113 Drawing the Sword

    Chapter 113: Drawing the Sword

    Translator: Ash  Editor: Geoffrey

    Seventh time... Eighth time...

    One after another, dozens of balls of lightning exploded in the sky and weaved a giant net of lightning which was comparable to natural lightning, tightly enclosing the demon clan giant formed from the Ghost Face Silver Mosquitoes within.

    Letting out a furious roar that shook the sky and the earth, with a casual wave of its hand, it tore apart the electric net in a short period of time.

    For a long time, there was only complete silence amidst the beast tide; no ball of lightning exploded again, seemingly as if the seven cultivators had already fallen.


    A shining human silhouette flew over a hundred meter into the sky and proudly stood on top of the demon clan giant's head.

    Wings that were about 20-30 meters spread out. These wings that were purely composed of intertwining light and flames constantly surged out from a tattoo on the back of the human silhouette.

    It was the red-eyed officer!

    The red-eyed officer's whole body was completely naked; from top to bottom, there was not a single piece of clothing on him; all the scars on his body were completely revealed. Forcibly carrying the few thousand pound Taiyi Lightning Railgun on his shoulder, he was like a god who bravely stood between the heaven and the earth with a body that was basking in the dazzling blue brilliance from the ball of lightning!

    "Bastards, take a look!-This is what a 'cultivator' is!"

    The red-eyed officer madly laughed. The streaks of lightning coiling around him turned brighter and brighter and became more and more turbulent before finally turning into a sun-like ball of blue aura as his entire body completely melted and violently blasted open!

    This final explosion was fiercer than anything before, reducing the entire head of the demon clan giant along with its shoulders to ashes.

    Only after a minute was the beast tide able to once again quickly gather to draw a human form; its vivid facial features revealed a sliver of fear and confusion.

    Perhaps it could simulate a human-like form and could even simulate the wisdom akin to humans.

    However, never would it be able to understand why these humans would charge forth to die without even showing a single trace of fear.

    It possessed a terrifying computational power, and according to its estimations, these people were all the strongest humans on board the crystal train. As long as they let it feast upon the ordinary people, they would have a 90% chance to escape.


    The demon clan giant shook its head as it clumsily chased after the train.

    Its claws were barely able to graze the coach at the end of the train, tearing off an iron sheet.

    The passengers on board the train could even hear vague "buzz buzz" noises, as if a large group of mosquitoes was buzzing by their ears.

    "Brother, go to Coach No.14!" the bearded fellow, "Company Commander Stone", said to Li Yao.

    Li Yao had a terrible headache, and his pair eyes were in a daze. He subconsciously replied, "They-"

    As Company Commander Stone swept a glance around, every soldier of the federation army who still had the strength to stand gathered by his side.

    They were like a group of statues carved from stone who didn't reveal a single trace of emotion on their visages and the emotion in their eyes had come to a halt. A short while following the reassurance of the veterans, even the young soldiers who were horrified and restless just a moment ago became bustling with bravery as their entire bodies became engulfed in a dense, bloody aura.

    "We are regular soldiers, and you are a disabled veteran. We will form the second defense line, while you will form the third defense line!" Company Commander Stone said.

    For a moment, Li Yao was surprised. Clenching his teeth, he nodded his head, and without a single word, walked towards Coach No.14.

    His entire body was hot, and his brain felt as if it was burning with some kind of utterly mysterious power, one which was frantically bombarding his "Pineal Gland".

    At this moment, he was intensely eager to become stronger-intensely eager to become a true cultivator!

    In Coach No.14, all the wounded soldiers had been transferred to this location. The lightly wounded soldiers quietly wiped their firearms and checked their ammunition as they formed the third defense line.

    The heavily wounded soldiers lying on the ground were clenching their teeth, trying their best not to groan.

    They truly could not endure. At this moment, they began to hum the song of the federation army in an impassioned tone.

    "Give me a gun," Li Yao said to a lightly wounded soldier.

