1291 The God Is Frightened!

    Su Changfa was dazed for a moment. Then he realized what Li Yao meant.

    Silently, the old Cultivator accelerated toward the 'hole' in the dome of the city of the Pangu Clan!

    It was the way they had come from!

    Both of them were rushing at the highest speed, with long, brilliant exhaust flames behind them.

    After the fierce battles, the member of the Pangu Clan was tired, too, and his movement was less agile because of the heightened gravity. His several sprints and stabs were all dodged by Li Yao and only ripped a few pieces of plate armor on Draconic Phoenix, making the Colossus even more ragged.

    Li Yao became more and more adapted to Draconic Phoenix. Although he still failed to find a technique that could be performed with the broken body, the basic movements in the normal state were indeed more and more fluent and skilled!


    In two streaks of brightness, one thicker and the other thinner, Li Yao and Su Changfa crawled into the hole and returned to where they had come from. Rushing all the way back, they soon arrived at the 'bloody inferno' that they had seen in the beginning!

    It was the nest of the Blood Tide and the Hellish Light Butterflies ahead.

    The creatures that fed on spiritual energy had shockingly keen senses.

    "Conceal all spiritual waves!"

    Li Yao and Su Changfa turned off all their units at the same time and suppressed their own spiritual energy to the minimum!

    Because of their desperate running a moment ago, the crystal suit and the Colossus were all highly heated like burning iron blocks. Even if they were no longer heated, it was not so easy for them to 'cool down'.

    But it did not matter because a target that was even more attractive was behind them!

    They did not need to conceal their spiritual energy to the point that the Blood Tide and the Hellish Light Butterflies could not perceive them. They only needed to make themselves less obvious than the member of the Pangu Clan!

    Although this place was the home field for the member of the Pangu Clan, neither the Blood Tide nor the Hellish Light Butterflies were there when he fell into hibernation hundreds of thousands of years ago!

    Never did he anticipate that such a trap that was not fatal but tricky nonetheless would be awaiting him!

    As it turned out, when Li Yao and Su Changfa lunged over, the bouncing spiritual energy on them immediately triggered the 'appetite' of the Blood Tide and the Hellish Light Butterflies!

    Then, the low-level, unintelligent creatures immediately discovered the member of the Pangu Clan behind, who was like a torch on a dark night!

    If Li Yao and Su Changfa, who had concealed their spiritual energy, were appetizers, the member of the Pangu Clan, who was unleashing spiritual energy blatantly, was certainly the most delicious main dish!

    The Blood Tide and the Hellish Light Butterflies, in two greedy torrents, swept toward the member of the Pangu Clan from the ground and the air!

    Creaking noises were immediately echoing from the dark tube!

    Li Yao and Su Changfa took the chance to run into the vast channel vertical to the ground that they had entered through in the beginning.

    When they looked up, there was nothing but dimness. They could not see anything but the sky.

    When they looked down, however, they could vaguely see fresh, glamorous brilliance.

    It was the high-intensity spiritual energy leaked from the super power rune array.

    With the scale of the planetary warship, if it was engaged in a long-distance voyage across Sectors, space jumps, instead of a journey boosted by spiritual energy, would probably be chosen as the means of transportation.

    The super power rune array was unlikely to be the main power source of Kunlun. It was only a piece of ancillary magical equipment to slightly adjust the trajectory of Kunlun.

    Even so, to change the trajectory of such a gargantuan object, the power rune array was still unfathomably huge.

    For hundreds of thousands of years, the planetary warship had been absorbing and transforming the energy released by the pulsar and powering the self-sustaining system on Kunlun.

    Part of the spiritual energy was leaked continuously through the broken power rune array and sank inside the jet tube, turning it into a highly dangerous place.

    "There's no time. It's impossible for the Blood Tide and the Hellish Light Butterflies to stop him for half a minute. Throw all the explosive magical equipment you have brought!" Su Changfa shouted. He closed his hands and then opened them. One Cosmos Ring swirled in front of his face, and more than ten crystal bombs the size of goose eggs jumped out of the Cosmos Ring quickly. After they were triggered, they were thrown into the depths of the channel in colorful light, turning into a few sparks in the dark abyss!

    "The crystal bombs I have brought aren't enough. They may be not enough to trigger a chain reaction of the high-intensity spiritual energy and detonate it!"

    With a gloomy face, Su Changfa asked anxiously, "Do you have any crystal bombs with you? If you don't, there should be a few in Kou Ruhuo's arsenal as I recall. They'll be better than nothing, I suppose. We don't really have any supplies now!"

    "That will be unnecessary!" Li Yao shrieked. "I happen to have brought a few bombs with me!"

    Draconic Phoenix opened its mouth and spat out almost ten Cosmos Rings.

    All kinds of crystal bombs humanly imaginable, including the Thunder-Palms, the Hellfire-Lightnings, the Sky Boomers, the Deity Execution Cannons, the Soul Devastating Balls, the pointy ones, the edgy ones, the flowery ones, those made of marrow crystals, those made of demon cores, those decorated with adornments... poured into the depths of the channel like a roaring waterfall!

    Judging from the quantity of crystal bombs, they should have been more than enough to blow up a main force warship of the Imperium of True Human Beings.

