950 Get Up and Leave!


    The arrival of the Fire Ant King gave Lu Wuxin and the rest of them an even bigger surprise than the grand entrance of the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit did.

    Lu Wuxin's eyeballs nearby bulged out of their sockets, the blood vessels nearly tearing apart.

    He could not figure out how the Fire Ant King had gotten rid of the Venomous Scorpion Bone Biting Shackle at all. The so-called best confining magical equipment of the Star Glory Federation did not deserve its name!

    Besides, a demon emperor had now joined hands with a Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator. Such a combination could not have been more dreadful!

    One demon emperor plus one Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator did not equal two super experts. With the coverage of each other, they would have a huge amount of time for their rest and the cooldown of their weapons. Their combat ability would be more than tripled!

    It was quite a subtle situation right now.

    The Nether World Watch still had the advantage in numbers and average capability. At the south of the island, a lot of well-trained soldiers were still in battle formation and fully supplied, ready to fight.

    More soldiers, on the other hand, were now trapped in the 'Nether World'. But since the teleportation array and the lifts had been turned off by Li Yao, they had to crawl to the ground through the emergency channel like ants.

    However, as time went by, they would certainly reach the ground. In the meantime, another batch of soldiers was attacking the control center in order to reactivate the teleportation array and the lifts.

    On the captives' side, after the fierce battles just now, they had suffered heavy casualties and were merely fighting with their resolution. They were running out of momentum. There was no way that they could persist for long.

    However, in terms of elite warriors, the captives were now at an advantage.

    Li Yao boasted an ultimate core. After he put on the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit, his combat ability was higher than the middle level of the Nascent Soul Stage. The Fire Ant King remained stagnant in the demon emperor stage for decades and had abundant combat experience!

    On the Nether World Watch's side, 'Swirl' was merely close to the demon emperor stage by the boost of demon cores. Although Lu Wuxin was in the beginning level of the demon emperor stage, he was best at medical arts and modification, so he was nowhere near as good at fighting as the Fire Ant King.

    Besides, Li Yao had also controlled a powerful warship that could provide fierce fire support at any time!

    A subtle dilemma was thus created.

    But in the very next second, it was broken by crazy roars!

    The sky-hunting warship of the Blade of Chaos did not stop in midair. Instead, it leaned toward the ground slightly, and the captives rained down their fury, which had been suppressed for a long time.

    They were not attacking Lu Wuxin but the defense line before the other captives!

    The Nether World Watch, which had been traumatized by Li Yao's stunning performance, was already frightened. The defense line that could barely hold itself together in the first place collapsed completely under the barrage of the sky-hunting warship.

    The captives under Suo Chaolong and Han Tuhu's command took the opportunity to launch a counter-charge!

    Li Yao had never been a commander, and he did not know much about military tactics. The Fire Ant King did not have much experience in commanding the regular army in battle, either. Therefore, the two of them only thought to stall the Nether World Watch by themselves so that the captives could evacuate.

    However, it had never occurred to them how long it would take for the thousand captives to retreat to the sky-hunting warship.

    To retreat, they had to attack first!

    Suo Chaolong and Han Tuhu, as two best mid-level commanders of the army in the Blood Demon Sector and the Heaven's Origin Sector respectively, knew the point clearly. They seized the timing of the battle keenly. While Li Yao was on a killing spree in midair, they asked the lightly wounded to retreat to the sky-hunting warship carrying the heavily wounded, and they gathered all the weapons and armor that they had looted and launched a suicidal counter-charge together with a hundred or so soldiers who were still able to fight!

    Their situation was changed in the blink of an eye.

    It never rains; it pours.

    Today, luck was truly not on the Nether World Watch's side. Right when the first defense line of the Nether World Watch was collapsing completely under the counter-charge of the captives, the devilish warship, which had crashed and broken in half because of the Frost Storm Flowers, finally exploded. The immense blast consumed almost a hundred soldiers of the Nether World Watch who were passing by. The narrow and long area in the middle of the island was entirely enshrouded by fire, blocking the north of the island from the south!

    Naturally, there were a lot of experts in the Nether World Watch who were adept at flying.

    However, it was difficult to keep a neat battle formation in the air.

    The battle formation was of paramount importance in a battlefield. The lone soldiers without teammates and cover were merely chopping their own heads off and feeding themselves to their enemy if they were exposed to a hostile warship.

    "Kill them!"

    Li Yao and the Fire Ant King both had sharp eyes. Although they did not realize the importance of attack in the beginning, they soon discovered the Nether World Watch's weakness when they saw Han Tuhu and Suo Chaolong lunging forward like hungry dogs.

    The two of them looked at each other and turned into two streaks of brightness simultaneously, piercing into the battle formation of the soldiers in midair!

    Wave the saber, concentrate the energy, blow it out, and explode!

    Li Yao triggered almost a hundred black auras of saber around him. After countless slashes, mysterious redness was flowing in the auras. It was not Li Yao's spiritual energy but the blood and broken souls of the soldiers of the Nether World Watch that had been restricted to his weapon!

