Chapter 412: Super Green Acid Cannon!

    Chapter 412: Super Green Acid Cannon!

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    In the bed of the underground silver ocean, under the cover of mud and sand, the gargantuan body of a beast was hiding.

    The beast was more than three thousand meters long and looked like a mix of a blue whale and a plesiosaur, with countless lumps and wrinkles on its surface and a row of bone spurs protruding out of its back. There couldn't be a creature scarier than it.

    Inside the body of the beast was a row of spacious chambers. The biggest chamber was in the middle front part of the body, like the cockpit of a warship.

    At this moment, a demon squad from the Blood Demon Sector was hiding inside the chamber and observing the fierce battle in the silver ocean coldly.

    The one leading the squad was none other than Wang Ji, the prince of the Kingdom of Lion Butchers!

    Wang Ji was floating in the midair. Several bloody tentacles extended out of the walls of the chamber and connected to the back of his head.

    In such a way, he would be able to monitor the entire battlefield with the demonic warship refined out of the corpse of an enormous beast.

    "Huh. The traces of a Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit have been detected?

    "There is only one Orb Patroller who wears the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit.

    "As I expected, Vulture Li Yao, you really are here.

    "But you've come for your own death. You just don't know it yet.

    "The Blood Demon Sector has been planning the exploration of Boneyard for three years. From the heritage of the ancient demon, we got a detailed map of the world underneath Boneyard's surface and the locations of several secret teleportation arrays that could transport us from the surface of the planet into the underground world. We even found a wrecked demonic warship!

    "This demonic warship was a super weapon crafted at the end of the Demon Beast Empire ten thousand years ago, filled with amazing demonic technology!

    "Even though it is a terrible state of disrepair, it is still not something that you can deal with!

    "Everything is within my control. Let's see what you can do this time!"

    Right then, two demons floated over to Wang Ji and respectfully said, "Super Green Acid Cannon is ready!"

    "Biochemical beasts are ready!"

    Strength meant everything in the Blood Demon Sector. The Kingdom of Lion Butchers was among the most powerful nations, and Elder Blood Robe, Wang Ji's master, was one of the strongest demon emperors. Therefore, Wang Ji had been chosen to lead the demon squad.


    Wang Ji smiled hideously. "I didn't expect that the underground silver ocean would boast such abundant spiritual energy. The demonic warship from thousands of years ago is not entirely rotten yet. A Super Green Acid Cannon and powerful biochemical beasts breeding pools are still functional!"

    Wang Ji, together with another fifteen demons, walked to another giant chamber. Some twenty meat balls more than ten meters in diameter were dangling from the ceiling. Glistening nerves and veins could be found on the surfaces of the meat balls. Liquid was flowing in the veins. The membrane was stretched out to the extent that it seemed to be transparent, revealing more than ten extremely ugly beasts in the shape of fetuses inside.


    After a tremble, the meat balls all split in half from the middle. Stinky liquid was running everywhere. The eccentric beasts fell off and woke up one after another.

    Some of the beasts were wearing solid plate armor with sharp bone spurs on it.

    Some of the beasts were like lizards but countless times larger, with bloody stripes covering them.

    Still some other beasts were completely indistinguishable. They looked like a mix of the most terrible body parts of the most horrible creatures in the worst nightmares. Even the deepest level of hell wouldn't bear such nasty beings!

    All the beasts were alive, but they were entirely still except for their breathing. For the beasts with eyes, their eyeballs seemed to be mere decoration; they were stiff and had no hint of wisdom that belonged to intellectual creatures.

    They were like machines, a bunch of killing machines fleshed out with hide and blood!

    "As expected of the biochemical beasts created by the Demon Beast Empire ten thousand years ago. They are formidable!"

    "Compared to them, the biochemical beasts that we brought are nothing but crabs and shrimps!"

    "The biochemical beasts will improve our strength by two or even three levels. Destroying the crystal suits of the Cultivators will be more than easy!"

    All the demons were exultant while they danced and laughed.

    Glancing around, Wang Ji's eyes stopped on a black beast.

    The beast was relatively smaller in size, less than six meters in length. Its body was slippery, like a mix of black metal and flesh. Its head was disproportionally long and covered by a curved shell which blocked its eyes. A mouthpart with sharp, helical teeth could be seen through the half-open bloody mouth.

    The limbs were long and slim, with black bone spurs all around. In the back of the beast was a bone tail ten meters long, concluded by a three-edged sharp blade embedded with thorns.

    Wang Ji felt enormous strength, and even more enormous lust for killing, from the beast.


    Below the stomach of the beast, the black ribs opened one by one, unveiling a giant empty chamber inside.

    Wang Ji strode forward and crawled into the beast. Then, the ribs closed without leaving the tiniest gap.


    The black beast stood up!

    The rigid robot a moment ago seemed to have turned into the most brutal predator. The air in front of it was torn apart and twisted after a casual snatch.

    Acids more corrosive than vitriol were streaming out of its mouth, which dribbled to the ground and produced burning noises.

    Transformed by the beast, Wang Ji's voice was extremely twisted and high.

