1030 Appearance of the Spore!

    However, he definitely would not say what was on his mind directly.

    As a leader who was experienced in political struggles, Hong Yuntao knew exactly what a terrifying beast the will of the people was when it was completely activated.

    Right at that moment, hundreds of thousands of soldiers, who were both crazy and confused, were still standing right below them. How could he negotiate 'peace' with the enemy right now?

    Also, even if he agreed to peace, the rest of the demon emperors behind him would not!

    As he expected, Hong Yuntao sensed that a volcano was erupting violently behind him. Jin Tuyi shouted at the top of his voice. "Shut up! Do you think that we are scared of death?

    "Even if we have lost fourteen demon emperors, even if more than ten elite troops are now gone forever, and even if the wormhole is permanently closed, so what?

    "We still have dozens of demon emperors, hundreds of thousands of soldiers, and billions of civilians who can fight!

    "Even if the Blood Demon Sector is drowned in the ocean of fire, even if there is only one last soldier that is still standing, even if all the demons are sent out to battle, we will carry on the fight with the shameless Cultivators of the Heaven's Origin Sector!

    "We are the offspring of Pangu. We are the children of Nuwa. We do not fear death! Death is just a starting point. Obliteration! Rebirth! Immortality!"

    He seemed to have gone mad because of his eldest son's death.

    Hong Yuntao's eyes passed Jin Tuyi and stopped at the rest of the demon emperors on the spot.

    They were mostly mediocre demon emperors-from the cities and caves outside of the four superpowers or the smaller-sized noble families in the four superpowers-who were not qualified to participate in the decision-making process of the Pantheon of Demons.

    In short, they used to be the vassals of the twelve demon emperors of the Pantheon of Demons.

    However, right now, of the twelve demon emperors of the Pantheon of Demons, several had perished in the collapsing wormhole. Those 'mediocre' demon emperors could not help but have other thoughts.

    Hong Yuntao and those demon emperors exchanged some information secretly during their eye contact.

    A few demon emperors from the Sea Clan subtly moved to other locations under his lead.

    "Jin Tuyi, as the commander-in-chief of the coalition army of demons, are you obstinate enough to treat the lives of hundreds of thousands of soldiers and billions of demons as the fuel of your hatred?"

    Taking a deep breath, Li Yao bulged his eyes and summoned his demonic energy. Glamorous shell and bone spurs appeared on his left arm, which spread out to his chest forming attractive stripes.

    He extended his left hand, and the gem-like crystal in his palm popped up. Demonic fire was rushing out of the crystal and dancing merrily on the top of his palm!

    The scene, after being enlarged by the hologram projector, was seen clearly by the hundreds of thousands of soldiers below him.

    Most of the elite troops were not aware of Li Yao's identity. They only knew that he was a Cultivator from the Heaven's Origin Sector.

    But right then, the 'Cultivator' was performing techniques of the demon race in public and unleashing intense demonic energy that was no weaker than Jin Tuyi's!

    The best soldiers of the demon race, whose heads were still dizzy because of the savaging tidal force a moment ago, were completely befuddled.

    "What-what is going on? Isn't he a Cultivator? Why is he displaying features of a demon?

    "Is he a body fundamentalist? It is said that the body fundamentalists among the Cultivators are able to demonstrate the primeval features, too!

    "How can a body fundamentalist unleash such strong demonic energy? What-what is he exactly?"

    Li Yao clenched the demonic fire in his hands. Passing Jin Tuyi, his eyes were focused on the coalition army of demons around the bloody lake as he declared resolutely, "Jin Tuyi, don't you see? I killed a lot of you by destroying the Eye of Blood Demon, but I have saved a lot more, including the hundreds of thousands of elite soldiers of the demon race right below our feet!

    "If I hadn't destroyed the Eye of Blood Demon and simply allowed you to enter the capital city, every one of you, including the hundreds of thousands of soldiers and the dozens of demon emperors, would have been contaminated by the spores, ending up either as walking dead or Elder Nether Spring's slaves!

    "I warned you, but you were not willing to listen to me. Thus, I had to stop the Spore Stratagem in my own way!"

    Shua! Shua! Shua! Shua! Shua!

    In the sky above Li Yao's head, more than ten enormous light beams appeared again, displaying everything that he had seen in the Mausoleum of Chaos and the Gloomy Islands in the North Pole.

    The fierce fight between the Fire Ant King and Elder Nether Spring in the Mausoleum of Chaos, the existence of the Nether World Watch, the inhumane experiments that Lu Wuxin conducted deep inside the Nether World, Li Yao's battle against the Nether World Watch himself, the miserable appearances of two captains of the captives named Han Tuhu and Suo Chaolong, and tremendous experiment data...

    Most of the pictures had been captured by Neltharion, and the rest had been taken by the crystal cameras of the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit. After the careful montage of the specialists in Skyfire, they had turned into an impressive video clip.

    For most of the elite soldiers of the coalition army, they had never learned the details of the Spore Stratagem and considered it pure nonsense, if they had ever heard it at all.

    This was the first time that they had seen such a shocking view!

    Li Yao specifically magnified the picture where Lu Wuxin was testing the 'uncontrollable mutants' deep inside the Nether World.