    "..." Su Changfa.

    "Well," Li Yao said, "the universe is a dangerous place. I only bring them for self-defense. There's no need to worry, Senior Su."

    While he was talking, an earth penetrator that was more than three meters in diameter and five meters long fell out of a Cosmos Ring before it charged toward the core of the planet in a dull noise.

    Watching the earth penetrator, which was embedded with at least a hundred high-intensity crystals and the biggest demon core that he had ever seen in the middle, vanish into the darkness, Su Changfa turned around and stared at Li Yao in silence.

    Li Yao stared back at the old Immortal Cultivator innocently.

    The member of the Pangu Clan's thunderous roars hit them from the side, breaking the somewhat awkward silence.

    The assault of the Blood Tide and the Hellish Light Butterfly did not deal any actual damage to him.

    However, the terrible feeling of falling into a trap of the shameless human beings overlapped with some very unpleasant memories from hundreds of thousands of years ago, further loosening the barrier that confined the giant's soul.

    He crashed into the jet tube without bothering about anything and saw two insignificant human beings fleeing upward right above his head with their spiritual shields activated to the maximum!

    The member of the Pangu Clan's six rows of tusks rubbed, producing metallic sounds. He was about to chase after them when he felt a destructive force from below his empty feet!

    He lowered his head, only to discover that a colorful light spot was suddenly magnified into the most splendid ocean of brilliance and swallowed his entire vision!

    It was not until this moment that the sound of never-ceasing explosions came over one after another!

    The detonation of the hundreds of crystal bombs finally made the high-intensity spiritual energy that had been condensed inside the jet tube for hundreds of thousands of years surpass the tipping point and blossom instantly!

    It was not until this moment that the member of the Pangu Clan finally understood the shameless human beings' plan. But there was no time for him to dodge. He could only expand the spiritual shield to the maximum as Li Yao and Su Changfa had done!


    He was consumed by the ocean of brilliance and struggled in the middle of the destructive interference while he was spurted to the ground together with the soaring spiritual energy!

    Li Yao and Su Changfa were one step ahead of him. They could also use the giant as a large 'meat shield'. Most of the blast of the explosion would not affect them until it penetrated through the member of the Pangu Clan's body.

    Even so, the two of them still felt that their souls and bodies were being ripped apart, as if they would be reduced to the most fundamental cells any second, and even the cells would be obliterated the second after!


    On the surface of the planet, in the middle of the primeval battlefield, a spring of spiritual energy thousands of meters high rose up to the sky, standing in the middle of the sky and the earth like a colorful, enormous tree of light!

    Li Yao, Su Changfa, and the member of the Pangu Clan were all spurted out and thrown onto the bleak land dozens of kilometers away from each other in burning curves.

    Stretching out his arms and legs, Li Yao found himself deeply embedded in a rock. He felt that he was a slug that was being dissolved.

    Is-is he down?

    Taking a deep breath, Li Yao struggled to his feet. He floated in midair with Draconic Phoenix, although all the components were falling down in clattering noises. Even one of the two wings that had already been on the verge of destruction was severed and hit the ground.

    Li Yao looked into the distance and soon discovered the member of the Pangu Clan.

    The enemy was like a huge mountain of meat that had been boiled, with hot steam popping up nonstop.

    However, the 'meat mountain' was getting taller and longer while it was shivering!

    The giant was back on his feet again!

    The member of the Pangu Clan's vitality was so tough that the instant explosion of the high-intensity spiritual energy only managed to blow up the armor on him!

    Although he was bleeding and burnt, and quite a few golden broken bones protruded out of his body, he could still move.

    The member of the Pangu Clan seemed to be drunk. He was shaking, if not dancing, on the earth with his tail and his left leg.

    For a human being, it was a sign of severe brain concussion.

    It suggested that, although his body and bones had survived the instant explosion of spiritual energy, his soft brains were still oscillating at a frequency of thousands of times per second inside the tough skull!

    When Li Yao discovered the member of the Pangu Clan, the enemy discovered him, too.

    However, the member of the Pangu Clan, who had been at an advantage and suppressing Li Yao all the time, showed obvious hesitation.

    After pondering for a moment, he did not charge toward Li Yao. Instead, he staggered to run back to the hole at the center of the battlefield!

    The high and almighty 'god' was frightened by insignificant human beings and fled in panic!

    He was trying to run back to the depths of the planetary warship.

    Maybe, he should not have chased after the enemy in the first place.

    But he was in desperate need of spiritual energy, and he underestimated the determination of the uncontrollable human beings who had evolved for hundreds of thousands of years.

    "You want to run? Not so fast!"

    Li Yao's soul power had almost run dry. It was barely possible for him to blink.

    However, seeing the member of the Pangu Clan's devastated appearance, he was so satisfied that, with new strength that grew out of nowhere, he turned into a shooting star in Draconic Phoenix and crash toward the member of the Pangu Clan, covering the dozens of kilometers in between instantly!


    The member of the Pangu Clan was already near the hole when he was blown away by Li Yao in the opposite direction. Before he rose to his feet, he was drowned by a silver torrent!

    It was the metal spider puppets that the Immortal Cultivators had deployed to collect resources!
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