    The other party took a glance at him in surprise. Then, his lips pursed into a smile as he threw a Thunderfire Boltgun to him.

    "Kacha Kacha!"

    Li Yao strenuously started loading the boltgun, as if the burning spirit in his brain was going to be fired from the barrel instead of the bullets.

    In Coach No.15, Company Commander Stone raised the Thunderfire Boltgun, and pressing the self-destruction spirit glyph on the gun, he loudly shouted, "Soldiers, destroy your guns completely!"

    "Snap! Snap!"

    Dozens of Thunderfire Boltgun heavily fell on the ground before they split into pieces, turning into pieces of scrap.

    "Draw your Chainswords!"

    Dozens of Chainswords glistening in cold luster that were firmly held by dozens of blood-seething federation soldiers were raised into the sky as they interleaved into a steel jungle, from which an aura of slaughter emanated.

    In accordance with the army regulations, when heavily surrounded by the enemy, where the enemy was stronger than you, and in the case when you had no routes of escape, the federation soldiers should first destroy their firearms, and then use their Chainswords as they engage in close combat with the enemy!

    "Bighead Sun, when I count to three, activate the detaching array glyphs and detach Coach No.15 from the crystal train. We are going to slaughter these filthy swines together! Do you understand!?" Company Commander Stone shouted in a loud voice.

    A young soldier with a rather large head smilingly agreed as he rolled up his sleeves in preparation for battle and said, "No problem! This father has been a train soldier for two years, yet I still haven't had the opportunity to touch a single hair on a demon beast. Today, I can finally have some fun!"

    Dozens of soldiers burst into laughter together: "Alright! Today, let's touch the hair on these bastards!"


    Company Commander Stone, with wide-opened eyes, roared.

    "Come on, bastards! Try this father's Chainsword!" the soldiers roared together.


    Company Commander Sun looked at Bighead Sun.

    Bighead Sun, gritting his teeth, came before the detaching array glyphs and clenched his fists to the point that his fingernails had drawn blood.

    "Just wait and watch, you filthy swines! Our cultivators will soon arrive and send you all to the netherworld where this father will be waiting for you. Just wait and watch, you will die again and again a hundred times..." The soldiers unscrupulously started laughing frantically.


    Company Commander Stone shouted at the top of his lungs, yet he was unable to hear his own voice.

    The same was true for Bighead Sun as well as for every other soldier. They all raised their heads in utter surprise.

    A few kilometers above their head, an object moving at high-speeds zipped its way here and broke the sound barrier, creating a deafening, loud sonic boom

    Li Yao clung to the window with wide-opened eyes, which had become so big that they were even bigger than the eyes of a bull, and looked at the dazzling ball of light that flew over from far away as it broke the sound barrier, subsequently creating a large mass of white mist that undulated behind him, creating round after round of huge ripples.

    The ball of light directly arrived before the demon clan giant and came to a halt, revealing its true figure.

    It was a cultivator who was wearing white crystal armor!

    "It's the Mountain Sea Sect's cultivator!" several soldiers cried out in excitement.

    The Mountain Sea Sect was a third-tier sect with mediocre strength in the Demon Beast Wasteland; its overall strength was not even in the top hundred of the federation, and it did not even have a single Core Formation Stage cultivator.

    This cultivator was at most in the Building Foundation Stage. Even if he had the support of the crystal armor, it was absolutely impossible for him to unleash a battle force that could transcend a Core Formation Stage cultivator's.

    And what he was facing was an overwhelming beast tide, one which had also produced a demon clan with wisdom. Even for a Core Formation Stage cultivator, facing such a powerful existence would cause a feeling of trepidation!

    Before the tsunami-like beast tide, the silhouette of the Mountain Sea Sect's cultivator appeared to be especially insignificant.

    He was like a firefly flying towards the night sky who, in the blink of an eye, would be engulfed by darkness.

    This tiny "firefly" did not even hesitate for half a second and drew a long metal stick from his back. As he shook it lightly, from the both ends of the long stick poured out radiating flames that spanned a dozen meters, congealing into two mighty Anti-Ship Swords of Flames.

