Chapter 158: The Three Treasures of the Grand Desolate War Institution

    Chapter 158: The Three Treasures of the Grand Desolate War Institution

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    Conducting modifications to a crafting furnace was a sort of convention amongst the circle of refiners.

    Every refiner possessed their own unique methods and habits, so their requirements for their smelting furnaces varied broadly.

    The Empyrean Terminus Sect was a sect that produced crafting furnaces such as these as their primary business. While they offered modification services of their own, they wouldn't restrict others from modifying the crafting furnaces produced by their sect.

    That would be equivalent to pushing business out the door.

    However, there existed an enormous problem when one sought to modify their crafting furnace by oneself. What if the crafting furnace malfunctions after the modification? What if the refined magical equipment product doesn't match the standards? What if it even causes a serious accident like the furnace exploding? Then who, in the end, would take the blame?

    It would be unclear whether the issue would lay with the body of the crafting furnace itself or the modification process.

    Therefore, it was okay to perform self-modifications; however, after the modification, a refiner from the Empyrean Terminus Sect must personally conduct an examination. After checking that the furnace meets the standards, the refiner would imprint a special spirit glyph of approval onto the furnace.

    This spirit glyph was proof of the Empyrean Terminus Sect's approval that the modification was a success.

    If the furnace didn't pass the examination, the Empyrean Terminus Sect had to point out in detail where the problem laid in the modification. If the client was unconvinced of the decision, he could likely apply for arbitration from the Refiners' Association.

    The Empyrean Terminus Sect received several hundred of these modification approval applications a year. This was also every day business for the sect.

    However, the modification works over the past several years were mostly focused on the 6th generation of the Tai'e furnace and above, the advanced models. Even the 2nd and 3rd generation Tai'e models were rarely seen.

    No one expected that someone would modify a 1st Generation Tai'e furnace and even produce it!

    The Mountain Sea Sect nearly scrapped the transfer of the 1st generation Tai'e furnace to the Grand Desolate War Institution. The Empyrean Terminus Sect had just an inkling of knowledge on the matter. Last time they helped dig out the blueprints.

    However, at the time, the Empyrean Terminus Sect, from top to bottom, believed that the Grand Desolate War Institution was buying them to study them for a bit, for the purpose of becoming educational materials used in courses such as "Classical Structures of Crafting Furnaces".

    It was a university after all. It was quite normal for them to collect antique furnaces.

    Who knew that the Grand Desolate War Institution was actually preparing to use a 1st Generation Tai'e furnace for refining and had even submitted an application of approval. Wasn't their situation pretty bad?

    The Empyrean Terminus Sect, from top to bottom, lamented for a time. They just sent Jin Quan, the newcomer who had just graduated from the Refining Department of Deep Sea University, to execute the examination assignment.

    In any case, the 1st Generation Tai'e furnace had a thoroughly simple structure. Jin Quan, with the strength of being at the 9th level of the Refinement Stage, was more than enough.

    This matter had ended there, but somehow, the person with the oldest seniority, Elder Lei Yongming, had caught wind of this information.

    This old man turned 180 years old this year. Even though this old man had only cultivated to the middle stages of the Foundation Stage, his seniority in the sect was so much that he had looked after several elders as they grew up. He even clearly remembered what the elders looked like in their diapers. He naturally held a different position from the others.

    From the perspective of a refiner of the older generation like Lei Yongming, they had personally experienced the era when the 1st Generation Tai'e furnace had brought great splendor, so much so that they had even personally refined the components of the 1st Generation Tai'e before. The 1st generation Tai'e had long since become a symbol in their eyes.

    Once this old man heard that there was actually a 1st Generation Tai'e put in production on this day, he was emotionally moved beyond control on the spot. Not only was he about to jump forth and go along with Jin Quan, he also wanted Empyrean Terminus Central High School to organize a batch of their top students to come along and take part.

    Quoting this old man's words, they had to let these little rascals experience for a bit just how difficult the older generation of the Empyrean Terminus Sect had it, and yet, despite these difficulties, the Empyrean Terminus Sect was able to refine magical equipment that were extremely durable and everlasting. They had to let these rascals know just how glorious it was to be a younger generation of the Empyrean Terminus Sect!

    Jin Quan, as a new generation, naturally scoffed at the opinions of this old man.

    From his perspective, idle time would be better off spent organizing a tour over at Deep Sea University's Refining Department for the students. What was there to see at Grand Desolate War Institution's Refining Department, this damned place?

