697 Slaying a Nascent Soul

    Chapter 697: Slaying a Nascent Soul

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    Li Yao's nostrils flared, and his eyes stopped briefly at the ceiling. Then he sprinted to the northwest corner of the first floor and rose up like a rocket, crashing through the ceiling into the second floor!


    After a huge explosion, dust was sent everywhere.

    The second floor was the food area of the supermarket. Almost a thousand shelves used to be kept here. But right now, the center of the second floor had been cleared. A great altar made of bones had been established there.

    More than ten crimson giant pillars were standing around the altar. They looked both like totems and gargantuan candles.

    On the 'candles', mysterious lights were blinking, and their flames interweaved with each other into an enormous net whose threads were all wriggling as if it were a living thing.

    Countless bright green vesicles were formed on the net. There were more than a thousand of them.

    As the giant net shivered, the vesicles fluctuated, too. Their color turned from a bright, translucent green into a deep green. In the end, they were as dark as ink, and it seemed as if liquid would leak out at any point.


    A dark green vesicle suddenly exploded, unveiling several devils that were wearing solid armor and surrounded by intense evil flames!

    The common devils could arrive into the world of human beings through the cloud in the sky.

    But the stronger devils could not be teleported directly. They had to be bred around the altar before they were finally born!

    The flight of stairs up which Ye Hongfei had marched into the second floor was guarded by hundreds of devils.

    However, none of the devils expected Li Yao to be so unreasonable as to crash into the second floor directly from the floor below their feet.


    Li Yao snapped his fingers.

    Floating Six-barrel Vulcan Machine Guns appeared from his Cosmos Ring one after another.

    Four... Eight... Twelve... Sixteen...

    Sixteen Floating Six-barrel Vulcan Machine Guns formed a four-by-four matrix in front of Li Yao. The heads of the barrels were all glimmering mysteriously. The agitated bullets and spiritual energy were roaring inside the magazines!

    The devils were not afraid of real-entity bullets, but Li Yao never had the habit of using only bullets.

    The large-caliber bullets that he employed were all embedded with crystals or even entirely made of crystals. They also carried a lot of attack rune arrays.

    With a gloomy face, Li Yao growled a word through gritted teeth. "Die!"

    The guns roared, and the bullets flew toward everything. Lines of fire interweaved with each other. Thunder was echoing; electric arcs were shining; freezing wind was blowing. Surging sword and saber auras dominated the area!

    Six Floating Six-barrel Vulcan Machine Guns blew out a fire network almost a hundred meters in radius, covering more than half of the supermarket.

    All the devils within the range of Li Yao's barrage were fleeing or being minced apart directly. The devils' altar and the fetuses of devils that were not mature yet all turned into twisted smoke and perished!


    Li Yao savaged everything and went on a killing spree!

    Ye Hongfei, who had reached the second floor just now, was utterly shocked by such brutal firepower. He quickly retreated down the staircase, in case he became the victim of the 'best warrior of the six tribes of Iron Plateau' when the guy was killing too happily to think about who he was attacking.

    The room temperature increased by almost fifty degrees; it felt like a boiling cooker.

    The ground was riddled with bullet holes and looked like a honeycomb. The floor had been significantly weakened, to the point that one might have fallen onto the first floor accidentally if they stepped on the wrong area.

    Li Yao moved forward slowly, searching every corner with a pair of cruel eyes. Cracking noises were echoing nonstop as he stomped the devils' altar into powder!

    It was not until this moment that Ye Hongfei craned his head carefully. His shocked voice came over in the communication channel. "Master... Master Sand, that's quite impressive!"

    Li Yao was briefly silently before he replied casually, "In fact, I'm more of a shooter."

    Ye Hongfei was rendered speechless. He leapt on the second floor with his double-edged sword and searched for remaining enemies together with Li Yao.


    A devil that had been hiding in the gaps of the wall suddenly lunged out, intending to crawl into his crystal suit while Li Yao was turning around.

    But Li Yao seemed to have eyes on the back of his head. One of his Six-barrel Vulcan Machine Guns pierced forward from an unbelievable angle into the devil's chest.

    Open fire. Explode. Over!

    Right then, Li Yao vaguely heard a baby's cry in the place where Ye Hongfei was searching.

    Li Yao was dazed for a moment. His pupils constricted violently, and his eyebrow stood up like needles!

    "Master Ye, don't!"

    Li Yao suddenly turned into a streak of brightness and passed through the entire supermarket in a breath.

    In a temporary warehouse in the northeast corner of the supermarket, dozens of broken bodies were piled up. Intermittent cries of a baby were echoing from the depths of the corpses, but the volume of the cries was dropping, as if the baby could not hold the weight of the dead bodies any longer.

    Ye Hongfei was digging into the mound of bodies.

    Since he was afraid that he might hurt the baby, he did not dare blow up the bodies with his spiritual energy. He could only move the bodies away one after another with his spiritual threads as well as his bare hands.

    However, while he was moving the seventh body, a streak of redness suddenly darted out from the bottom of the bodies!

    The eighth 'body' sudden became alive. A cluster of redness blew into Ye Hongfei's chest and burst out behind his back brutally!

    What burst out together was a series of overjoyed chuckles whose owner's evil plan had worked out.

