1204 Golden Century!

    Li Yao could not help but rise up. "Senior Jiang, other than the statistics, is there any theory that can explain such a phenomenon? Could it be just a coincidence? Over the past ten years, with the friction between the Heaven's Origin Sector and the Blood Demon Sector getting more and more intense and the few fierce wars fought, more experts were bound to show up!"

    "Fellow Cultivator Li is right!" Jiang Hailiu nodded. "Generally speaking, the odds of experts popping up are greater in times of war. The more peaceful it is, the less likely an expert will appear! Therefore, we have compared the emergence rate of experts in the past ten years with that during the period when we annihilated the last demons in the Blood Demon Sector a hundred years ago on the Grand Desolate Plateau. Our conclusion is that the possibility today is still unusually high!

    "The collective studies of the cosmologists and the specialists in spiritual energy theories have suggested that the probe devices we sent into space detected unusual enhancement of the intensity of spiritual waves continuously for several years. Normally, such an astronomical phenomenon will only occur when a supernova is on an outbreak at a close distance. But right now, it is happening on a daily basis, as if a supernova is appearing around the Heaven's Origin Sector and the Blood Demon Sector every day, and they are getting closer and closer to us!

    "This is just the beginning. The enhancement hasn't ended yet. It is still far from the peak!

    "Why is such a thing happening?

    "The Fellow Cultivators here are mostly not specialists in the spiritual energy theories. So, I will not waste your time with the tedious data and jargon. The relevant research files have been transmitted to your crystal processors. If you are interested, you can study them on your own or communicate with specialists in the field.

    "To put it simply, let's consider a metaphor. The Heaven's Origin Sector and the Blood Demon Sector in the past are like two peaceful ponds. The fish living in the 'ponds', having never been tested by great wind and tide, cannot be really strong, can they?

    "But as the two worlds gradually melted, it's like the two ponds were crashing into each other brutally, raising a shocking whirlpool!

    "If a fish struggles in the surging waves for more than ten years, it will be far stronger than the fish living in peaceful water. Do you find such an opinion acceptable, everyone?

    "On the other hand, although our worlds are small, remote, and barren, it doesn't mean that we have nothing here.

    "The civilization of mankind is a relatively young one after all. It's been less than a hundred thousand years since we entered outer space. Magnificent as the Star Ocean Imperium was, its development of the universe was still primitive. Many resources are unexploitable and even undetectable for us!

    "For a barbarian who feasts upon the raw meat and doesn't know how to make fire, the so-called 'resources' are trees, fruits, and goats. If he is placed in a valley full of crystals, he will feel that the valley is barren, without any resource that is of use to him.

    "By the same logic, at the bottom of the Heaven's Origin Planet, in the place near the core, tremendous high-density cores are stored, but they are barely exploitable for us. In space above our heads, many tantalizing resources are hidden, too. Some of them, including dark matter, are even unobservable for us.

    "Such resources are like the food that has sunk into the mud at the bottom of the ponds, which is beyond the reach of the fish.

    "However, due to the fierce collision of the two ponds, the 'mud' is being thrown to the surface of the water. The resources previously concealed in the mud are also being tossed to every corner of the ponds. The fish can now find them and absorb them easily!

    "This is the benefit that the integration of the two Sectors brings us. In short, new spiritual energy and resources are not generated during the collision, but the potential of the two Sectors has instantly been exploited, allowing us to multiply our efficiency in making use of the spiritual energy in the two Sectors!

    "If one percent of the resources in the Heaven's Origin Sector and the Blood Demon Sector were utilizable for us before, the rate is at least ten percent right now!

    "The integration of two Sectors is a rarely-seen astronomical phenomenon even in the cosmic level. Despite the capability of the Star Ocean Imperium, there has never been any record that two Sectors were melded at human beings' will. It is needless to mention the Imperium of True Human Beings!

    "So, we rest assured that such a 'benefit' is the congenital advantage of the federation that no other forces can copy!

    "According to the specialists, the integration of the Heaven's Origin Sector and the Blood Demon Sector will be completed in the hundred years to come. The aftermath of the shocking spiritual waves will perhaps last another fifty to hundred years! It means that the next two hundred years will be the 'golden centuries' when the federation will develop rapidly! As long as we seize the sprinting period by training and working hard, it is very likely that we will be the force that has the highest percentage of Cultivators in the population in the entire universe!

    "Fellow Cultivators here, you might have chances to break into the legendary Divinity Transformation Stage from the Nascent Soul Stage!"

    Divinity Transformation Stage!

    Bolstered by Jiang Hailiu's words, the atmosphere of the Meeting of the Nascent Soul Stage was like fire that had been boosted with oil. It was more scorching than ever!

    Even Li Yao felt that he was blushing in excitement. He could not help but feel impressed.

