2643 Why Dont We Talk More?

    The black sun seemed to have contracted a certain weird crystal virus. The wound that Long Yangjun created spread out and turned the fire into glass-like materials before it collapsed into broken pieces.

    Li Yao seized the opportunity to gather his soul power and threw it at the black sun, burning the black crystals created by Wuying Qis soul into ashes with his fiery blood.


    Faced with Li Yao and Long Yangjuns joint attack, Wuying Qi roared intimidatingly and trembled even though his soul had been modified and reorganized by the Blood God.

    His tremble caused a chain reaction. The infinite darkness in the universe was torn apart by the gold light. The entire mental battlefield was falling apart!

    You cant

    Wuying Qis howl was eclipsed by Li Yao and Long Yangjuns deafening roars. They struck Wuying Qis soul, not caring about the cost, and tore the mental network into shreds!


    Li Yao felt that a whole universe had exploded before him. A most powerful force shoved him out of the mental battlefield and back to reality.

    Wuying Qis massive brainwashing has been disrupted!

    Holding back his dizziness and nausea, Li Yao wiped the blood that was leaking out of his facial organs and looked around in excitement.

    Long Yangjun was just like him. Despite the blood on her face, she was not in a trance but was ecstatic. It was obvious that she had got rid of the state of inculcation too!

    Right before him, cracks were emerging on the crystal throne that Wuying Qi was seated on. The cracks were also expanding, making Wuying Qi seem even more hideous and twisted.

    The black strands of nerves that pierced into the back of every bald experts head from the dome also writhed and hissed like skinned snakes. Black smoke popped up from them as they withered into nothingness.

    The hundreds of bald experts slowly opened their eyes.

    Though their faces were still full of confusion, their absolute devotion to Wuying Qi was gone. They were now eying Li Yao and Long Yangjun in a different way.

    Their brains had suffered severe strikes too. Most of them suffered from serious brain hemorrhage and brain concussion. They were throwing up on the ground and could not fight anymore for the time being.


    The Gold Crystal Pyramid did not stop shaking. On the contrary, incessant violent spiritual energy was still being sent to the sun from the spire!

    The Gold Crystal Pyramid was losing control now that Wuying Qi couldnt control it anymore. Nobody knew its current status or what it would bring to the sun and the Empyreal Terminus Sector!

    Whats going on?

    Li Yao grew anxious again even though he was relaxed a moment ago. He contacted the mental devil that was supposedly patrolling the place. Havent you stopped the Gold Crystal Pyramid?

    I have no idea!

    The mental devil shrilled in Li Yaos head, Ive only stopped the Gold Crystal Pyramid from emitting Wuying Qis brainwashing waves. But it seems that Wuying Qi is now launching the craziest and messiest waves to the sun. He seems to be resetting the Gold Crystal Pyramid so that it could achieve its original purposeto completely infuriate the sun!


    Li Yao was so shocked that he felt ten thousand ants were crawling on his head. Stop him now!

    I cant do it from here!

    The mental devil shrieked, What I just hacked was only the brainwashing module that Wuying Qi probably constructed on his own. Thats why I couldve cracked it so quickly.

    However, the original system of the Gold Crystal Pyramid was devised by the Houyi Clan. I can barely understand the crystal processor language of the Houyi Clan. How can I crack it so quickly?

    Besides, resetting is a command that has a high priority. Unless you blow up the core units of the mainframe crystal processor, its barely possible to stop the command!

    Damn it!

    Li Yao couldnt have looked more awful. What does Wuying Qi want exactly?

    Boom! Boom! Boom!

    The crystal throne fell apart after three explosions. Wuying Qi slowly floated in the middle of the black fog with his hands opened.

    He seemed to have been greatly affected by the debate with Li Yao in the mental battlefield and the wound that Long Yangjun and Li Yao caused.

    He was haggard with hollowed eyes at this moment. Li Linghais beautiful body had been deformed. He was like a walking zombie.

    The surging black blames around him was much more lackluster than half a day ago. However, another unpredictable bloody light was glittering in his eyes and spreading to his face like thick veins. It then sprawled out to his whole body. He was no longer as threatening as an emperor, but more like a creepy devil.