    As if possessed by the god of killing, the more soldiers he killed, the crazier he became. While his spiritual energy was consumed at an unbelievable speed, he was suddenly caught in a brand-new vibe. In the end, he did not need to wave his saber at all and could freeze a soldier of the Nether World Watch with nothing except his dominating killing intent!


    Suddenly, the area in front of him was empty. His killing intent, almost tangible, could not find the next target. There were no living soldiers of the Nether World Watch and only clusters of dense blood mist in the hundreds of square meters nearby!

    Lu Wuxin and Swirl did not have the courage to challenge him anymore. They escaped at the early opportunity to the south of the island where the battle formation of the Nether World Watch was still tight.

    Huchi! Huchi! Huchi!

    It was not until this moment that Li Yao sensed that his windpipe and lungs had been seriously torn apart because of high-speed breathing. His shoulders had also been severely worn because he had waved his saber thousands of times in only several seconds. Fractures were everywhere on his arms due to the heavy collisions. His heart was also on the verge of exploding because of overloading!

    The Fire Ant King slowly stopped next to Li Yao. He was also breathing rapidly, and his limbs were trembling as hard as Li Yao's.

    After all, the Fire Ant King had been tortured by Lu Wuxin and only struggled through the battle by the boost of the strengthening drugs.

    The two of them looked at each other and decided to stop chasing.

    At the south of the island, the battle formation of the Nether World Watch was not disrupted, and the defense line was still flawless. A lot of biochemical beasts had been deployed, too. If they marched close recklessly, it was likely that they would be mired in combat.

    Also, the captives who were in the middle of a counter-charge were displaying signs of fatigue as they moved to where the devilish warship exploded, too.

    They were too tired and had been fighting too hard after all. At first, they were electrified by the super high-voltage electric arcs. Then, they fought against the longswords and iron armor of the Nether World Watch with bare fists. Some of them had multiple flying swords and battle sabers stuck in their body. When they were charging, they were leaving a path of blood behind them. Their intestines were sometimes flowing out because of the explosions, but they simply stuffed them back and continued moving forward!

    Many of them collapsed while they were charging forward, never to stand up again.

    Some of them grabbed the enemy's neck after they stabbed their blade into the enemy's chest, turning into a gray statue together with their enemy.

    Besides, three devilish warships were still parked in the dock!

    Li Yao's Cosmos Rings were not bottomless, and there was only a limited number of crystal bombs that he could produce. Inside the Nether World, in order to blow his way into the control center, he had used up too many crystal bombs. After he arrived at the dock, the remaining crystal bombs had been far from enough to blow up the three devilish warships.

    Therefore, he had deployed all the crystal bombs that he had left on the floating ice that was the camouflage around the dock. He detonated the ice and drowned the dock.

    Such damage was only temporary. The enemy would repair the dock very soon or simply board on the devilish warships in the deep sea.

    If the enemy had the powerful fire support of the devilish warships, it would be quite a disaster. The sky-hunting warship of the Blade of Chaos was no match for the devilish warships of the Nether World Watch in terms of both firepower and tonnage.

    "Let's retreat!"

    Under the cover of Li Yao and the Fire Ant King, Han Tuhu and Suo Chaolong commanded the survivors to board the sky-hunting warship in order.

    After the sky-hunting warship took off again, the two of them still floated in the sky of the island and locked onto the enemy at the south with their sharp killing intent.

    When the sky-hunting warship was a hundred kilometers away, the Fire Ant King retreated first.

    He was only supported by strengthening drugs after all, and his recovery would be very difficult if he was overly exhausted.

    Li Yao was faced with thousands of soldiers of the Nether World Watch at the south of the island by himself.

    The red cloak that looked like furious burning fire was still jabbing at the sky like a vivid arrowhead, declaring to the Nether World Watch, I am right here!

    Looking at the blood red 'arrowhead' in the northern sky, Swirl struggled to say, "The captives... have escaped."

    "I know." Lu Wuxin gnashed his teeth. The world was spinning around in his head even to this moment.

    Twenty minutes ago, he had received yet another piece of devastating news.

    Before the enemy left the control center, they had played a dirty trick by turning off most of the defense rune arrays of the 'Demon God Virus Research Center', which was in the deepest part of the Nether World, allowing all the uncontrollable mutants locked inside to flee.

    Right then, it was unimaginable what was happening deep below the Nether World!

    Lu Wuxin had to mobilize a lot of soldiers to the Nether World to take back the control center and suppress the uncontrollable mutants.

    What could he do when faced with such a mysterious yet cunning Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator?

    Send several hundred soldiers to chase after him?

    It would be a joke!

    The only outcome by doing so would be that the enemy would kill dozens of soldiers with his high speed and then run away!

    Who could follow a Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator wearing a super crystal suit above the ocean where there were absolutely no obstacles?

    Therefore, Lu Wuxin could only watch Li Yao flying up and leaving.

    It was not until the fire-like cloak vanished over the horizon that he suddenly shuddered and vomited a mouthful of black blood.

    "One person. One person has almost overturned the Nether World!

    "Who is he? Who is he exactly?"
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