727 Full-Blown War!

    Chapter 727: Full-Blown War!

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    At seven o'clock in the evening, deep inside Bai Xinghe's residence, a warm feast was about to begin. The leaders of countless pirate gangs had gathered in this place, waiting desperately for Bai Xinghe to bring out the secret treasures of the Star Ocean Imperium that he had excavated from the underground world.

    Gazed at by countless pairs of hungry eyes, Bai Xinghe stepped on the podium, wearing a cloak made of pure white feathers.

    At exactly the same time, a team of elites consisting of more than ten experts in the Core Formation Stage and a hundred in the Building Foundation Stage were secretly marching toward the Red Steel Crystal Suit Center, which was guard by Bai Wulei, Bai Xinghe's right hand.

    Li Yao was still wearing the Drunk Bat Battlesuit while he leapt up and down in the iron forest. He triggered his telepathic thoughts and scanned the enemies and surroundings, while he studied the map of the Red Steel Crystal Suit Center and Bai Wulei's battle videos one more time.

    Looking far ahead, Li Yao vaguely saw an enormous building standing in the middle of the enormous underground pit.

    Every inch of the building was densely packed with countless crystal cannons wherever possible. All the crystal cannons were protected by the most solid spiritual shields. Even an expert in the Core Formation Stage might find it hard to blow up one of them after a single attack.

    In the meantime, hundreds of seasoned Exos were patrolling on alert at the crucial locations of the buildings.

    It was definitely not a crystal suit center but a heavily-guarded military fortress!

    Li Yao frowned. Since the crystal suit was so well-defended, there would be a lot of casualties if they assaulted it from the front. It would be quite tricky to protect himself by not really trying his best while not being seen through by Fengyu Zhong.

    Right then, above their heads, in the district controlled by Bai Xinghe, explosions that sounded like dull thunders echoed!

    The final battle between Fengyu Zhong and Bai Xinghe had finally broken out!

    Beep! Beep!

    Li Yao's crystal processor was connected to the temporary local area network established by Fengyu Zhong. As the explosions came over, streams of information immediately flooded in and formed dozens of light beams on his retina.

    The light beams included the distribution map of the most important firing points of the Red Steel Crystal Suit Center, the current location he was at, and the places of attack that he could choose.

    The arrow that was nocked must be shot. Although the brutal bandits all sensed the scariness of the Red Steel Crystal Suit Center, with everything coming to this point, they would not be spared by Fengyu Zhong when he secured his victory if they deserted now.

    Therefore, Master Phantom Moon, Fairy Coral, Bloody Axe, Wang Haha, and the other space pirates all selected their primary target.

    Li Yao quickly picked the place he was going to break in, too.

    The hundreds of bandits immediately turned into hundreds of streaks of brightness, as they lunged at the targets they had chosen!

    Hardly hard they sprinted forward when an earsplitting explosion took place inside the Red Steel Crystal Suit Center. Several ultra-large furnaces were blown up into the sky. The scorching air currents mixed with fatal venomous gas swept across everything nearby!

    Countless space pirates who were loyal to Bai Xinghe were screaming miserably inside the venomous fire. The previously flawless defense was immediately filled with loopholes.

    The Immortal Cultivators lurking around Bai Wulei!

    Li Yao quickly thought everything through. Fengyu Zhong had not lied. How could he count on only the greedy mercenaries to take down such a critical enemy stronghold?

    It was very likely that they were merely bait to draw the attention of the guards. The real crucial factors of the mission were the Immortal Cultivators hiding behind Bai Wulei.

    Right then, a new message that his crystal processor presented stabbed into Li Yao's brain like a cold dagger!

    "Abort the attack.

    "The mission has been changed.

    "Bloody Axe is Bai Xinghe's guy. He is a spy that was asked to infiltrate us. The plan has now changed-execute 'Bloody Axe'!

    "There's no need to worry about the attack from the Red Steel Crystal Suit Center. The Red Steel Crystal Suit Center is now fully under our control!"

    For a moment, a hundred bolts of lightning seemed to break out at the same time inside Li Yao's brain.

    'Bloody Axe', the human-skinned bull who had a strong body and a simple mind, did not look like an undercover agent at all. But as it turned out, he was Bai Xinghe's guy!

    In the meantime, despite the gory explosion just now, the Red Steel Crystal Suit Center's overall defense network was not ruined. Why did Fengyu Zhong claim that it was fully under his control?

    Li Yao had still not found the answers to any of his questions when a deafening roar echoed right in front of Li Yao.

    Bloody Axe soared into the sky!

    Having secured a hundred consecutive victories in the underground arenas and retiring safe and sound, Bloody Axe was definitely not as reckless as he appeared to be. His boldness was merely his protective coloration.

    Behind the barbaric and senseless appearance, Bloody Axe was definitely a careful and skeptical man!

    Although Fengyu Zhong's new command was sent to the rest of the space pirates and not him, Bloody Axe still sensed dangerous from the weird behavior of those around him.

    Before the other space pirates surrounded him, he took action and dashed at the Red Steel Crystal Suit Center at his top speed!

