2606 Absolute Mental Defense!

    Li Jialing thought about all the procedures, but he still failed to figure out how Wuying Qi was going to play the trick. He said somewhat in embarrassment, That explains a lot. It seems that I severely underestimated the difficulty of massive brainwashing. Sorry for the waste of your time.

    Not at all. Your idea is very valuable.

    Considering carefully, Li Yao tapped his knees and said, Although I find it hard to imagine in what kind of appalling ways Wuying Qi can possibly output the brainwashing rays to the entire space zone, the whole scheme is indeed more and more inclined to the direction of brainwashing. Therefore, Im highly suspicious that Wuying Qi does have a secret base that is some sort of brainwashing factory not far away ahead of us.

    The brainwashing methods in the secret base may not be enough to cover the whole space zone, but they can at least launch very powerful mental attacks at the enemy near at hand.

    That explains why the defense was not very meticulous on our way down here. On one hand, its because Wuying Qi did not expect that somebody else knew the secrets of the underground base. But more importantly, its because Wuying Qi believed that any unauthorized visitor would be automatically brainwashed into his puppet once they approached his secret!

    I agree with that.

    Long Yangjun also said, Whether or not Wuying Qis methods work in space, he is free to launch mental attacks below the ground. Last time, he launched a mental attack at Li Yao in the Seven Seas Grand Market from hundreds of Sectors away and almost succeeded. In a face-to-face attack this time, with his massive mental power in the Divinity Branching Stage, we may not be enough to resist him even if we join hands.

    Then, what do we do?

    Li Jialing suddenly grew nervous, feeling that Wuying Qis soul-captivating eyes were everywhere. If we press forward, will we be brainwashed by Wuying Qi without us knowing it? Or rather, have we already been hit except that we dont know it yet?

    About that

    Li Yao thought for a moment. Think carefully. Do you want Wuying Qi to eat s*it badly right now?

    Li Jialing frowned and said, Of course I do. That is, if he is kicked out of my mothers body first.


    Li Yao said, I think so too. What about you, Long Yangjun?

    I dont have a problem with it either. It seems that we are not hit for now, but Im not sure about what will happen next.

    Long Yangjun said, If we are about to unravel Wuying Qis greatest secret after we reach the center of the brainwashing factory, only to be controlled by him, our sneak-in and sabotage will be the greatest joke where we feed ourselves to him.

    Therefore, regarding Wuying Qis invisible and pervasive mental attacks, we must be prepared in advance and build solid protective shells in our heads.

    Brilliant sparks bounced in Li Yaos eyes as he put on a smile of excitement. Your Brother Yao is kind of an expert in mental attacks too. In fact, preventing Wuying Qis brainwashing is not as hard as you think. As long as we brainwash ourselves or each other first, imprinting certain unchangeable ideas in our head, it will be enough.

    Of course, our hypnotization of ourselves should not be so deep as to cause qualitative changes in the brain. As long as the effect lasts a couple of days, it will be enough for us to handle the battle!

    Brother Yao, are you suggesting Li Jialing asked hesitatingly,  that we will not be brainwashed by Wuying Qi if we implant the ideas such as Wuying Qi is atrocious, unpardonable, and absolutely not to be trusted into our head?

    No, no, no. You are oversimplifying it.

    Pacing back and forth, Li Yao scratched his chin and said, Such ideas exist in our heads in the first place without any hypnotization. Does either of you not feel that Wuying Qi is evil, and will you ever believe him?

    If his brainwashing can be prevented so simply, it is not brainwashing at all!

    The most important thing is that such ideas are too superficial and cannot pose a distinctive and intense stimulation that can wake one up from a trance.

    Also, Wuying Qi mustve seen it coming that his enemies loath and are vigilant of him.

    Long Yangjun further explained, Then, Wuying Qi mustve constructed all kinds of attack methods pertaining to such defense, in order to dissect or circumvent it.

    Exactly. Did I not hate and take precautions against Wuying Qi in the Seven Seas Grand Market?

    Li Yao was still not entirely recovered from fear when he thought of what happened in the Seven Seas Grand Market a month ago. Even so, I was almost hit without me knowing it, to the point that an irreparable gap has been left on my mind. The loophole makes it impossible for me to build a flawless shield in my mind.

    Considering Wuying Qis high Cultivation, he will likely detect the weakness of my mind the moment we meet. If he takes advantage of it, there will be no way that I can resist him!

    Then what do we do?

    Li Jialing was dumbfounded. Are you implying that Wuying Qis mental attacks are invincible, and there is no way to defend ourselves?

    No, no, no. The battles in the mental world are different from those in reality. In many cases, it is not the strength but the creative ideas that matter.

    Li Yao paced faster and faster, and his glittering eyes were brighter and brighter. As long as we can find a way to build a simple, self-explanatory scene that can deconstruct Wuying Qis image as the lamp that illuminates the future of mankind, the commander of the cosmos, the sacred and inviolable dominator, etc., transforming him into some sort of a clown, it will work.