    The uncontrollable mutants, whose horror was beyond imagination, seemed to be roaring right in front of the elite soldiers' eyes. They all felt that their blood was freezing.

    The soldiers were even more infuriated when they saw that even the 'noble' silver-blood demons were also locked deep below the ground for experiments and even modified into the appearance of human beings!

    "Is this true? Such a dreadful army named 'Nether World Watch' is lurking in the North Pole?"

    "Demon God Virus? Uncontrollable mutants? This-this is too scary!

    "Why are the demons turning into the appearance of human beings and human beings now look more like demons?"

    For many soldiers of the demon race, their worldview collapsed in that moment.

    Hong Yuntao stared at the new information without batting his eyes. It was not the shocking picture that he paid attention to but the sophisticated experiment data.

    The impeccable data cast Hong Yuntao into deep thought.

    Videos could be faked however extraordinary the visual and sound effects were, but the data, which was internally linked, could not be fabricated easily.

    "False. That is all false!" Jin Tuyi gnashed his teeth. "This is all part of the Star Glory Federation's strategic deception. You are just trying to buy yourself more time!"

    Li Yao burst into such laughter that tears were flowing out of his eyes. "The Eye of Blood Demon has collapsed. So many demon emperors and elite soldiers have been killed. You cannot possibly launch a large-scale attack in the next three to five years. Is there any need for me to buy more time?

    "Jin Tuyi, believe it or not, the fatal spores are hiding inside your army right now!

    "The Eye of Blood Demon has been destroyed anyway. For the time being, you will not be able to start a new attack. So, why don't you perform a full examination on the soldiers here? I guarantee that you will certainly find the spores!

    "One last reminder. The wormhole leading to the Heaven's Origin Sector has been completely closed. The spores will not reach the Heaven's Origin Sector. Therefore, they will only be trouble for the Blood Demon Sector!

    "It doesn't matter to me whether you believe me or not. After all, even if Elder Nether Spring bursts into fury and turns to his last resort, the worst-case scenario is that the Blood Demon Sector will become a living hell and all the soldiers, as well as your family, will be transformed into zombies. Do I really care about that at all?"

    Jin Tuyi was trembling in anger. The tip of his every feather was turning crimson, as if he had donned a big, red battle robe. He raised his right arm high and pointed at Li Yao like a saber.

    "Commander, what are you doing?"

    Sensing that Jin Tuyi's killing intent was soaring, Hong Yuntao's face lost its color as he dashed to Jin Tuyi and said in a low voice, "I feel that what the guy said is not entirely pointless. The Eye of Blood Demon has been destroyed. Our morale has hit rock bottom. We have lost the war. What use is there in killing him right now? Let's figure out how to clean this mess up first!"

    Jin Tuyi glimpsed at him coldly.

    "Look at the soldiers below us," Hong Yuntao added in a hurry. "They are in disorder right now. If even Blood Demon is destroyed by him, what can we expect to compete against the Heaven's Origin Sector with?"

    "He couldn't have installed too many crystal bombs in only ten seconds!" Jin Tuyi remarked gloomily. "He is just bluffing!"

    "The issue is not whether he can destroy Blood Demon or not!" Hong Yuntao lowered his voice and said quickly, "The real issue is that more than ten demon emperors from the Claw Clan and the Insect Clan, as well as a great number of elite warriors of the Nether Spring Kingdom and the Kingdom of Lion Butchers, have been killed, and their remaining troops are now lacking leadership. We are about to witness an unprecedented change in the history of the Blood Demon Sector, and we must figure out a way to lead the Blood Demon Sector onto a new path! Are we really going to fight until there are no standing soldiers and the Blood Demon Sector is an ocean of fire?"

    Jin Tuyi sniffed. Finally, he turned around and glanced at the demon emperors behind him.

    Some of the demon emperors were deep in thought, and some were wearing a resolute expression. Some of their faces were unpredictable, and some were written with fury. But it was obvious that none of them were prepared to go forth and die together with Li Yao.

    Jin Tuyi's right hand was still in midair, but he could not slash it down anymore.

    Right then-


    The gold-winged falcon below him suddenly shrieked in an ear-splitting voice and knocked him off before it flew higher into sky!

    While flying, it was writhing in pain. Countless dark, green pustules appeared on the falcon's body and festered at a visible speed, soon enveloping the beast and turning it into an abnormal monster made of a series of lumps. Then, the pustules all exploded into clusters of dark, green mist!

    "This is-"

    Everybody was shocked!

    The venomous mist raged and spread out.

    Jin Tuyi was greatly startled. He retreated hundreds of meters back together with the other demon emperors before commanding a barrage of the devilish warships to burn the 'venomous mist' into nothingness with demonic fire!

    "Is this the spore?"

    Jin Tuyi's face suddenly turned gray. He mumbled, "Elder Nether Spring planted the spore into my biochemical beast and set the time of explosion in advance.

    "If the Eye of Blood Demon wasn't destroyed, I would've been engaged in a fierce battle in the capital city of the Star Glory Federation right now!

    "If the spore was suddenly triggered while I was fighting hard..."
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