    Bloody Axe was wearing a heavy crimson crystal suit, with two giant horns on the helmet. White airwaves were spurting out of the gaps of his crystal suit and made him look like an infuriated bull. He gave other people the feeling that, even if there was a mountain before him, he would simply continue running and break through it!

    The moment Bloody Axe jerked up, Master Phantom Moon, who was the closest to him, took action. Silver brilliance as cold as moonlight shivered and swept toward Bloody Axe unpredictably.

    The silver brilliance was like extremely thick seawater. It did not intend to kill Bloody Axe immediately, but it successfully dragged him down.

    Bloody Axe's crazy rush, after being hindered by the cold moonlight, slowed down for reasons nobody knew.


    Two giant wings seemed to open on Bloody Axe's back. Li Yao observed carefully, only to discover that they were two great axes!

    The great axes flipped up and down and cut off multiple streaks of 'moonlight'.

    But the remaining moonlight was still harassing him incessantly like venomous bugs that could crawl into any gap.

    While Bloody Axe was struggling against the 'moonlight', a shining golden ball suddenly soared from below Bloody Axe and circled around him. The next second, the ball reached his face and split all of a suddenly, reshaping into a special crystal suit with short limbs.

    Li Yao was greatly interested. Wang Haha's Gold Ball Battlesuit!

    Wang Haha was a natural-born dwarf. It was said that he had received a secret technique to soften, shrink, and build up his bones. After he practiced the technique, it became even more impossible that he grow to a normal body size.

    For his figure, it was hard to wear common crystal suits. Therefore, he sought a different approach and asked the crystal suit experts on Spider Den to build a unique crystal suit for him.

    Such a crystal suit would be a gapless iron ball when it is folded. The defense rune arrays carved on the surface were flawless, making the crystal suit even sturdier than many heavy crystal suits.

    Also, pushed by the power rune arrays, the iron ball had utterly unpredictable trajectories. It was difficult for normal Exos to capture it.

    When Wang Haha folded the crystal suit, he was less than one meter tall, but Bloody Axe was almost three meters tall after putting on his heavy crystal suit.

    One small and the other huge, it was almost like a competition between a kid and a giant.

    Wang Haha's tiny body size was now a great advantage for him. He made best use of his agility and velocity. Like a balloon that had been stabbed with countless holes, he flew around Bloody Axe's head at a high speed to interfere with his senses.

    Sharp as Bloody Axe's axes might have been, it was impossible for him cut his own head with them. Besides, there was also a covetous Master Phantom Moon next to him.

    " Hooo! "

    Faced with the attack of Master Phantom Moon and Wang Haha, and sensing that countless other brutal bandits were about to join the fight, Bloody Axe suddenly roared and clashed his great axes against each other hard. In dazzling brilliance, the great axe exploded into thousands of pieces, which darted at Master Phantom Moon and Wang Haha like shooting stars!

    Neither Master Phantom Moon nor Wang Haha anticipated that Bloody Axe would use his axes, which he treasured as much as his own life, in such a way. They were both dazed for a moment.

    Taking advantage of their bewilderment, Bloody Axe turned into a streak of redness and rushed toward the Red Steel Crystal Suit Center.

    While running, he roared, "Don't open fire! I'm on your side!"

    From the depths of the Red Steel Crystal Suit Center, a streak of whiteness soared into the sky and reached Bloody Axe after only a few leaps.

    Bloody Axe was overjoyed. He shouted, "Bai Wulei, help me!"

    The whiteness did not slow down when it reached Bloody Axe. Instead, it further accelerated and crashed into him. Before Bloody Axe realized what was going on, the whiteness had pierced through his crystal suit and his chest!

    It was a pure white crystal suit that seemed to be made of an intact white jade. The crystal suit looked so elegant that it was more like a piece of beautiful artwork than a weapon. There were no redundant paints or decorations on the streamlined facial cover except for two waterdrop-shaped sensors that looked like tears on the corners of the eyes below the two azure crystal cameras.

    Although it had just passed through Bloody Axe's chest, the crystal suit was not in the least stained with blood. It was as clean as any crystal suit could ever be and was shining brilliantly.

    Bloody Axe stiffened. He lowered his head inch by inch and checked, only to discover that a giant hole more than half a meter in diameter had appeared on his torso and that all his internal organs had been burnt to ashes!

    Even for an expert in the Core Formation Stage, it would have been impossible to survive under such circumstances!

    " Bai! Wu! Lei! "

    Bloody Axe cursed his killer's name, gnashing his teeth, with the last big of his strength, before he fell to the ground like a giant bird that had been shot by an arrow.

    What's going on?

    Bloody Axe is Bai Xinghe's guy, and Bai Wulei is the first true disciple of Bai Xinghe as well as the No.2 person of Bai Xinghe's group!

    Why did he slay Bloody Axe and show up right in front of us so straightforwardly?

    Li Yao's heart was beating faster and faster. He vaguely felt that the direction of the battle was going to be beyond his expectations!
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