1785 The Last Strength!

    "You want to kill me? Not so fast!"

    In hideous laughter, the extraterrestrial devil exploded like a tumor. The thousands of tentacles were divided into a dozen groups and attacked Li Yao, Long Yangjun, and the other experts from the Ancient Sages Sector simultaneously.

    Overwhelming and gapless, the whole upper half of the crystal turbulence was its bloody mouths. There was nowhere to run to at all!


    Yan Liren sniffed and launched an attack. He did not care whether he was in reality or in a virtual world and whether his enemy was the dominator of three Sectors or an extraterrestrial devil. If anything, the stronger an enemy was, the more intense his fighting will and his sword auras would be!


    The sword auras flashed and surged in the void like dazzling lightning. Yan Liren's soul and sword auras were perfectly melded, and he slashed almost a hundred tentacles within a moment!

    But every broken tentacle turned into a gigantic boa and lunged at him again. Thick silver blood spurted out of the fractures. Whenever the blood touched his soul, it would immediately begin crazy corruption and try to crawl into his soul like thousands of dense bugs.

    Despite Yan Liren's overwhelming sword auras, it was impossible for him to escape from the infinite web of the extraterrestrial devil for the time being!

    The other experts of the Ancient Sages Sector were also dragged into fierce fights by the tentacles that were rife with bloody mouths and venomous fangs, unable to free themselves.

    They had been lost for more than twelve hours in the virtual world after all. Not only were their souls seriously exhausted and their mental power drained, their moves and techniques had also been seen through by the extraterrestrial devil. They could not help but feel that the enemy could predict their every attack.

    There was no need to mention Li Yao and Long Yangjun. They were both too fatigued to do anything. All they could do was keep themselves safe under the entanglement and suppression of the tentacles!

    "Hahaha. Absorb the souls of you into my body, and let's create a new world of absolute peace and infinite wonders together!"

    The extraterrestrial devil was still laughing crazily in Professor Mo Xuan's voice, but with a completely different tone from Professor Mo Xuan's. It had gone completely mad!

    "It-it must've poured everything in!"

    Long Yangjun was tied up by almost ten tentacles. Countless tusks in the bloody mouths bit deep into her body and injected tremendous silver materials into her soul, gradually transforming her into a silver statue.

    The elite warrior of the Nuwa Civilization grunted and struggled to say, "It must've retreated all the mental power and computational ability that was previously dedicated to the invasion of the Spiritual Nexus in the entire federation. It is too occupied in dealing with us to care about what is happening outside!

    "Such strong mental power is not entirely its own but also from the people who are caged in the Spiriters' Realm, including the many ordinary people and Cultivators. The monster has stolen everybody's strength and is using it against us!

    "Hang in there. We must persist to the end! It is now overloading, too, and may collapse at any point. The soul power of thousands of people is not so easy to be absorbed and assimilated, either. One moment of carelessness, and it will completely fall apart!"


    Meng Chixin and Han Baling were both wearing painful expressions. They could barely say anything, but they blew out flames of spiritual energy each more furious than last, burning the tentacles around them into ashes time and time again!

    "Ahhhhhh!" 'Mother White Lotus' Wan Mingzhu was already tangled by countless tentacles. Even her hair had been consumed, and she had completely vanished.

    However, dazzling lotus flowers were suddenly blossoming from the gaps of the tentacles, and ear-splitting shrieks were echoing!

    Around Master Bitter Cicada, a hundred and eight beads that were condensed with the soul power glowed brilliantly. Even the enchantment of sutras could vaguely be heard. They disappeared into the bloody mouths at the ends of the tentacles. Then, thousands of golden lines showed up on the tentacles when they were blown apart and driven away by the exploding beads!

    The other experts of the Ancient Sages Sector were also exploiting the life fire at the deepest part of their souls under Long Yangjun's encouragement and fighting a bloody battle with the extraterrestrial devil!

    In District 01 space station inside Hundred Flowers City in reality, the previously frozen liquid metal was bubbling as if it was boiling. Hissing shrieks could even be heard from those bubbles.

    In the machine room of the 'Gai'-level super crystal processor deep inside District 01 space station, cracking explosions were echoing nonstop, too.

    There was nothing but stunning red on the light beam that displayed the functioning status of the super crystal processor. In only ten seconds, the average temperature of the array of computation units inside the super crystal processor was improved by thirty degrees, and it was still on the rise at a speed of 0.5 degrees per second!

    Despite the protection of the most advanced cooling arrays of the whole federation, the super crystal processor would completely collapse before long.

    Shua! Shua! Shua!

    The hundred space stations of Hundred Flowers City almost fell into darkness simultaneously. Countless citizens floated to the midair, staggering. The air became hot and soggy. The side of the city that was faced with the star was heated continuously, while thin ice and frost appeared on the other side of the city that was in the shadow!

    All the illumination rune arrays, artificial gravity units, and even air circulation system had crashed. Tremendous computational ability was repurposed to District 01 space station to maintain the most violent form of the extraterrestrial devil!


