1935 Picking Up Equipment and Leaving

    If it was possible, Lu Li genuinely hoped that Sorrowless and Darkness could live together happily ever after.

    It wasn't that he was so nice to wish them well, but because jealousy was a scary thing. On his side, Lu Li held the top three prettiest girls according to the game rankings, while Sorrowless was always thinking whether to use his left or right hand. If he kept going for long enough, he would become disillusioned.

    It would be hard to predict what a crazy person would do.

    However, Darkness disagreed. She was the type of girl that looked delicate but was actually very headstrong.

    Most guys weren't able to deal with this sort of girl. Lu Li thought about going to advise Sorrowless to give up and find a new partner.

    It was a shame that Lu Li had told the whole world know that he would die to keep Darkness. Whoever dared to obstruct him, he would simply kill.

    Besides, Darkness had firmly decided to rely on Ruling Sword. Ruling Sword wasn't afraid of Sorrowless, and Lu Li preferred to avoid conflict, but that wasn't to say that he wouldn't become involved if something did happen.

    Having been reviled as the 'damn' couple for so long, Lu Li had long developed skin as think as a wall. In the past, Water Fairy might have sent people to chase down and terrorize some of those people spreading rumors, but now, she was used to it.

    The people in the First Clear team were even more used to it.

    So, like before, they went down into the Instance Dungeon.

    Right now was just when Kael'thas Sunstrider was getting fierce. It wasn't just Ruling Sword - quite a few other clubs had given it their all to get their First Clear team to this stage.

    They had used all sorts of extravagant potions and exquisite equipment to give the First Clear team the best opportunity they could.

    It wasn't even just one First Clear team entering into the Instance Dungeon - a few First Clear teams had gone in all together. As long as they could quickly develop a strategy, any one of the teams, if they were lucky, could successfully make it through.

    There were five stages in the battle against Kael'thas. First was the four-advisor stage, then the seven-weapon stage, the four-advisor stage, the Kael land battle and the Kael space battle.

    He had an arsenal of skills, some more powerful than others.

    The first advisor stage was where Kael'thas was the easiest. Kael'thas' four advisors at his side entered the battle one by one. In this stage, everyone could just kick back and take it easy.

    The first of the four advisors was Thaladred the Darkener, who was often called the gazing boy.

    True to his name, he would randomly Gaze at a player and follow them for about 8 to 12 seconds. This Gaze wasn't related to the aggro system, rather, the one who was Gazed upon would get all the aggro.

    At the same time, he could also deal powerful attacks. His regular attack did about 3-4000 damage to Plate-Armor players, and his Rupture effect activated every 2 seconds, dealing 2500 damage for 12 seconds. A Cloth-Armor player, would be killed by this one ability.

    To defeat this advisor, the best strategy was for the Gazed-player to circle around the field. This would help the ranged DPS roles to attack. The first stage didn't matter too much; they could fight a little slower. Whether they could quickly kill him in the third stage became the key. This advisor was best killed at the left side of the entrance, which became a consideration for the third stage.

    Next was Sanguinar, who was also known as the Fear boy.

    Sanguinar held a hammer and a shield, but apart from being able to Fear everyone within 30 yards, he was completely useless. It was best to pull this Boss in Berserk mode, because there was a real chance of a Fear being cast.

    After the Boss was pulled, they would run to the corner at the top left of the entrance, and if they let him die there, then the third stage would be over.

    To fight this advisor, ranged DPS players needed to stand outside of 30 yards to attack, as well as be away from the entrance. Previously, someone was Feared out of the gate, which was then closed, and they were unable to re-enter.

    The third advisor was High Astromancer Zanien, who was the most troublesome of the four. She had three skills - Fireball, Arcane Explosion and Set Ablaze.

    At this time, they needed a Warlock with high fire resistance to be the Tank. The Warlock should have the Soul Link skill, and before they started fighting, they should summon Hellhounds to pull the monster far away.

    The fourth was the Master Engineer Telonicus, who was affectionately known as the bomb boy. When the Astromancer had about 50% HP left, the tank pulling Telonicus could take their position.

    When Lu Li came in, Sky Moon could consistently lead everyone to the second stage, occasionally being able to reach the third.

    The second stage was the seven-weapon stage.

    This reminded the players of an old martial arts novel, which had a similar name.

    In this stage, Kael'thas would summon seven weapons, and players needed to do all they could to kill them within two minutes. After two minutes, no matter how you did, the third stage would start.

    If you couldn't finish it, then you would have no choice but to give up.

    Five tanks would be put to use here, with the first responsible for the axe, the second for the sword and shield, the third for the staff and dagger, the fourth for the hammer, and a Hunter for the bow.

    The seven weapons produced a throne - the place where Kael'thas had been standing the whole time.

    Those few tanks had to claim them quickly, as well as draw them to their positions.

    The first to be killed should be the bow, so that it wouldn't pose a threat to the ranged players in the area of effect.

    After the bow was destroyed, they had to eliminate the rest of the weapons as quickly as they could. One of the things they had to pay attention to was that the axe had to be pulled away from the group, but still be within the area of effect. They had to sever the magic for the hammer and staff too, especially the staff. After the players realized that the staff was dead, they couldn't pick it up straight away. It was best to destroy all of the other weapons first.

    After these weapons were destroyed, they could be picked up, and multiple times as well.

    All of this equipment was Legendary with excellent attributes and high-quality special effects.

    Everyone was a little dumbstruck when they got to this stage.

    All of the weapons were helpful in battle. They disappeared after a minute or two, so it was important to pick them up in time.

    Just when they were fighting, Fat Monkey opened his mouth anxiously.

    "Did you hear about that really funny thing happened to the club next door?"


    Even Lu Li's curiosity was aroused.

    "When they were fighting this stage, someone saw that the whole ground was covered in Legendary equipment. They picked up a piece, said sorry, then just left the team. Haha, such an idiot," Fat Monkey laughed loudly. "If it was me, I'd definitely pick up a whole backpack full."

    Everyone looked at him like he was an idiot.

    "Huh, what're you looking at me for? I'm just telling a joke to cheer everyone up," Fat Monkey said defensively as he was looked on disapprovingly.

    "So... you were just joking. I almost thought you were being serious."

    "No, no, no - that last thing I said just then, that was a joke."
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