    Jiang Hailiu was truly one of the most experienced politicians of the Star Glory Federation. His eloquence was no worse than that of Jin Tuyi, Lu Zui, or Gui Suishou.

    No wonder Lu Zui tried to blow him up into nothingness physically and dared not keep him in the government when the guy was attempting his scheme!

    Li Yao licked his lips and planned to study the report of the specialists later. If it was as Jiang Hailiu had said just now, it would not be unusual if one or two 'Divinity Transformation Stage Cultivators' appeared in the golden century to come!

    Although a war could not be won by one or two individuals, whether or not there was a Divinity Transformation Stage Cultivator would matter a lot for a specific battle.

    Also, as long as the issue was publicized, it would definitely boost the morale of the federal army. By then, even the Cultivators of the Flying Star Sector would be enticed by the Heaven's Origin Sector and the Blood Demon Sector, hurrying to train in such places.

    Li Yao peeped at those around him, only to discover the Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators, who had remained emotionless a moment ago, were all glittering with hope after they heard 'Divinity Transformation Stage'.

    He could not help but smile in his heart. It appeared that even Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators were human beings with desires after all.

    After enticing everybody for a moment, Jiang Hailiu changed the topic. Extending the third finger, he said solemnly, "Our third advantage is the integration of the civilization of human beings and the civilization of demons, which allows us to combine the training system of spiritual energy and the training system of biochemistry, thereby exploring the field unvisited by our predecessors!

    "If a Cultivator boasts a body as physically strong as a demon, masters spiritual energy, and manipulates the new-generation weapons that are combinations of magical equipment and demonic artifacts, we can totally imagine how fabulous such new-generation Cultivators will be!"

    Hearing his words, while many Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators were hesitating, the demon emperors from the Blood Demon Sector quickly nodded.

    Having failed in the war, they were naturally worried about their status and interests in the future federation. Hearing Jiang Hailiu's words to so many Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators, which was almost a promise, they were finally somewhat relieved.

    "I agree with Fellow Cultivator Jiang."

    Iron God Yan Ba was the first to support the idea. As a body fundamentalist, he had been focused on the training of his body and had never touched magical equipment. When he was at his peak state, he could arm himself with claws, tusks, and scales, too!

    Naturally, while such an appearance could deal tremendous damage, it was quite hideous and no different from that of a demon.

    Nowadays, 'body fundamentalist' was not a popular profession. Even a warrior as magnificent as 'Crimson Queen' Ding Lingdang shook her head and turned down the offer instantly when Yan Ba invited her to embark on the path of 'body fundamentalism'.

    The lack of popularity of the profession was partly because of the difficulty in training and partly, and perhaps also more importantly, because the body fundamentalists looked too ugly during battle. They were the opposite of cool and awesome. At a distance, they looked no different from demons!

    Before, in the federation, where demons were hated, it was only naturally that such a profession was not fashionable.

    Yan Ba had always wanted to promote body fundamentalism, but he could barely find anybody who agreed with his philosophy. Now that an opportunity had presented itself, he would naturally grasp it and disseminate his ideas!

    "In fact, the training system of biochemistry does not just belong to the demons. Training the cells and exploring the ultimate mysteries of genes are also what Cultivators should do!" Yan Ba said solemnly. "The ancient people said that you can store an entire world in a mustard seed. Every cell is a mysterious small universe itself. If we can activate the strength of the small universe, what kind of enemy can we not defeat?

    "As for the slight changes in the appearance, I don't think you need to worry too much about it, fellow Cultivators. It is just the battle form! Who looks pretty in battle? Many fellow Cultivators' hair color will change to gold, blue, or red when you activate your spiritual energy to the maximum. Isn't that a change, too? Is it essentially different from tusks and scales?

    "In the era of ancient Cultivators, many experts highlighted the importance of polymorphing in a battle. Of course, it was not just about the change of the appearance, but at the very least, it does suggest that the change in appearance was not despised by the ancient Cultivators but still regarded as a normal path of Cultivation!"

    The Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators were dazed for a moment before they started whispering again. It was obvious that they found it difficult to accept such an opinion so quickly.

    Jiang Hailiu did not want to pursue the question too far, either. In his eyes, it was a problem that should be slowly addressed in the hundred years to come, and it was definitely not something that could be worked out after a short meeting.

    After all, they were merely talking about the possible paths today. Everybody could think more carefully after they were back.

    "Fellow Cultivator Yan's words do make sense. We can communicate further after the meeting and see how we can promote the body fundamentalist ideals! Fourthly, we have another great advantage, which is the relic of the Pangu civilization!

    "In the former half of the meeting, Senior Gui mentioned that the Covenant Alliance has possibly excavated relics of the Pangu civilization and was therefore dreadful and invincible!

    "But don't forget that we have such a relic, too!"
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