    New air could not circulate, and the waste that people breathed out could not be discharged in time, either. They were all gathered in a narrow space. Also, because of the rising or plummeting temperature, many people who were relatively weak already felt that it was difficult to breathe and that their head was dizzy!

    Perhaps, in an hour, the entire Hundred Flowers City would turn into a no man's land!

    At such a price, abundant computational ability surged in incessantly. Like the most effective cardiotonic, the extraterrestrial devil expanded crazily, laughing, growing more and more hideous tentacles.

    Under the mental attack that focused the strength of millions of people, the resistance of the experts from the Ancient Sages Sector grew more and more feeble, and they were struggling ever more helplessly!

    "This place is its battlefield," Meng Chixin said. "Or for the Divinity Transformation Stage Cultivators, this is its 'domain', in which it has absolute control over everything. Wu Suiyun and I were both heavily wounded before. Our levels plummeted and our 'domains' are basically gone. There's no way that we can compete with it!"

    "What-what overwhelming mental power," Emperor Phoenix exclaimed. "We are fighting millions of people at the same time. There's no chance for us to win!"

    "I can't hold on any longer. I'm about to be completely corrupted!" Ba Xiaoyu bellowed. "Hey, if you are indeed the legendary Vulture Li Yao, the dominator of three Sectors, you must have your last, ultimate move, right? Don't hesitate anymore. Now is the time for a glamorous transformation to save the day!"

    "The ultimate move? Well, how about I sing the national anthem of the federation to boost everyone's morale?"

    "Idiot. You've got to be kidding me. Had I seen this day coming, we would've joined the Imperium's side!"

    "Hahaha!" Every bloody mouth on every tentacle of the extraterrestrial devil burst into crazy laughter. In the middle of the laughter, tinier tentacles that looked like tongues with hooks extended out of those bloody mouths and licked everyone's body. "Both the federation and the Imperium are just stones on the path of evolution that are destined to be crushed! Instead of joining the Imperium's side, why don't you give up resistance, melt into my world, and become part of my soul? It will be the most wonderful experience that you have never tasted before!

    "The civilization of mankind is about to evolve into a brand-new, ultimate form. We will create a perfect new world together. Together, we will be the gods that control and protect the new world! Why are you still struggling against such an arduous and sacred destiny? Open your arms and embrace the future!"

    "Embrace my ass! Aya!" Li Yao punched at the bloody mouth that was full of sharp fangs and long, hooked tongues. But his arm was bitten by the mouth as he did so. Thousands of streams of silver venom were directly injected into the deepest part of his soul, making him cramp crazily like an electric shock. His tears, snot, and saliva were all spurting out beyond his control.

    "Is this... the doom of the Ancient Sages Sector?"

    Looking at his devastated appearance, the experts of the Ancient Sages Sector who had been tricked into the federation by him all felt dizzy and terribly desperate. When they thought back what had happened in the past half year, it was almost like the most ridiculous nightmare.

    Damn it. What kind of bullsh*t federation and dominator of three Sectors were they?

    Blood-like fire was gushing out of Long Yangjun's throat as she shouted at the top of her voice, "Don't panic, everybody. Look around. We still have hope!"


    The experts of the Ancient Sages Sector were slightly dazed. They looked around, only to discover that the crystal turbulence made of hundreds of broken virtual worlds that was revolving and surging crazily was actually slowing shown and showing signs of stabilization.

    From the rolling ripples in the turbulence, a lot of transparent light spots flew out like fireflies. Floating and drifting, they moved up and reached the battlefield where the extraterrestrial devil and the experts from the Ancient Sages Sector were at an impasse!

    Inside every light spot, there was a human face that was either clear or blurred, with joy, anger, sorrow, ecstasy, and all the most genuine human emotions.

    They were...

    "Souls. The souls of the ordinary people and the low-level Cultivators!"

    Overjoyed, Long Yangjun shouted loudly, "The computational ability of the monster has indeed reached its limits. Now that it has focused on the computational ability and mental power to attack us, it is no longer able to control the broken virtual worlds. The people who were caged in the virtual worlds before are now free!"

    This place was the Spiriters' Realm. The body size of every individual here was proportional to the intensity of their soul power.

    The soul power of the ordinary people was relatively weak, and they were the light spots that looked like fireflies. As for the middle- and low-level Cultivators, they were the light balls the size of fists.

    They had mostly been trapped in the virtual worlds much longer. They did not understand what was happening or where this terrifying battlefield was yet. The tiny people no larger than fireflies simply floated in the void, staring at the 'giants' who were fighting a blood battle in astonishment, fright, anxiety, and confusion!

    Only the few clusters of fire that were most clear and steady seemed to have realized something. They flew above everyone and looked at both parties in the battle suspiciously.

    One of the fires was in the shape of a tiny green bird. Li Yao was almost crying in joyful tears again. With the deepest shivering voice inside his soul, he shouted at the green bird, "Wei Qingqing! Sister Qingqing! I'm here!"
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