1053 The Way of Persuasion

    "Cut the crap!" Chief Dao burst into fury. "The idiotic country folk regard you as a saintess and think that you can save you, but I have seen through you and your father since the beginning!

    "You are clearly dispelling the dissidents and taking as much power as you can, using the outbreak of the Demon God Virus as an excuse. You are even negotiating peace with human beings of the Heaven's Origin Sector, our mortal enemies!

    "No, I was wrong. It is not peace that you are negotiating but surrendering! Look at yourself right now. Are you a saintess of the Pantheon of Demons? You are obviously an out-and-out agent of the human beings!

    "Your father and you are the greatest traitors of the Blood Demon Sector! Over the past three months, too many silver-blood demons have been tortured into half-human-half-demon appearances by your drugs! Now, you are trying to transform me into your hideous look? Hehe. In your dreams!"

    His saliva darted into Jin Xinyue's face like nails.

    However, Jin Xinyue ignored it and replied, "Since the destruction of the Eye of Blood Demon, the situation in the Blood Demon Sector has been turbulent. There are many rumors in the outside world, but they were all intentionally made up by Elder Nether Spring and his subordinates. Many nobles have second thoughts about my father's policy because of the rumors. I believe that Chief Dao must've been misled by the rumors.

    "However, you've seen the damage caused by Elder Nether Spring in person. The territory of the 'Phantom Saber Mantis' was scourged by the Demon God Virus, too. Are the facts not enough to wake you up, Chief Dao?"

    "Do you think I am a three-year-old?" Chief Dao sneered. "Elder Nether Spring is truly insane, I'll give you that, but everybody knows what is on the mind of you and your father, too!

    "You of all people know what happened in the Pantheon of Demons in the past three months!

    "At first, under the pretext of 'search for the accomplices of Elder Nether Spring', you captured a lot of silver-blood demons and killed everybody who resisted.

    "But how many of them were real accomplices? How many of them were loyal warriors of the Blood Demon Sector who did not concur with the peace deal with the Heaven's Origin Sector? And how many of them were killed by your father, you, and the so-called 'Vulture Li Yao' as stepping stones because they were unwilling to relinquish their power?

    "Hehe. After the plague broke out and the coalition army of demons marched into the epidemic area, so many experts died without a good cause!

    "Chief Yuan of the Green-Eyed Ancient Wolves, Chief Shen Tu of the Six-Armed Fiendish Apes, Chief Wang of the Red-Haired Bloody Lions. How did they die exactly?"

    Jin Xinyue sighed as if she felt very sorry about them. "They were all ambushed by the Nether World Watch and murdered by Elder Nether Spring."

    "Is that so?" Chief Dao spat on the ground brutally. "Of so many nobles, those who support your father and you are jumping up and down every day, but those who object to you, who believe that human beings and demons cannot live under the same roof, and who firmly reject the peace negotiations with the Heaven's Origin Sector have all happened to be 'assassinated' by the Nether World Watch? Elder Nether Spring must be a dog in your house since he is working so dutifully for you!"

    "There's nothing I can do if you don't believe it," Jin Xinyue said casually. "We've got both evidence and eyewitnesses. They were truly assassinated by the Nether World Watch. We captured the murderers, and they all confessed later."

    "Of course I don't believe it!" Chief Dao burst into laughter. "You've captured so many soldiers of the Nether World Watch recently. With your interrogation, of course you can make them say whatever you want them to say!

    "I am told that your father has also been stating in the Pantheon of Demons lately that a Dark Lady of Nine Heavens should be elected to pacify the people now that the Blood Demon Sector is so chaotic. He also mentioned that the Dark Lady of Nine Heavens will break the traditions and have the right the mobilize the coalition army of demons. It is needless to say that the Dark Lady of Nine Heavens will certainly be you, right?

    "On the surface, you are injecting the Divine God of Chaos to eliminate the virus, but in fact, you want me to look like a human being like you so that I will take your side, don't you?

    "You can give up your fantasies now!

    "The Phantom Saber Mantis will always be the purest demons. We will never negotiate peace with human beings of the Heaven's Origin Sector. Never!

    "Kill me if you want, in the same way you killed the chiefs of the Green-Eyed Ancient Wolves, the Six-Armed Fiendish Apes, the Red-Haired Bloody Lions, and so many other tribes!

    "After I die, the entire Phantom Saber Mantis, and all the other branches of the Saber Mantis, will rise up against you until none of us are left!

    "Hahahaha. Come on. Kill me if you want all the members of the Phantom Saber Mantis to rebel!"

    Jin Xinyue listened in silence and did not defend herself. She simply shook her head and sighed in a low voice, as if she felt sorry that the chief of the Phantom Saber Mantis could not understand her sincerest, purest kindness.

    After hearing his speech, she even untied the chief so that he could sit up straight on the operation bed.

    "You dare not to kill me? Hehe-"

    Half way through Chief Dao's laughter, Jin Xinyue suddenly turned into a streak of white brightness and darted toward Chief Dao's abdomen.

