1727 Disguises in Disguises!

    With the silver, glowing Hundred Flowers City as the background, the universe was even more profound and dark than usual. However, in the middle of the darkness that seemed capable of absorbing everything, two intense ripples spread out after a flash of strong light.

    Following the ripples, two colorful springs of spiritual energy appeared out of nowhere, radiating their splendor to the entire universe. Supported by the 'springs', two Colossi, ultimate weapons in the primeval war invented by mankind which were tough enough to blow up the gods that created human beings, slowly surfaced in the sea of stars from the gaps of the void!

    Two Colossi, one on the left and the other on the right, gazed at the incoming enemies coldly.

    One of them was covered in black fire, with spurs that looked like thorns all over the body. There was an enormous cross on its head. At the center of the cross was a sole eye that looked like a bloody heart, making it look like an undead warrior condensed by the will of the deceased soldiers in a gory battle that had crawled out of the deepest level of hell. It was the Tartarean Skeleton!

    The other Colossus was covered in black and white mist. It was as mysterious and unpredictable as a viper. Countless antennae that could enhance spiritual energy extended out of the skull. It was the Yin Yang, a super high-speed and light Colossus!

    The two Colossi were no more than fifty meters tall when combined. In the universal scale, they were nothing more than a grain of sand.

    However, the daunting auras unleashed from them incessantly somehow slowed down the hundreds of Exos of the federation, the ivory starships behind them, and even the entire space further behind the starships.

    Colossi, ultimate weapons of which there were only less than a hundred in the entire federation!

    More importantly, those who were capable of using the Colossi were at least in the Nascent Soul Stage!

    In comparison, they were only the sentinel troop whose job was to project the third spaceport. They were mostly in the Building Foundation Stage and the Core Formation Stage and only launched an emergency attack after receiving an order from their superior. There were no Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators among them!

    Two Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators equipped with the Colossi were not a force that they could resist.

    The group of Exos were like flies that had hit a piece of glass. Tremendous flames of spiritual energy spurted out in front of them, and they came to an abrupt halt with the counterforce, having no time to worry about their flesh and crystal suits being torn apart.

    A moment later, thousands of streaks of brilliance burst out of them and attacked the two Colossi in complicated curves!

    The Exos of the federation launched the most powerful remote attacks almost at the same time. Missiles, flying swords, and autopiloting grenades all rushed out. Almost all the ammunition in stock was used up.

    On the other hand, they retreated quickly under the cover of the remote attacks and fled toward the two ivory starships.


    They expected the two Colossi to block the remote attacks causally and march into their battle formation to maul them like hungry tigers jumping on lambs. However, such a scene did not happen.

    On the contrary, the thousand remote attacks raised a surging tide of blasts and explosions, drowning, shredding and swallowing the two Colossi completely!

    The two Colossi were so feeble that they seemed to be made of paper. They did not even open their spiritual shield or perform any dodging movement before they were blown into smithereens!

    Behind the ocean of blasts and explosions, it could be clearly seen that two small, hasty, if not desperate people were running away under the cover of the so-called Colossi while generating powerful impetus by boosting all their spiritual energy.

    "We've been had!"

    "It's false. There are no Colossi at all!"

    "They are just two iron shells that look like Colossi, plus several vivid 3D light beams and the sound and visual effects transformed by feeble spiritual energy!"

    "Their sole purpose was to cover the two guys to escape!"

    "What cunning spies of the Imperium! That's more like it. How can two spies of the Imperium be equipped with Colossi?"

    The Exos of the federation realized what was going on. They burst into fury because they were fooled by just two spies of the Imperium when there were hundreds of soldiers on their side. All their probe magical equipment locked onto the two spiritual waves that were running away. Together with the two ivory starships, they chased after the escaping enemy.

    From the depths of the third spaceport of Hundred Flowers City and the federal fleets that were cruising at the edge of the Hundred Flowers Space Zone, a lot of troops were mobilized to chase and block the two uncanny waves of spiritual energy!

    Three minutes passed after they went after the enemy.

    From the spot of the explosion of the two fake Colossi, which was still brimming with chaotic spiritual energy like a pot of boiling soup, Li Yao and Long Yangjun slightly extended their heads out of the debris of the fake Colossi that had been blown away by the fierce remote attacks just now. They observed the tracks of the attackers.

    As they expected, the attackers were moving further and further away from them.

    "Hehe!" Li Yao grinned in great satisfaction.

    The Colossi were naturally fake, but the two crystal suits that had fled under the cover of the Colossi were fake, too. The real Li Yao and Long Yangjun had hidden themselves inside the fake Colossi the moment they deployed the decoys and shouldered the bombardment of the chasers with the magnificent capabilities of the Nascent Soul Stage. Then, taking advantage of the surging tides caused by the explosion, they broke out of the siege in the middle of the debris without alerting anyone!

