li explained.

    "Then that's not a problem at all. Can you give me the blueprint already?"

    Infinite Starry Sky was an extremely blunt person. Since Lu Li didn't have plans to make him a slave, he was no longer worried. As for what counted as a rare blueprint in the future, it would be up to him.

    "Alright. Come. We'll sign a contract first."

    Lu Li was holding a blueprint in one hand and pulling Infinite Starry Sky with the other hand.

    Infinite Starry Sky then became the Engineering Advisor of Ruling Sword. His contribution would be to make ten items for Ruling Sword every month. There was also a condition that he could only take Ruling Sword members as his students.

    This wasn't unreasonable. At least, Infinite Starry Sky thought so.

    However, if he had known of his value in Lu Li's previous life, then he wouldn't have thought it to be reasonable.

    How did Infinite Starry Sky gain his fame? It was probably the Fel Reaver. The Fel Reavers that he created would be extremely effective in the Stronghold battles and completely change the landscape of these battles. The creation of the Fel Reavers in Lu Li's previous life allowed Glory Capital to affirm their position as the dominating force in Dawn. It was also at that time that Sorrowless retired from the battling scene.

    Sometimes, Lu Li regretted killing Sorrowless.

    It would have been good if Sorrowless just wasted away instead of becoming the number one Mage in Dawn. Even Lu Li couldn't take it easy when fighting him one on one.

    "What about the materials? Have you guys already started collecting them?"

    Infinite Starry Sky was rubbing his hands together in excitement. He wanted to dive straight into it and make the first Fel Reaver.

    "Collect? Why do we need to collect?" Lu Li responded, intentionally showing his expression to be one of ease. He then continued to say, "I can just get them from the Life Alliance. It won't even take 10 minutes for the materials to arrive. We have a partnership with them. They even have their own Stronghold now."

    "I know. They have the second Stronghold in Grey Valley. If it wasn't for you, they wouldn't have it," Infinite Starry Sky said.

    The Life Alliance was something that he rejected before. However, they were now one of the powerhouses in the game. Furthermore, he also envied Lu Li, who was able to produce any material with a wave of his hand.

    Although he had quite a bit of money, he still had to consider the prices of the materials.

    It was just as Lu Li said. A stack of materials arrived in Lu Li's hands in less than 10 minutes. This wasn't just the labour of the Life Alliance. They were established in the old maps, but they didn't have many connections to the Hellfire Peninsula.

    On the other hand, Ruling Sword, Drizzle Court and Peerless City had over 100,000 players combined, so there were members coming through the Dark Portal and entering the Outlands at every moment.

    By revealing all of this, Lu Li was able to shock Infinite Starry Sky into obedience. He blinded him with their power and strength, which convinced him to work for them.

    Poor Infinite Starry Sky - how could he compete against the sly and cunning Lu Li? Furthermore, Lu Li knew more about Infinite Starry Sky's future than Infinite Starry Sky himself.

    After collecting the materials, Infinite Starry Sky began to make the Fel Reaver.
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