936 Bombs, More Bombs!

    An hour later, Neltharion returned to the warehouse of biochemical beasts, which was on the minus twenty-sixth floor of the 'Nether World'.

    At this moment, Li Yao finally had the chance to crawl out of the super corrosive stomach of the lightning boa.

    He did not forget to leave several 'souvenirs' in the throat of the lightning boa.

    If the lightning boa was used by the Nether World Watch in a battle in the future, the outcome would certainly be very 'touching'.

    Neltharion hovered above the warehouse of biochemical beasts and located nine surveillance biochemical eyes in total. After calculating all their angles, Li Yao held his breath for half a minute before moving the button on the cover inch by inch with his magnetic magical equipment and Neltharion. Finally, he was out of the beast.

    Like a ghost, before the biochemical eye turned toward him, he dashed out of the biochemical beast container and hid in the narrow gap between two containers, breathing in silence.

    He had constricted his bones and muscles, making himself no larger than a cat, in order to leave enough space for his arm. His fingers were vibrating at a high frequency of more than five thousand times per second. Very soon, the scent of something being burnt could vaguely be smelled.

    It was the scent of his skin being slightly roasted due to the high-frequency rubbing against the hair.

    It was Li Yao's warm-up.

    The warm-up is done. Now start the preparations!

    Li Yao blinked. Golden colors were flash quickly in the depths of his eyes.

    Now that he was in the superlative height of the Core Formation Stage, he could project whatever was his mind to his retinas. He could 'see' hundreds of light beams before him.

    On the illusionary light beams, the map of the island above and below the ground, the forty-seven hypothetical structures of the 'Venomous Scorpion Bone Biting Shackle', and the inventory of the three hundred items that he was planning to modify and assemble were all displayed clearly and orderly.

    All the images were jumping and changing quickly on his retinas. Li Yao divided his computational ability into computation, analysis, and combination simultaneously.

    One third of his computational ability was integrating the 3D map of the 'Nether World' and simulating all the scenarios that he could possibly run into in the operation tomorrow by means of war-games.

    Li Yao assumed that the standard force of the enemy was 'five thousand soldiers of the Nether World Watch and three experts in the demon emperor stage-Lu Wuxin, Despot and Swirl'. Then, he improved the difficulty of the game by thirty percent on such a basis while he calculated his plan and countermeasures under various circumstances.

    One third of his computational ability was trying to recall the refining style of 'Solar Eclipse' Jiang Shaoyang and the traditional style of the Refining Department of Deep Sea University.

    Although Jiang Shaoyang had made remarkable progress compared to the past, the habits and techniques that he had developed since childhood were too deeply rooted to be wiped out, even if they could be covered temporarily.

    Li Yao was now an expert in the superlative height of the Core Formation Stage and a master of refining. But some of his habits still showed traces of the magical equipment graveyard where he learned the arts of refining in the beginning.

    What Li Yao was going to do was look for the familiar style that Jiang Shaoyang covered up before he found a way to counterattack!

    I have always felt that Jiang Shaoyang's refining style is quite similar to mine.

    Then, if I was going to craft a piece of magical equipment that was meant to confine the Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators and the demon emperors, what would I do?

    Brand new structural designs were popping up inside Li Yao's brain. The bright golden lines seemed to be alive and were extending to infinity, cleaving, curling, connecting, and colliding.

    The last third of his computational ability was dedicated to the micro adjustments on Neltharion with his hands.

    Neltharion was a training starship from the era of the Star Ocean Imperium with the purpose of raising captains of a warship.

    Theoretically speaking, Neltharion could do whatever tactical movements a real multipurpose exploration starship could, even including a barrage of the main guns!

    However, since Neltharion was too small, the crystals and 'ammunition' that it could carry were quite limited. The 'main guns' of the model did not boast much damage. One barrage was no better than a normal attack of a Cultivator in the Refinement Stage.

    It was better to significantly enhance the power rune arrays of Neltharion and steer it at high-speed speeds in order to pierce through the enemy like a flying sword.

    Therefore, back when Li Yao was still in the Flying Star Sector, he had already performed a full modification on Neltharion.

    Like with Sparkle, the unhelpful main guns of the model were removed, replaced by a tiny drill of mystic rays. The stealth and scouting abilities of Neltharion had been improved, too.

    Since the drill of mystic rays could dig through the toughest mother lodes, it was certainly able to pierce through the head or chest of an enemy!

    What Li Yao was trying to do now was modify a secondary cannon below the body of Neltharion into a 'pen of mystic rays' that could continuously shoot mystic rays of a low energy level.

    By controlling it remotely, Li Yao would be able to manipulate Neltharion to carve rune arrays from a long distance.

    Other than that, ten mini, oriented crystal bombs that were made of marrow crystals were held on the body of Neltharion, which was no larger than a finger. The bombs might not have been powerful enough, but if they were installed at critical locations, they would significantly interfere with the normal functions of a large magical equipment system.

    Those were all the weapons on Neltharion.


    Eleven minutes and nine seconds later, Li Yao finished considering. His hands picked up almost a hundred components as quick as a storm and started assembling them.

