997 One Shot in the Head, One Stab in the Heart!

    The more she talked, the more excited Jin Xinyue became. She trembled as she exclaimed, "That's right. It has been baffling me how the wormholes built five hundred years ago remained stable to this day without being discovered by the federation. Besides, are the wormholes large enough to teleport so many soldiers all at once?

    "If it is not the wormholes of the Far East Demon Kingdom that my father is counting on but the Eye of Blood Demon, everything makes sense now!

    "As it turns out, the real Red Tide Plan is to teleport the elite troops of the coalition army of demons to the counterattack bases of the Far East Demon Kingdom in the East Ocean of the Star Glory Federation through the Eye of Blood Demon!"

    "You're wrong again," Li Yao said calmly. "You made exactly the same mistake like I did in the beginning.

    "When I figured out things about the Eye of Blood Demon, I also thought that your father would teleport all the elite troops into the East Ocean of the Star Glory Federation through it.

    "Very soon, I realized that I was being unforgivably stupid!

    "If the Eye of Blood Demon could really break the barrier between two worlds, why would the destination be set at the East Ocean of the Star Glory Federation? Why shouldn't the troops be directly teleported to the capital city of the Star Glory Federation? One shot in the head, one stab in the Heart!"

    Jin Xinyue was astounded by the dreadful hypothesis!

    Shua! Shua! Shua! Shua!

    Li Yao turned on almost ten light beams with his hands that were shivering in excitement, displaying the maps of the southeast area of the Star Glory Federation.

    Pointing at the zigzagging coastline and the few light spots that represented super large cities, Li Yao ardently introduced, "Look. This is the terrain in the southeast of the Star Glory Federation.

    "We can clearly see from the map that the capital city of the federation does not border the ocean. In fact, it is hundreds of kilometers away from the coastline. In the middle of the capital circle and the East Ocean are several major cities, such as Floating Spear City, Purple Cloud City, and Magnificent Cloud Special District, all of which are the famous towns of training in the federation where countless Cultivation sects are headquartered.

    "Even if the regular army is moved away, there is still a great number of fighters and Cultivators among the civilians.

    "According to the sham Red Tide Plan, the coalition army of demons will have to demolish Floating Spear City, Purple Cloud City, Magnificent Cloud Special District, and all the other major cities in their way before they finally get to the capital city of the federation!

    "However weakly guarded the rear of the federation is, and however invincible the elite troops of the coalition army of demons are, how long do you think it will take for them to breach the major cities and the headquarters of the Cultivation sects? There's no doubt that the local fighters and Cultivators will not hesitate to spill their flood to block the coalition army of demons!

    "One day, two days?

    "It must be noted that Cultivators move very fast. For a Cultivator in the Core Formation Stage or the Nascent Soul Stage, it is as easy as pie to ride several thousand kilometers on a sword in one day. When news that the coalition army of demons lands on the coastline is out, even if the time is too limited for the army to mobilize, the Cultivators will certainly be able to return to the capital city within a day or two!

    "There is also a possibility that is even more appalling!

    "The federation has known about the Red Tide Plan since long ago. A great army has been gathered on the eastern coastline of the federation, ready to strike the coalition army of demons the moment they are teleported over, like the well-prepared soldiers in the ancient times who attacked the enemy when their enemy was half way through the river. As a result, the coalition army of demons would be annihilated on the beach!

    "Think about it. Even you know so many things about the Red Tide Plan. Is it really a top secret? Are you so sure that the Star Glory Federation knows nothing about it?

    "Therefore, after having a super teleportation array like the Eye of Blood Demon, why on earth would your father teleport the troops to the East Ocean of the Star Glory Federation?

    "According to the original theory, it is because the exit of the secret wormholes of the Far East Demon Kingdom is in the East Ocean, and there are some sort counterattack bases in the depths of the ocean.

    "But as we have analyzed just now, both of the two reasons are invalid. The wormholes and the counterattack bases are equally groundless!

    "Based on such findings, I have come up with the real Red Tide Plan!

    "The fake troops on the northern battlefield of the Grand Desolate Plateau are indeed decoys and a distraction.

    "But the so-called counterattack bases of the Far East Demon Kingdom in the southern battlefield are false, too. They are smoke grenades. They are the second layer of strategical deception hidden in the first layer of strategical deception. They are the decoys concealed in the decoys!

    "If the Star Glory Federation is fooled by the first decoys and deploys the main force in the Giant Blade Pass and the Grand Desolate Plateau, it will be all good.

    "But if the Star Glory Federation has learned of the sham Red Tide Plan and moved most of the main force to the eastern coastline, preparing to annihilate the elite troops of the coalition army of demons as they teleport over, under the illusion that their enemy will come by way of the wormholes in the East Ocean, their endeavors will still be futile.

    "Your father, the commander-in-chief of the coalition army, has never thought to attack from the East Ocean like an idiot.