    "Haha. Hahahaha. Such invincible strength! With this biochemical beast, I can wield the strength of a demon king!

    "Hurry up and pick a biochemical beast most suitable for you!

    "Prepare the Super Green Acid Cannon!

    "Let the hunting begin!"


    Deep inside the silver ocean, the fierce battle was ongoing.

    Li Yao roared and slashed off a 26th tentacle. But his left hand felt off for a moment, causing him to temporarily halt the Purple Electric Blue Fire Claw Art. The tentacle was not smashed into pieces. It hit himself heavily.

    Despite the protection of his crystal processor, he felt that somebody had hammered him right in the chest after a dull thunder-like noise.

    Thankfully, Ding Lingdang came in time and burnt the tentacle to a crisp with a blazing dragon.

    Under the pressure of the silver seawater, her Nona-colored Fire was suppressed. Her capability was seriously undermined. After fighting for such a long time, she was breathing heavily, too.

    'Something is not right!'

    For some reason, Li Yao felt uneasy, as if somebody was peeping at him in the bottom of the ocean.

    'The undersea beasts are not trying to eliminate us; they are trying to keep us here!'

    Li Yao noticed that, pressed by the hundreds of vigorous tentacles of the undersea beasts, the six members of Team Blue Bronze were drawing closer and closer, and the remaining Orb Patrollers of Team Tiger Deity were assembling, too.

    Li Yao couldn't help but ask in the communication channel, "Yan Zi, do you feel that something odd is watching us from the bottom of the ocean?"

    As a scout, Yan Yangtian's senses were the sharpest of all.

    "Something is indeed not right. I have goosebumps all over my back!"

    Yan Yangtian gnashed her teeth.

    "I feel the same way, too. Take care, everybody. Brace for new enemies!"

    Before Captain Hong Tong finished his sentence, abrupt changes took place!

    A streak of greenness was shot from the depths of the silver ocean, darted at Team Tiger Deity, and suddenly exploded into a cluster of green fog when it was dozens of meters away from Team Tiger Deity.

    The cluster of green fog seemed to be alive. It danced, expanded, and lunged at Team Tiger Deity!

    The five Orb Patrollers of Team Tiger Deity sensed that a great danger was coming and prepared to run away, but they were delayed for a second by the tentacles of the undersea beasts.

    In that one second, the cluster of green fog tangled the five Orb Patrollers!

    The green fog split into many green lines which crawled into gaps of the crystal suits like miniature worms.

    A lot of bubbles appeared on the surface of the crystal suits while they were corroded and decomposed. Eventually, shocking holes were taking shape!

    Through the holes, the green lines crowded into the inside of the crystal suits and started corroding the bodies of the Orb Patrollers!

    The Orb Patrollers struggled to resist the deterioration of their spiritual energy. But they could spare no attention to deal with the undersea beasts now, which snatched them easily with their tentacles one by one.

    Team Blue Bronze was completely dumbfounded, especially Li Yao, who was more shocked than everyone else.

    He was quite familiar with the crystal suits that Team Tiger Deity wore. They were the most advanced models of the Heaven's Origin Sector, manually strengthened by the most experienced Armadominuses.

    In the war against the Heaven's Origin Sector, the crystal suits had often survived hours in a battlefield without being damaged by anything.

    But right now, the acids in the shape of green lines that looked like weird worms had ruined the crystal suits within several seconds!

    'What kind of acid is this?'

    Before Li Yao was back to himself, he had a terrible feeling. Without input from his brain, his body had swum up toward the surface of the ocean!

    "There's no time! Hide behind the undersea beasts!" roared Li Yao.

    The six members of Team Blue Bronze dashed behind an undersea beast.

    The second streak of greenness appeared and exploded a hundred meters below them, but it hit the monolithic undersea beast first.

    The undersea beast seemed to be shrieking desperately, indicated by the violently jumping oscillograph, although they didn't hear anything. Its tentacles were cramping crazily, before turning into ichor one by one.

    The undersea beasts could spurt out acid themselves, which meant that their bodies should have had resistance against acids. But it was utterly pointless faced with the weird green acid.

    The solid cone-shaped shell didn't last long, either. Despite the ivory, sticky serum, it turned mottled after a short moment. Much ichor that used to be the body tissue jetted out!

    Half a minute later, the hundred-meters-long undersea beast became an empty, broken shell floating and soaking in the seawater.

    The other two undersea beasts were greatly appalled. They fled without a moment's delay.

    Li Yao and his teammates took the opportunity to dash hundreds of meters upward during the precious half a minute.


    The streak of greenness transmitted extremely fast inside the seawater when it exploded. Although the six of them used the undersea beast as a shield, a bit of the green fog still splashed on their bodies.

    The bits of acid turned into green lines, which tied up everyone's crystal suits and looked for the gaps in the crystal suits madly.

    "Not good. My leg joint has been corroded!"

    "What kind of acid are they? The anti-corrosion layer on our crystal suits is completely useless against them!"

    "They seem to be living creatures under manipulation of someone. Ah! They've dug a hole on my crystal suit and are crawling into my body!"

    Exclamations echoed nonstop in the communication channel.
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