    The key is that the scene must be beyond Wuying Qis imagination so that he couldnt have prepared attacks regarding such a scene in his mental arsenal

    What are you talking about?

    Li Jialing asked in confusion, I cant follow. Except for the idea that Wuying Qi is vicious and not to be trusted, is there any way to dissect his image instantly?

    Im thinking! Im thinking!

    Li Yaos head was covered in sweat, and his eyes collapsed deeply. It seemed that he burnt up half of his brain cells in only ten seconds.

    Youd better hurry. It shouldnt take long for the few anti-epidemic soldiers to process the corpses. Somebody will grow suspicious and send investigators if they do not return after a long time.

    Long Yangjun said, Also, it is possible that new lunatics will show up, which means that more bodies will need processing. In that case, this place will be even livelier.

    I know. Dont rush me. Its not easy to come up with such a scene, alright? This is an invisible battlefield where I fight Blackstar the Great!

    Li Yao grabbed his hair and bent in pain. Breathing for a moment, he suddenly shouted, Wait, theres a way that might work. Jialing, did you bring your portable crystal processor with you? Give it to me!

    My crystal processor?

    Li Jialing immediately took off the crystal processor on his wrist.

    No, no, no. Im not talking about the tactical crystal processor that is specifically prepared for this battle, but the crystal processor that you use everything and do not take off even when you go to sleep!

    Li Yao extended his hands anxiously. Hurry up! Every second matters! Give it to me, including the power-on and search passwords!


    Li Jialing hesitated for a moment. Looking at Li Yaos demanding eyes and Long Yangjuns solemn face, he retrieved the portable crystal processor that he had been using and gave Li Yao his passwords.

    Li Yao put Li Jialings portable crystal processor on his wrist and operated on the virtual light beam fluently. He turned it on, unlocked it, opened the search interface, and searched for all the high-quality video files that were played most frequently!

    Shua! Shua! Shua! Shua!

    Thousands of video files were immediately displayed in a list. They were all kinds of battle videos.

    Half of them were the real battles where guns and blades were involved, and the other half were battles that were equally intense but happened on the bed, where the great harmony of life and the grand mystery of the universe were revealed.

    Hey, hey, hey, hey!

    Dumbfounded, Li Jialing blushed so hard that blood seemed to be spurting out of his golden hair. Brother Yao, what are you doing?

    Li Yao heard none of it. He ignored the first half of the videos and only kept the second half.

    After he clicked on a random video, infinite moans and other suspicious noises of flesh bumping into flesh immediately echoed at the end of the tunnel.

    You are a man with a rather strong taste!

    Li Yao appreciated the video and scanned the astonishing names on the playlist. You have collected such decadent, twisted videos and played them 472 times? You are wandering on the precipices of law, do you know that?

    What kind of pervert are you?

    In anger and embarrassment, Li Jialing cursed aloud and intended to take back his portable crystal processor. A great enemy is up ahead, and you are peeping at the videos on my crystal processor? Whats wrong with you?

    Hehe. Ignorant young man, dont think Brother Yao to be someone as depraved as you. With my level and my imagination, I do not need the help of those actors at all.

    Li Yao shoved Li Jialing and focused his attention on clipping the most stimulating, shameless, and unbelievable materials from the young mans collections before he extracted them to his own crystal processor.

    Then, he found a lot of Wuying Qis standard photos on his own crystal processor.

    As the founding emperor of the Imperium of True Human Beings, Wuying Qi had statues and photos everywhere. There were plenty of materials.

    In the end, Li Yao activated the state-of-the-art image modification and rectification modules in his crystal processor, which allowed him to copy Wuying Qis head from the standard photos and paste it above the neck of the female actors in Li Jialings battle videos. After micro-adjustments and beautification, flawless new videos appeared!

    It seemed almost as if Blackstar the Great were having the most intense battles with a bunch of delinquent students, jobless workers, plumbers in the house, anesthesiologists, etc.

    Li Jialings eyes were popping out as he watched. He felt that they would explode soon enough.

    What What are you doing exactly?

    The young man howled in disbelief.

    Impressive! This is truly the most remarkable mental defense!

    Long Yangjun, who had been leaning against the wall and holding her arms in silence, glowed with the sincere admiration for Li Yao. All different roads lead to the same destination. No matter how Wuying Qi carries out his mental attacks, his ultimate purpose is to implant the idea that he is sacred, great, righteous, and invincible in our heads so that we will worship him with infinite loyalty.

    However, if our brains are filled with the pictures where Wuying Qi is savaged by eighteen men on the bed and moaning hard, how can we possibly admire or worship him?

    Constructing an indestructible mental defense with the despicable pictures, Li Yao, you are truly shameless to the point that nobody in the entire universe can compare to you!
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