    "His real plan is to teleport the elite troops of the coalition army of demons, dozens of demon emperors, and hundreds of devilish warships directly into the capital city of the Star Glory Federation, or, if possible, to the rostrum of the parliament of the federation!

    "This is the ultimate version of the Red Tide Plan in your father's head!"

    Jin Xinyue's breath and blood almost froze at the same time.

    Li Yao, on the other hand, was sweating hard in excitement as if he had just finished a remote practice with a top expert. Hot steam popped up out of his head and condensed into mist.

    Not entirely satisfied, he remarked, "Did you know? Since the moment you mentioned the Red Tide Plan to me, I always felt very uncomfortable.

    "I felt that I was on the verge of a precipice, and I would fall into the abyss if I took a step further!

    "I spent many a night contemplating and finally figured out the source of my unease. It was because the apparent Red Tide Plan was too simple, too tawdry, and too easily cracked!

    "As the saying goes, like father, like son. You are just a minor saintess in the Pantheon of Demons and a junior in the level of demon king. Still, you were bodacious enough to compete with me with your wisdom and courage. With that in mind, would your father Jin Tuyi be as incapable as he appeared to be? Was he stupid enough to not notice how hilarious the Red Tide Plan on the surface was?

    "It was not until a few days ago, when I finally figured out the head-shooting, heart-stabbing, real Red Tide Plan that had been concealed in the darkness all the time, that my anxiety was finally allayed.

    "Unstable wormholes of the Far East Demon Kingdom, the counterattack bases, the major cities of the federation standing on the way... All the obstacles have never existed in the first place! They are all distractions and smoke grenades, disguises that your father has thrown out!

    "The purpose of the Red Tide Plan since the very beginning, sole and unchanged, has always been the capital city, the capital city, and the capital city of the Star Glory Federation!

    "This is more like a plan that the supreme commander of the coalition army of demons should make!"

    Li Yao's delirious appearance somehow scared Jin Xinyue.

    She could not help but move slightly away from him. Breathing hard in disbelief, she asked, "But isn't this too much a coincidence? The critical part of my father's Red Tide Plan is a 'weight slingshot', and he happened to have found one of use to him?"

    Li Yao extended his thumb and index finger, making a gesture of twisting a screw. He twisted it clockwise and then anticlockwise. "Reverse thinking. Try to think reversely!

    "The core of the Red Tide Plan your father concocted is a 'weight slingshot' that does not exist in the Blood Demon Sector, and your father happens to know the ways to modify a 'distance slingshot' that does exist in the Blood Demon Sector. All the modification work happens to have been completed at the most urgent moment. Normally speaking, there are indeed to many coincidences.

    "But what if you think reversely?

    "Can we hypothesize that your father received the technology, or legacy, about a certain super teleportation array decades ago before he concocted the entire Red Tide Plan with the super teleportation array as the core?"

    Jin Xinyue was frowning so hard that her facial organs were kissing each other. "Master, do you have any evidence for your hypothesis?"

    Weird brilliance was shining in Li Yao's eyes. He seemed to be dismantling a piece of magical equipment skillfully, ripping off the components that were only the size of seeds, and placing them on the ground so that everybody could see them clearly.

    "Ever since I learned that your father was the commander-in-chief of the coalition army of demons, I knew that there would be a confrontation between us. Therefore, I collected his files and guessed his personality. Also, communicating with you after so many days, I got a lot of inside information about him, too.

    "As a result, I have discovered a lot of interesting facts.

    "It is my understanding that the Feather Clan is best at teleportation arrays and space jumps in the Blood Demon Sector, right?"

    Jin Xinyue nodded. "The Feather Clan worships speed and mobility. Is there anything that is faster than teleportation arrays? Therefore, the Feather Clan has always attached great importance to the production of teleportation arrays. We've collected a lot of prototypes of ancient teleportation arrays, too."

    "The twelve demon emperors of the Pantheon of Demons have different duties," Li Yao said. "Since decades ago, your father has been responsible for the affairs regarding the exploration of the world fragments and the sea of stars. If we compare him to the post in the government of the Star Glory Federation, he would be the 'Minister of Universal Exploration and Development' or 'President of the Occult Orbs Fellowship' of the Blood Demon Sector, right?"

    Her father's job was not a secret. Jin Xinyue nodded. "Since the Feather Clan is most adept at teleportation arrays, it is only reasonable that my father took the duty. Although the specific title was different, my father was indeed responsible for the affairs in those regards. But they are someone else's duty now that he is the commander-in-chief of the coalition army. Does it have anything to do with the Red Tide Plan?"

    Li Yao was smiling more and more mysteriously. "After I learned the two facts, I pursued further and made a shocking discovery. As it turned out, more than ten years ago, it was your father who insisted on the construction of the Eye of Blood Demon and the exploration of Boneyard!"
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