    Her force was so tremendous that even his solid shell was blown to smithereens. The chief was kicked into the air even though he was more than two meters tall!

    Jin Xinyue closed follow him. The streak of brightness swept to the top of Chief Dao and kicked him brutally yet another time, blowing him to a corner of the room!


    Jin Xinyue surpassed the speed of sound. What was hidden below the long robe of the saintess turned out to be a black, shining suit whose elbows and knees had been strengthened by the neatest scales. On the scales were protruding thorns that were emitting a bluish, mysterious glow, indicating that they had been smeared with lethal venom and corrosive liquids!

    The suit was barely noticeable since it was covered by the broad, huge robe. But right now, Jin Xinyue was like a hungry tiger and a dragon that had just gotten out of the ocean. With an ear-splitting sound, she kicked Chief Dao right in his temple, blowing Chief Dao's head deep into the cabin wall with a thunderous explosion. Almost twenty cracks were added to his skull.

    Chief Dao felt that more than a hundred claps of thunder had exploded inside his head at the same time. The world was swirling before his eyes, and he almost passed out.

    Jin Xinyue's long legs pierced out of the long robe and snatched Chief Dao's neck like a beautiful and yet brutal black boa, throwing him to the other side of the cabin. Then, she lunged forward and stomped on Chief Dao's face, exerting her strength!

    Chief Dao's skull, which was already riddled with gaps, began emitting cracking noises, as if his brain was about to be squeezed out!

    But Jin Xinyue did not bother to look at him. She gestured at the surveillance camera in the corner.

    The wall that Chief Dao's face was stuck to closely gradually turned into a transparent glass.


    A monster, which had lumps all over its body and countless tentacles above its neck, suddenly rushed close, leaving a large stain on the strengthened glass.

    It was an uncontrollable mutant that was only one wall away from them.

    Not just any wall, but a transparent one.

    Seeing that Chief Dao was right before it, the uncontrollable mutant was crashing against the strengthened glass crazily. But Chief Dao's head had been stepped on by Jin Xinyue's feet and was unable to move at all. Even his eyeballs were about to burst out because of the pressure.

    Chief Dao could clearly see the tremor of every lump, the shaking of every tentacle, and the fatal venom being secreted from every tusk on the uncontrollable mutant!

    There was no telling whether it was because of his disgust or the serious brain concussion, but Chief Dao felt a strong sense of nausea.

    "Let me tell you something, Chief Dao."

    Jin Xinyue adjusted the force of her feet patiently, ensuring that the gaps on Chief Dao's skull were expanding with the most horrifying cracking noises.

    Wearing the purest, gentlest, and most sacred smile, she said, "First of all, you are a well-respected senior in the demon race, and you enjoy quite a high prestige in the Insect Clan. As a saintess of the Pantheon of Demons, naturally, I cannot kill you.

    "However, do you see the uncontrollable mutant here? In another day, you will be exactly like that. By then, nobody will need to do anything. As long as you are locked up, you will be swallowed by your own cells and die a miserable death if you are hungered for a few days.

    "To avoid the potential rumors, we will shoot the entire process and play the footage to everybody in the Phantom Saber Mantis in the future as proof that you died of the Demon God Virus.

    "Secondly, Yin Tianzun, Elder Blood Robe's junior brother and the acting chief of the Claw Clan, was ambushed by the Nether World Watch yesterday. Because of the heavy wounds, he unfortunately passed away around midnight.

    "Thirdly, upon hearing the news, Master Hollow Wind, the acting chief of the Insect Clan, immediately stated in public that Elder Nether Spring was too insane and that he had to answer for blood with blood. Also, he reiterated that the Insect Clan would be united under Jin Tuyi, the commander-in-chief of the coalition army of demons, and do everything they could to strike the Nether World Watch!

    "Fourthly, because of your infection, your family has been tested, too. As of now, the test results are not out yet. But your youngest son has stated to us that he was willing to inject a large dose of vaccines even if it meant the loss of part of the features of the demon race in case anything went wrong.

    "Hehe. Your youngest son is truly smart. He will certainly grow into an excellent leader given enough time.

    "Chief Dao, you must remember that we haven't brought too many serums and vaccines with us. The carriers of the disease outside are much more than we expected. Every dose of antidote is extremely precious.

    "It was exactly because of your seniority and your prestige in the Nether Spring Kingdom that we decided to give such a valuable opportunity to you in advance. But if you are suspicious that we have other plans, we won't force you to do anything. Why don't you take a rest here in the company of such a lovely friend and think everything through?

    "After you've thought everything through, contact the outside through this stripe. Doctors will come to treat your wounds soon.

    "However, I must remind you that many viruses break out so quickly that they will not even give you the time to regret."

    With a sweet smile, Jin Xinyue removed her feet, which had been deeply buried into Chief Dao's face. She bowed toward him, turned around, and left the chamber.


    When she left without looking back and was about to shut the door, the guy finally called her with complicated emotions.
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