    An Anti-Ship Sword was a terrifying magical equipment that could even cut a crystal battleship in two.

    The brilliance wreathing around the "firefly", in the blink of an eye, escalated by ten times, giving the Mountain Sea Sect's cultivator the appearance of a dozen meter tall giant.

    The Mountain Sea Sect's cultivator brandishing the Anti-Ship Swords of Flames, without any care for life, charged into the beast tide!

    "Chi Chi Chi Chi Chi Chi Chi Chi!"

    Like a red-hot knife fiercely cutting through tofu, the Mountain Sea Sect's cultivator directly chopped off the demon clan giant's arm and then opened a transparent hole from its front to the back of its stomach.

    The demon clan giant itself was made up of hundreds of millions of Ghost Face Silver Mosquitoes. Even if one were to kill some Ghost Face Silver Mosquitoes, it would simply not cause any damage to it.

    The demon clan giant flew into a rage out of humiliation. It simply no longer took the form of a human and instead transformed into a few kilometer long giant python that opened its huge mouth and swallowed the Mountain Sea Sect's cultivator.


    The giant python's head exploded as seven to eight streaks of light erupted from within. Its entire head, in the blink of an eye, collapsed as the flames wreathing around the Mountain Sea Sect's cultivator flared like that of a ball of heavenly flames illuminating the entire land.

    From inside the ruptured giant python's "neck" came a "Buzzing" noise as countless Ghost Face Silver Mosquitoes charged out from its body and once again formed a head, which then swallowed the Mountain Sea Sect's cultivator for the second time.

    The Mountain Sea Sect's cultivator went all out and ignited flames madly, crushing the giant python's head once again.

    A third time... A fourth time...

    The flames from the Mountain Sea Sect's cultivator grew weaker and weaker by the attack, and his movement also became slower and slower. The awe-inspiring white crystal armor was stained with demonic blood of countless Ghost Face Silver Mosquitoes, which constantly corroded the crystal armor as bubbles filled with gray demonic energy emerged one by one on the armor.


    When the Mountain Sea Sect's cultivator had ruptured the giant python's head for the sixth time, the flames of his Anti-Ship Swords had been completely extinguished.

    His body was densely laden with marks of having been stung by the Ghost Face Silver Mosquitoes.

    The Mountain Sea Sect's cultivator was hanging by a thread; he was shaky and unsteady. The brilliance around his body was dim like a candle in the wind that would be extinguished at any moment.

    Yet, he refused to give up. He still tried to block the beast tide from approaching the crystal train. Again and again, he tried igniting the spirit fire, tried to release the Anti-Ship Swords of Flames, yet he failed again and again.

    The Ghost Fire Silver Mosquitoes squirmed, and for the seventh time, gathered to create a giant python that could swallow the heaven and the earth. Raising its neck, its head fiercely charged towards the Mountain Sea Sect's cultivator like a javelin that had been thrown.

    The Mountain Sea Sect's cultivator gave up on the Anti-Ship Swords of flames and furiously brandished his fists.

    Inside the crystal train, Li Yao clenched his fists together with him.

    He clenched so tightly that the bones were about to burst out from beneath his skin!


    Just as the giant python was about to swallow the Mountain Sea Sect's cultivator, from in between the clouds suddenly came a thunderous boom that was akin to the eruption of a volcano!

    Almost at the same moment, the head of the giant python turned crimson and vehemently burst open, transforming into countless masses of hot lava that splashed in all directions and quickly spread.

    The lava seemed to possess spiritual fire that had life; no matter how the Ghost Face Silver Mosquitoes fled, it continued jumping, splattering, and spreading and soon weaved a giant net of fire. The giant python was tightly ensnared inside the inexhaustible flames.

    "True Samadhi Fire! It's the True Samadhi Fire!" Li Yao was extremely excited, and together with all the soldiers, roared like a wild animal.

    Finally, reinforcements had arrived.
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