    Ye Hongfei grunted and fell backwards. His double-edged sword triggered dozens of auras and enshrouded the eighth 'body'.

    However, the 'body' felt like a slippery loach. After the previous attack, it took a few turns and escaped from all the auras, before it accelerated to the maximum speed and dashed toward the window!

    But then, it ran into Li Yao's saber and turned into a real body, a body that was chopped in half.

    It was not a devil, nor did it show any sign of being possessed by one. Instead, it was an assassin from the Temple of Immortals who had been lurking below the bodies the whole time.

    "Master Ye!" Li Yao bellowed and gave Ye Hongfei a hand, only to find a big hole on the left side of his chest. More than half of his heart had been blown away. Blood was spurting out more magnificently than a volcanic eruption.

    Ye Hongfei's facial cover opened, revealing a pale face. He sealed his fractured veins forcefully and condensed membranes with his spiritual energy to cover his broken heart. Finally, his face regained some color, and he mumbled feebly, "Baby... A baby's down there."

    "There are no babies here!"

    The baby's cries came to a sudden halt after the assassin of the Temple of Immortals died. Li Yao liquefied his spiritual energy and poured it into the dead bodies like mercury. He scanned carefully for a long time and was certain that none of the dead bodies were in the size of a baby.

    Naturally, it was safe to say that the cries of the baby had been faked by the assassin.

    "There are none?"

    Ye Hongfei was dazed for a moment. He breathed heavily in relief. "That's good... That's good..."

    His voice gradually fade out.

    "Master Ye, hang in there!"

    Li Yao gritted his teeth and retrieved a red pill that had wrinkles all over its surface and looked like a nut.

    The pill was named 'Great Red Pill'. It was a present that the Silver Moon Tribe had offered him when he was back on Iron Plateau. It was said that the pill could revive the deceased and was the best medication for injuries.

    Only one pill could be made after several years of refining the cores of four apocalyptic beasts as well as hundreds of other Heavenly Materials and Earthly Treasures. Therefore, such pills were extremely precious.

    Even Li Yao had only one such pill himself. He had planned to save his own life with the pill at a certain time.

    However, he stuffed the pill into Ye Hongfei's chest without any hesitation.

    The Great Red Pill shivered the moment it touched blood. Streaks of redness were flowing out of all the wrinkles as if it were a budding seed or a sponge that was absorbing water. The shocking wounds were sealed until no gap was left.


    Ye Hongfei took a long breath and felt that a hot spring was flooding into his chest and solidifying his soul. He knew that the rich man from Iron Plateau must have used very precious healing drugs for him.

    Ye Hongfei lowered his head and smile bitterly. "I-I'm sorry, Master Sand. It is funny that I told you to be careful while in fact I'm the reckless one here.

    "You were quite right. I'm in serious lack of real-life combat experience. Even such an easy trap fooled me."

    Li Yao was both anxious and angry. He said gravely, "Master Ye, did you not guess that this was very likely a trap made by an assassin?"

    Ye Hongfei coughed a mouthful of blood out and replied softly, "I did. But what if it were real?

    "I knew it could be a trap, but what if the assassin of the Temple of Immortals had captured a real baby?

    "But I know that there are no babies here now. That's good. That's good..."

    Li Yao did not know what to say.

    He felt that his nostrils were itching as if many ants had crawled inside.

    At this time, the follow-up squads finally broke through the devils and devilized people outside and charged into the supermarket.

    "Master Ye, this is not going to work out!" Li Yao said in a hurry. "The command center has to change the strategy. The closer we get to the downtown, the more traps appear. We will suffer a lot of casualties in the end even if we successfully save all the ordinary people in the tenth space ring!"

    Ye Hongfei's eyelids gradually fell down. He was silent for a long time, before he replied softly, "Master Sand, the strategy is not going to be changed.

    "The slogan of qi-trainers is 'born in Iron Plateau, die in Iron Plateau'. For Cultivators, we can also live in space and die in space!"

    Ye Hongfei passed out.

    Li Yao held him in a daze for a long time. He handed him over to the Cultivators who were good at healing when the reinforcements arrived.

    Li Yao stood up straight inch by inch and walked toward the window.

    After every step, the floor below his feet would break.

    Countless pebbles were rising around him slowly as he moved forward and dropped to the ground after he passed by.

    Li Yao had not been so furious for a long time. He was so angry that he found it hard to tame his spiritual energy. Endless vigor seemed to have been stored inside his body like a tsunami that was about to break out!

    Beep! Beep!

    The crystal processor uttered hasty alarms.

    "'Hellsword' Zhuang Ziyou, the hostile Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator, has shown up again and killed a Cultivator at the high level of the Building Foundation Stage instantly!"


    Li Yao spoke the name in a coarse voice.


    In the surrounding five square meters, the floor exploded into broken stones the size of fists.

    The broken stones were then turned into powder that looked like sand a second later. They condensed a brewing storm around Li Yao!

    Inside the storm, an immense aura was flowing out of Li Yao's body, wreathing the beginner-level Gold Wolf Battlesuit in a soul-stirring air. Thousands of gold streaks were beaming out of the gaps of the crystal suit!

    In that moment, an invisible string inside Li Yao's head seemed to snap.

    He made an extremely insane decision.

    Today, whatever price he had to pay, he would slay a Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator!
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