1364 Elder Has Returned!

    "Creak! Creak! Creak! Creak!"

    Evil, eccentric, and headache-causing sounds were immediately echoing inside the pit.

    Thousands of fiends seemed to be chuckling at the bottom level of hell at the same time, and infinite bugs seemed to be wiggling together!

    The barbarian Cultivators, the Ghost Qin knights and the Black Tiger Iron Guards alike felt that their eardrums were being torn apart and their heart was constricting while they were grasped by nausea.

    Even if they were summoning their spiritual energy to resist it, they could not suppress the shock and fear in their heart!

    The greenish, ghostly fire inside the pit, however, seemed to have just been added with oil. It suddenly soared to almost a hundred meters tall like a raging, hideous fiery tree.

    Countless sparks were darting towards the audience randomly. They were growing and spluttering in the wind, making the scene even more chaotic. Everybody was covering their head and fleeing in utmost fear!


    Deep inside the pit, Master Black Moon was screaming most miserably, as if he were going through the cruelest suffering in the world.

    All the barbarian Cultivators were looking at each other in bewilderment. They had to summon all their spiritual energy to stop their legs from shaking.

    It was the first time that they heard Master Black Moon, the top expert in the Southland of Sorcerers, to cry in such a desperate way.

    What accompanied Master Black Moon's screams were hoots of derision each louder than the last. A voice that was so sharp and high-pitched that it sounded from the gaps of rusted soil was shouting, "Yan Wenlong, take a look at who I am. Our grudge for decades can be settled once and for all today!"

    Yan Wenlong was Master Black Moon's original name.

    But after he became a Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator who commanded dozens of villages, few people had the courage to call him by his name.

    Even 'Master Black Moon' was not a title that general barbarians of the land dared to use.

    Most of them would kneel on the ground and call him 'elder' in the most respectful way upon meeting him!

    But right now, their 'elder' was being publicly tortured!

    Many wrinkled, aged barbarian Cultivators somehow found the weird sound familiar.

    It was not the sound itself but the arrogant, aggressive and insolent tone in it!

    They all frowned and searched their memories.

    Suddenly, one of the old sorcerers shuddered, his face turning pale. His throat was uttering meaningless syllables, suggesting that he might've lost his mind in fear!

    Master Black Moon had absolutely no way to fight back while he was being savaged by the mysterious person.

    Even his loud and desperate screams turned into intermittent moans later.

    When the moans came to the feeblest moment, thousands of cracks were echoing at the same time, as if all the bones on Master Black Bone had been crushed in the second!

    In the next moment, the eccentric fire was even more brighter than before. Blood was spurting out from the bottom of the giant pit, only to be burnt up by the fire.

    The few bones and half skull left was also burnt into ashes in the blink of an eye, too.


    The greenish, ghostly fire immediately retreated to the pit. Not a single spark could be seen anymore.

    Green mist was rolling inside the pit and surging out into a hazy lake, as if it were competing with the morning glow.

    The hundreds of square meters nearby was all enveloped in the green mist.

    The green mist seemed to be made of countless fiends which boasted an evil life. It was hissing and extending out tentacles now and then, trying to drag the Cultivators nearby into the mist.

    Even the barbarian Cultivators born and raised in the Southland of Sorcerers who were adept at the dark arts had never such a weird view before, not to mention the Black Tiger Iron Guards from the central plateaus and the Ghost Qin Knights from the northland!

    Sensing the immense pressure from the depths of the mist, as if primeval beast was breaking out of the cocoon, all the Cultivators felt their mouth was dry and their legs were shaking, not knowing what to do!

    At the center of the green mist, the waves were moving up and down, highlighting a cluster of air the size of a human being.

    At first look, the man was not very tall. He was rather slim, and his face was as young as a juvenile's.

    However, the tiny wrinkles at the corners of his eyes which were as deep as the ocean and emitting brutality now and then, and his lips that were slightly pursed like a guillotine, made it impossible for anyone to tell his real age.

    He was wearing a broad, green robe which seemed to be made of ghostly fire. His hair was scattered behind his head like a waterfall, dancing crazily because of the boost of the ghostly fire!

    Floating in midair without support, he put his hands in his back and unleashed unparalleled spiritual energy blatantly. The waves tore apart the air and spread out in visible ripples.

    Disintegrating a Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator into pus and burning the pus into nothingness seemed to be an effortless triviality for him.

    He did not seem to be concerned about the hundreds of Cultivators including one in the Nascent Soul Stage and several in the Core Formation Stage at all, either.

    He was glancing at them so indifferently that they seemed to him nothing more than hens and dogs.

    Every Cultivator he stared at felt that they were lying right below a guillotine at the mercy of the guy!

    Many barbarian Cultivators emboldened themselves to observe the newcomer in secret, only to discover that the tiny green birthmark at the center of the guy's eyebrow, which was like a green speck at the beginning, was gradually occupying the upper half of his face like a drop of ink that was dripped on a piece of paper into the shape of a green vulture under the boost of his spiritual energy!