    But who said that this old man was a person of good standing and prestige? Even the elders didn't dare to utter a sound in face of Lei Yongming, so what choice did Jin Quan have?

    Well, if the old man wants to come, then he'll accompany him. In any case, things were fine as long as this old man roars with happiness.

    Currently, this old man had been invited by Professor Yuan Manqiu of Grand Desolate War Institution's Refining Department to exchange some words. Jin Quan's temper became a bit agitated and impatient. He wasn't subtle; there naturally wasn't a need to conceal his thoughts from these half grown kids.

    Speaking of which, the anti-gravity shuttle slowly entered the Refining Department of the Grand Desolate War Institution.

    Despite having done mental preparations ahead of time, the students were still stupefied by the scene of desolation before their eyes.

    "My eyes aren't playing tricks on me, right? Let's not even talk about the floating mountain. Even this building is on the verge of collapse. Is this really one of the Nine Elite Universities?"

    "It's simply a sheet of ruin! A junkyard!"

    "Look! There's even a statue erected in the middle of the junkyard. It's a big jumbled mess. What the heck is it?"

    The students fussed about loudly, venting the shock in their hearts as much as they could.

    Jin Quan laughed in contempt. He shot a sneer at the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit not far away:

    "Fellow students, this is the second thing that you can absolutely not see anywhere else. It's a crystal suit. A crystal suit solely refined by the Grand Desolate War Institution!"

    "Crystal suit?"

    All the students were stirred up.

    Everyone was a top student at Empyrean Terminus Central High School that wanted to one day grow on the path of refining. Naturally, they weren't unfamiliar towards large-scale magical equipment platforms like the crystal suit, and they knew the difficulty of refining a crystal suit.

    "Even Deep Sea University's Refining Department would find it difficult to refine a new model of crystal suit. So the Grand Desolate War Institution's Refining Department also wants to refine a crystal suit?"

    "No wonder they had an accident! They are really too risky, too radical!"

    The students gossiped all at once with wagging tongues.

    Jin Quan waited for the students to talk their fill before speaking leisurely:

    "That's right. The crystal suit is an extremely complicated magical equipment system. Based on the level of the Grand Desolate War Institution's Refining Department, they're absolutely incapable of refining a true crystal suit, and yet, they recklessly and forcefully tried to refine it. You all have seen how the results went."

    "It's a lesson! A profound lesson!"

    "Even if it is fine to defy the heavens when cultivating, one must wield an attitude of brandishing the sword, of slaughtering tigers and dragons, of slaying gods and annihilating buddhas when walking on the road of cultivation."

    "However, sometimes, manpower is exhausted. In the end, this isn't something that could be accomplished with recklessness. The consequences of overestimating one's capabilities are as severe as you see!"

    Someone raised his hand: "Teacher Jin, what's the third thing?"

    Jin Quan sneered as his eyes glanced with a hint of cold intent:

    "The third thing isn't a thing-it's a person. An ignorant and fearless mad amateur who doesn't know how high the heavens are and how deep the earth is. He is the sole student of the Grand Desolate War Institution's Refining Department."

    The bold, visionary words spoken by Li Yao back in Floating Spear City had long spread to Deep Sea University's Refining Department.

    Even though Jin Quan had already graduated, he had also heard the rumors.

    As a refiner who walked out of Deep Sea University, he naturally possessed extremely deep sentiments towards his alma mater and was brimming full of pride towards the four words "Holy Land of Refiners".

    Therefore, even though he hadn't personally met Li Yao, Jin Quan was already filled with loathing towards this mad amateur who didn't know the immensity of heaven and earth.

    As soon as he reiterated Li Yao's bold and visionary words, every student became shocked.

    "Way, way too egotistical, right?"

    "He just got the top score in a city, it isn't that amazing. There are many several thousands of major cities in the Federation!"

    "He wants to challenge Deep Sea University's Refining Department all by himself? That's nothing more than a pipe dream!"

    Everyone was a youngster with racing hot blood. They didn't reject typical, lofty aspirations.

    But looking at Li Yao's declaration of war that seemed to break away from reality and juxtaposing it with unbearable, tragic scene of the Grand Desolate War Institution's Refining Department, Li Yao was looking more like a gargantuan joke.

    Jin Quan laughed:

    "What do you think? Teacher Jin didn't trick you guys, right?"