    Sensing that Wuying Qis vibe was getting weird, Li Yao nearly bit his tongue off. He could hardly believe his eyes. Weve just traumatized the jerks soul in the debate just now. For a moment, he was so terribly weakened that he was no longer stronger than me and Long Yangjun. Where did he get this new power?

    Transformation? Another transformation?

    Why are the villains nowadays all capable of transforming? Are you kidding me?

    Li Yao and Long Yangjun looked at each other, determined to kill Wuying Qi while he was still recovering.

    Though both of them had also suffered heavy wounds in the previous battle, they charged at Wuying Qi while Wuying Qi hadnt been fully boosted by the bloody power, only to be flung back instantly.


    Li Yao and Long Yangjun were hit by the blood tides that Wuying Qi raised. Each of them vomited a mouthful of blood.

    No, not just a mouthful. Wuying Qis attack seemed to entail the weirdest technique, which somehow attracted their blood and was absorbing it from their bodies. They could not stop it at all!

    Hehe! Hehehehe!

    In the sky, Wuying Qi, enshrouded in a black fog and bloody aura, chuckled in a low voice. I did not plan to use this forbidden power or to turn the Next Sun Plan into a cataclysm until you forced me to. Ten times more people may die or go mad, and it will all be your fault!

    While he laughed crazily, a third colordevastating redappeared at the end of his long hair, apart from the previous black and white!


    Li Yao was so chilled that even his heart was almost frozen into ice. Its the power of the Mad Armageddon!

    Your realization is too late!

    Wuying Qi grinned hideously. Stepping on the bloody lotus flowers that appeared out of nowhere, he walked to Li Yao and Long Yangjun.

    After each bloody lotus flower he stepped on, crimson ripples would spread out from the lotus flower and corrupt the bald experts.

    Those bald experts were hypnotized by Wuying Qi again when they were just half woken up. This time, they turned from zealots into beasts that only knew killing. No, not beasts, but something even more horrible!

    I Wait, wait!

    Seeing that, Li Yao made up his mind quickly. He raised his hands and said, Your Majesty, to be honest, while you are empowered by the Blood God, I also have a negative personality named mental devil, so we have a lot in common! Everything that happened just now was well, only a misunderstanding. I was too reckless. Your Majesty, since we are both determined to fight for our civilization, why dont we sit down and talk in peace and see what we can get?

    Long Yangjun:

    The mental devil:

    Wuying Qi stopped after hearing that. With a mysterious smile on his hideous face where veins were bulging, he said, Li Yao, no one in the entire universe is as shameless as you. However, for the big picture, Im willing to give you one last chance. You have two choices.

    You can either stop now and step aside with your mental devil and keep away from my Next Sun Plan!

    Or I will make the Gold Crystal Pyramid launch all its energy toward the sun. The solar system will be violently active for hundreds of years!

    As a result, the ace fleet of the four families will be destroyed, and so will the Deep Sea Fleet, the Astounding Thunder Fleet, and everybody else in the Empyreal Terminus Sector.

    Even if some of the experts luckily survive it, they will be transformed into Demonic Cultivators when furious tenebrum energy is ignited in their heads by my maddening brainwaves!

    This was not my plan, but youre simply too shameless. I had to do this because of you. Your cleverness turned everything into the worst case!

    However, you can still remedy it. Make a choice now. Help me complete the Next Sun Plan or watch as the Empyreal Terminus Sector is swallowed by the rampant star and turn into a paradise of devils!


    Li Yaos pupils constricted. His lips and his hands quivered hard, as if he were caught in deep desperation.

    However, the most determined will of fighting burst out of his eyes in the next second. He activated his Cosmos Ring with his trembling hands in the most perfect gesture!

    I choose the third optionto blow up your head!

    Li Yao hooted, You were truly stupid and arrogant to let us keep our Colossi. That is the greatest mistake you made. Come on, Arsonist!

    With his gesture and his voiceprint, Li Yaos Cosmos Ring triggered colorful ripples. His body was covered by glamorous shades in 0.1 seconds, but then

    Then there was nothing.

    The Cosmos Ring was like a rusty gate that Li Yao could not open no matter how he injected his spiritual energy, let alone summoning the enormous Colossus.

    Li Yaos arms were still raised high, making him seem confident and awesome.

    But his smile had been frozen, and beads of cold sweat were popping up on his forehead.

    Wuying Qi looked down at him pitifully, as if he were a poor idiot.
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