    His hands did not stop until more than twenty hours later.

    When he made up his mind to have an adventure in the Blood Demon Sector by himself in the beginning, he had stuffed all kinds of magical equipment and crystals into his ten Cosmos Rings. He did not expect that they would come in handy in such a place.

    He spent three hours modifying Neltharion and five hours making the tools to crack the 'Venomous Scorpion Bone Biting Shackle'.

    In the remaining time, other than building the necessary ancillary magical equipment, he was fully dedicated to assembling and modifying the crystal bombs and almost used up all of the materials inside his ten Cosmos Rings.

    I really can't wait any longer!

    After he put the last crystal bomb back into the Cosmos Ring, Li Yao finally struggled to stretch out his arms for the first time in the past day and night. He opened a bottle of medication drugs with his teeth, took half the drugs orally, and sprayed half of them onto his hands, which were now bleeding profusely. Burning sounds were echoing nonstop.

    Sensing the itching as the new flesh grew quickly, Li Yao felt his heart beating fast. His head seemed to be filled with crystal bombs, which were blowing up one after another.

    When he thought of the countless soldiers of the Nether World Watch that were about to be blown into the sky, their internal organs blossoming like fireworks, Li Yao could not have felt more excited.

    Li Yao slightly frowned. His telepathic thoughts entered deep into his brain, and he gazed at the mental devil. "You are trying to influence me without me knowing again, aren't you?"

    The mental devil blinked innocently. "Should I stop?"

    "Forget it."

    Li Yao licked his lips and wetted his throat that was about to be burnt with his saliva and blood. He let loose part of the restraints on his soul so that the strength of the mental devil could nurture the crimson left eye incessantly. "Today, you don't need to."


    One hour, twenty-three minutes, and fifty-seven seconds passed.

    According to the calendar of the Blood Demon Sector, it was 10:32:33 a.m., March the seventh.

    At this moment, Elder Nether Spring was exchanging a secret agreement with Jin Tuyi, the new commander-in-chief of the coalition army of the demon race, in a secret chamber of the headquarters of the Pantheon of Demons.

    After they exchanged a drop of each other's heart-tip blood and swore a Blood Oath, they both put on a mysterious, meaningful smile.

    "With the full support of the Nether Spring Kingdom and the Kingdom of Lion Butchers, the Red Tide Operation has got off to a good start. It won't be long before the Heaven's Origin Sector becomes ours!"

    Jin Tuyi could not have sounded more excited.

    "Yes. The Heaven's Origin Sector is destined to be ours!"

    Elder Nether Spring's eyes passed Jin Tuyi's shoulders and pierced through the thick eyes, staring at the future that was not far away.

    At the same moment, deep inside the icy, stormy ocean a hundred thousand kilometers to their north, in the middle of the savaging gales and turbulence, from the south of an inconspicuous lone island buried in snow, Neltharion flew out of the underground world quietly again, heading toward the north.

    The captive camp was exactly the same as the day before. The fierce battle yesterday did not leave many wounds on the muscular, monstrous captives. However, the two groups were even more clearly divided right now. Everybody was tormenting the hardest rocks with all their strength in silence. The air was so intense that it could have frozen at any moment.

    Li Yao saw Han Tuhu and Suo Chaolong, the two leaders of the captives, after only a quick look. The two of them were glaring at each other across the 'boundary' right in the middle like two roosters and cursing in the most profane language. Even the frigid wind was not enough to shut their mouths. They were also spitting noisily on the ground nonstop.

    Li Yao had thought to reach out to Han Tuhu in advanced so that he could be prepared, but he eventually dismissed the idea after much deliberation.

    He did not know Han Tuhu very well. However, judging from his reactions the other day, he was certainly a bit radical and fractious after being modified into such a horrific appearance through the harsh experiments. It would be terrible if he showed any openings when he was not in a good mood.

    Li Yao had no doubt that countless pairs of eyes were gazing at the prisoners in places that he could not see.

    But Suo Chaolong's demon captives are in quite an awkward position for me.

    If possible, Li Yao had hoped to bring away part of the demon captives, too. The reason was simple. Since Suo Chaolong was the commander of the 'Blood Lion Squad', an elite troop of the coalition army of the demon race, he was certainly a noble of the Kingdom of Lion Butchers. He was walking evidence to prove Elder Nether Spring's scheme.

    However, Suo Chaolong was apparently very hostile against human beings. As a silver-blood demon, he was not particularly fond of the black-blood demons and the chaotic-blood demons who also caused the crushing defeat of the 'Battle of Dawn'. He was like an unpredictable time bomb. Li Yao was not sure what was on his mind at all.

    I can only play it by ear now!

    Steering Neltharion, Li Yao dived into the cold ocean.

    The previous day, he had examined the internal structure of the captive camp. Since it was large enough for tens of thousands of captives and guards to live in, the ventilation and drainage facilities were necessary for them to survive in the underground environment.

    Li Yao tried compromising the ventilation facilities, but the few tubes that he located were all guarded by highly-sensitive rune arrays. So, he had to make plans with the drainage facilities.
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