    Li Yao and Long Yangjun were both experts in disguising themselves. Their control over their breathing, heartbeat, body temperature, and spiritual waves was the highest. As long as they wanted, they could easily turn their bodies into cold meteoroids and melt into the background of the universe.

    Also, the hundreds of Exos opened fire in a haste just now and blew the place where the 'false Colossi' were at into a simmering pool of magma. Even the most brilliant scanning magical equipment could not find their traces from the ripples of the boiling radiation!

    It was the tactic of cooperative escape that Li Yao and Long Yangjun had practiced countless times in secret!

    "How about it? Not bad, right?" Li Yao narrowed his eyes. "I told you that the tactical arrangement would definitely come in handy someday. Now, it has played a critical role, hasn't it?"

    Long Yangjun stared at him for a long time and sighed. "I admit my failure. I can't figure out what is on your mind at all. You are one of the top experts in the Nascent Soul Stage, and you have an authentic Colossus in your hands. You could've finished those fellows casually, and yet you chose to run away disgracefully. Not only did you just run away, you are even so proud of it. You consider it not your shame but your glory?"

    "I didn't have a choice. They are all loyal soldiers of the federation who are carrying out an order. They are my comrades!" Li Yao opened his hands, not offended at all. "I cannot reveal my trump card, and I cannot kill them. What else could I do if not run away?

    "Besides, the most important thing in a battle is to do what you are best at and avoid your shortcomings. What I am best at is escaping and disrupting the enemy's scheme while I'm escaping! Therefore, I must start running away first in order to find my pace to overcome the enemy!"

    Taking a deep breath, Long Yangjun asked, one word after another, "Then, if I may ask, Your Excellency Monster Li, after being bombarded more than a thousand times for nothing, have you found your pace or not? You must know that Professor Mo Xuan and the soldiers are not idiots. It won't take long before they catch up to our bait and realize that they are fake!

    "The universe is a vast place, but we cannot just run toward the outside world aimlessly. We will have to return to Hundred Flowers City.

    "How do you expect to sneak into Hundred Flowers City in only half an hour? Don't tell me that we can sneak in through the spaceport. I assure you that all sixteen spaceports in Hundred Flowers City must've been thoroughly blocked. All the starships coming and leaving will be scanned carefully. Even a flea will be discovered by them!"

    Li Yao smiled and looked at the glittering silver metropolis in space, like a fly that was staring at an egg that was emitting pleasant smell from the crack on its surface. He confidently said, "Don't be hasty. I have certainly found my pace!"

    Five minutes passed, and the two of them adjusted their trajectory in space with feeble spiritual energy and slowly reached the other side of Hundred Flowers City.

    From their perspective, they could see that a tiny crack as thin as a hair was opened on the smooth shell of an enormous ball-shaped town at the edge of Hundred Flowers City.

    A series of dark cubes that looked like super-compressed garbage was spurted out of the gap and darted toward the star far away under the push of the massive momentum.

    If one observed it more carefully, one would find countless similar cubes from Hundred Flowers City and the star, which constituted a narrow and long chain.

    On one end of the chain was the gap, and the other end of the chain extended into the depths of the star. It was too fuzzy to see clearly what was there.

    "This is the garbage processing center of Hundred Flowers City," Li Yao explained to Long Yangjun through the communication of telepathic thoughts. "Hundred Flowers City has a population of almost a hundred million. It is one of the largest cities even on the surface of a planet. The life and training garbage generated every day is astronomical.

    "Also, the city is established in a fully-enclosed structure in space. There is no room to burn or bury the garbage.

    "For other space towns, they might pack the garbage up and launch it into space. After all, the universe is too vast a place to be filled with garbage.

    "But Hundred Flowers City happens to be a transportation hub of the seven Sectors of the federation. It is surrounded by dense sailing routes. Countless starships jump to this place for transfer every day. If the garbage simply floats in space randomly, it will very likely lead to accidents.

    "Therefore, the garbage processing center of Hundred Flowers City compresses the garbage that cannot be recycled in anyway and reduces its size by ninety-nine percent. Then, after the garbage is compressed into a cube that is as hard as metal, it will be launched into the star with a special 'cannon' so that the star will burn the garbage up!

    "Hundred Flowers City is too huge with a large population. The garbage processing center here works day and night. Occasions are rare when it shuts down!

    "Let's go!"

    Li Yao dragged Long Yangjun. Pushed by the invisible spiritual energy, the two of them darted toward the spurts of the garbage processing center like two broken remnants in space.

    When the soldiers of the federal army who thought that they were chasing spies of the Imperium reached the edge of the Hundred Flowers Space Zone, they discovered that the two wretched 'crystal suits' had simply perished. Even the magical equipment that built the illusions exploded, not leaving them anything for investigation.

    In the meantime, Li Yao and Long Yangjun, two unusual Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators, snuck back into Hundred Flowers City!
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