    "A 1st Generation Tai'e crafting furnace still in operation, the remains of a crystal suit that resembles dregs, and add in an ignorant and fearless mad amateur to the mix. These are the three treasures of Grand Desolate War Institution's Refining Department, the only ones of its existence with no others like it!"

    The students nodded their heads over and over; however, there was one student who couldn't help lamenting:

    "Fortunately, we've seen it with our own eyes. Otherwise, what if we carelessly applied for the Grand Desolate War Institution's Refining Department after getting a poor score? Then we would be screwed!"

    Jin Quan laughed loudly:

    "Everyone, go ahead and relax. Something like that would never ever happen. That is because the Refining Department of the Grand Desolate War Institution will already be abolished when you fill out the matriculation form!"

    The floating mountain slowly descended in the corner of the ruins while Jin Quan was talking.

    Ahead was the warehouse for dangerous goods that had been remodeled into a refining workshop.

    Elder Yongming of the Empyrean Terminus Sect had arrived a step earlier; he was already at the entrance of the warehouse discussing scientific topics with Yuan Manqiu. The two chatted, radiating with delight; they were in high spirits.

    Jin Quan coughed lightly, winked his eye, and laughed:

    "Everyone, fellow students! I'm not that far in age from you all. I only said these words because I consider everyone to be a friend. If Elder Lei hears of this, then I'm screwed! No one will tattle on me, right?"

    Everyone exchanged smiles when these words were spoken.

    Quite a few boys shook their heads on the spot:

    "Of course not. We're good friends with little Teacher Jin, so how would someone leak out everyone's private conversation?"

    Jin Quan graduated from a famous school. This young lad grew up to be quite handsome, and he also had a lively nature. He was rather popular back in high school and was the target of adoration of quite a few high school students. They all took him to be a big brother, so they talked rather casually.

    Jin Quan nodded his head and spoke a few more words:

    "Fellow students, even though the Refining Department of the Grand Desolate War Institution is incomparably crappy, I estimate that their modified crafting furnace will be baffling as well."

    "Anyway, when truly meeting someone else face to face, you must still show a bit of respect. You must not, by all means, cause the Empyrean Terminus Sect to lose face."

    "Stifle anything that's funny inside your stomachs for me. Wait until we're on the way back to slowly have a good laugh. Don't embarrass the host in their faces."

    "What's more, this planned tour was still suggested by Elder Lei. If we really laugh on the spot, we wouldn't be giving face to Elder Lei, right?"

    "It's true that Elder Lei is a man with a good temperament. He won't bicker about with you babies, but when we get back to the Empyrean Terminus Sect, mommy and daddy will smack your butt till it's mush!"

    The students nodded their heads one after another:

    "Understood, Teacher Jin. We will certainly bear it no matter what we see!"

    "Excellent, everyone get off the vehicle. Let's see what kind of modified 1st Generation Tai'e crafting furnace the Refining Department of the Grand Desolate War Institution can produce!"

    Jin Quan's spirit was exploding. He brought the high school students to jump off the flying shuttle.

    Lei Yongming was almost two hundred years old. He engaged in refining work year in and year out. His entire body was lean and swarthy. He looked like an old village farmer that had spent too much time outside exposed to the scorching sun.

    But the silver hair that filled his head glistened and shone. It was impossible to find one that was dark, making him exhibit a somewhat supernatural presence.

    Lei Yongming had quite a good mood. Chuckling, he asked:

    "Jin Quan, have you gone over the customs with the students about entering the refining workshop?"

    Jin Quan nodded his head:

    "Everything has been explained clearly. I told them that they can't touch and move willy-nilly within the refining workshop and that they need to listen before they act."

    Lei Yongming was completely satisfied. He stroke his goat-like beard:

    "That's good. I talked a bit with Professor Yuan of the Grand Desolate War Institution's Refining Department just now. I discovered that the modifications done on their 1st Generation Tai'e furnace contain several novel ideas. It seems somewhat different than what I had imagined. Well, enough talk. Let's ask Professor Yuan to bring us in for a look!"

    "It is us who should be asking an Empyrean Terminus Sect's elder of the older generation for guidance."

    Yuan Manqiu had spoken with a smile. She waved her plump hands to the numerous youngsters: "Students of Empyrean Terminus Central High School, please follow me. A yellow line has been marked out on the ground. It will be fine for you all to just stand behind this yellow line."

    Jin Quan looked back and mouthed to the students, indicating: "Bear with it. By all means, bear with it."


    The large door to the warehouse opened.

    The group of people strutted inside.
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