    The green vulture seemed to be flying up at any second. Taking up half of his face, it seemed to be adorning him with a mask, making him even more mysterious and unpredictable!

    The extremely evil appearance made all the barbarian Cultivators' heart race. One after another, they recalled a name that had been gone for decades and yet still kept them awake at night today!

    "S-S-Spiritual Vulture..."

    Before they thought of the guy's name, he had already pounced towards Han Yuantai, the other Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator on the spot, like a rapacious vulture!

    Hardly had Han Yuantai plucked the venomous needles on his face out when he sensed the pressure of spiritual energy which was even more immense than his own. He couldn't be more appalled!

    But he truly deserved to be one of the top experts on the Dark Cloud Prairies. After a bellow, he chose to attack instead of dodging. He picked up a unique weapon which was embedded with dozens of wolf fangs and looked like both a saber and a saw, and his spiritual energy spread out into a winged enormous wolf!


    The enormous wolf made of spiritual energy was as vivid as a real one. Flapping its wings, it lunged towards the mysterious newcomer.

    "Creak! Creak! Creak! Creak!"

    The green mist that surrounded the mysterious newcomer was screeching in a noise that made everyone's teeth sour. Almost ten slender arms suddenly popped up from the green mist, half of which snatched the wolf and the other half attacked Han Yuantai!

    [The same move!]

    Han Yuantai was both shocked and infuriated. This time, he finally perceived that hundreds of venomous needles were hidden inside the claws made of the ghostly fire!

    What magical equipment is this? So sordid and vicious!

    Although he had seen through the enemy's technique, the venomous needles contained inside the ghostly fire were integrations of the attacks of spiritual energy and the attacks of magical equipment. They were erratic and quite hard to deal with!

    Han Yuantai was greatly troubled. He could only focus his full attention in distinguishing the needles inside the ghostly fire so that none of them would reach him!

    Right then-

    Suddenly having an ominous feeling, he moved towards the left by force, all the bones all his body uttering cracking noises.

    The saber in his hand, however, broke into two halves without a sound. The fracture was as smooth as a mirror, without the slightest dent!

    A mica threat which was ten times thinner than the needles just flashed past his face!

    Had he reacted less promptly, it would've been his wrist instead of the his saber that was cut off by the mica threat just now!

    At this moment, he was already jumping up and down in a flurry, while his enemy was smiling with the hands in the back, apparently not doing his best!

    Where-where does this monster come from? And what's this vicious weapon?

    Han Yuantai felt like crying. He roared to himself in his heart.

    The Ghost Qin Knights were fearless of death. Seeing that their general was in danger, they roared and, urging the Dragon Wolves, charged at the enemy together!

    The green-robed freak sniffed. He shook his sleeve, and dozens of glittering skulls flew out of his cuff and rotated in midair.

    The skulls were in fact made of metals and crystals. They were as vivid as natural. Green, ghostly fire was burning inside the hollow eyes and mouth. When they reached the Ghost Qin Knights, they exploded after a few booms into thousands of skeletons of fire, blocking the riders from their general in a wall.

    Sensing the eccentric demonic energy contained inside the fiery wall, although the Ghost Qin Knights intended to jump over it, the Dragon Wolves below them were all shrieking and howling, before they collapsed to the ground foaming and shivering, utterly intimidated.

    When the Ghost Qin Knights who fell to the ground stood on their feet again, they saw the most unbelievable picture through the skeletons of ghostly fire!

    Han Yuantai, the invincible Lord of Behemothic Eagle in their mind, a great expert in the middle level of the Nascent Soul Stage, and a man of the time who had dominated the Dark Cloud Prairies for decades, had been tied up by an enormous shackle which looked like the bones of a vulture.

    The vulture's two wings pierced deeply into his ribs, and his shoulder blades were grabbed by the vulture's claws. Its narrow, long neck that was full of sawtooth entangled Han Yuantai's neck, too!

    Han Yuantai was bound to the bizarre-looking shackle and unable to move at all. His countenance couldn't have been more weird!

    The green-robed freak opened his hand and grabbed Han Yuantai by his head like a falcon grabbing a chicken. There was not the slightest emotion in his deep, dark eyes while he glanced at the Ghost Qin Knights casually.

    Within a breath, everything had been settled. One of the two Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators was as dead as anyone could ever be. The other Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator was alive but he might be better off dead!

    To this moment, all the barbarian Cultivators nearby finally realized what had happened and what was going on. They all knelt to the ground. There was no telling who started it, but everybody was crying in the loudest of their voice!

    "Master Spiritual Vulture!"

    "Elder Spiritual Vulture!"

    "Everybody in Wolf Tail Village of the Silver Wolf Mountain welcomes Master Spiritual Vulture's return!"

    "Elder, elder. We-We'd been looking forward to today for sixty years. You have finally come back!"
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