1885 Changes in the Ancient Sages Sector

    \"That's good,\" Long Yangjun said. \"The Ancient Sages Sector was at the critical phase where the contradictions were intensified and conflicts could break anytime. After it lost the twelve top experts and most powerful people, there is no telling what kind of world-shaking changes happened. Although the twelve of us made thorough plans before we left, if we were away for too long, some of the ambitious fellows would certainly rise to fill the vacancy. It is best that we go back as soon as possible and bring the Ancient Sages Sector into the federation's system.\"

    \"That's good. As the saying goes, among the blind, the one-eyed man is the king. There's no telling how many ambitious schemers are jumping up and down in the Ancient Sages Sector right now. While those people are as good as nothing, the civilians there will certainly suffer. So, we must seize every second to reach the Ancient Sages Sector sooner!\"

    Li Yao could not have agreed with Long Yangjun's opinion more. After thinking for a moment, he asked again, \"Right, after we really reach the Ancient Sages Sector and excavate the Nuwa warship, you will have to release your identity to the public sooner or later, won't you?

    \"You have witnessed what kind of country the federation is with your own eyes. My own integrity is definitely unquestionable, too. Nobody here will dissect and slice you for study. What are you still worried about?\"

    Long Yangjun smiled and said, \"Fine. You have honored your word and never exposed my real identity all the way here. So, I can assure you now that as soon as the Nuwa warship is excavated in one piece and the problems about the Pangu laboratory are resolved, I will tell you and the world my identity and destiny.

    \"As of right now...\"

    A hint of confusion beamed out of her eyes as she mumbled, \"I have recalled a lot of things, but they are all mottled pieces. I need some critical information to connect them and figure out my real... destiny.\"

    Looking at her slightly confused face, Li Yao could not help but have a weird feeling.

    Although he was the opposite of Long Yangjun in terms of appearance, background, or gender, he still felt that the elite warrior of the Nuwa civilization from hundreds of thousands of years ago was very similar to him.

    Looking at her, he felt that he was looking at himself in a mirror.

    Everybody had a destiny. Perhaps the aim of their life was to find and accomplish their destiny. Long Yangjun was approaching her destiny step by step. But what was his destiny exactly?

    Earth. My Earth...

    Li Yao shook his head hard, waving the blue planet into broken ripples.

    His journey had only just begun. It was not the time to consider Earth yet. He might as well focus his attention on the Ancient Sages Sector deep inside the dark nebula first.

    The war against the Black Wind Fleet had taken too much time after all. Even if they were lucky, almost two years would have passed by the time they returned to the Ancient Sages Sector again.

    What kind of changes could have taken place in the Ancient Sages Sector in two years when all the dominators were gone?


    On Angry Fire Mountain in the Mystic Sun State in the Ancient Sages Sector...

    The Mystic Sun State was at the center of the Great Qian Dynasty's territory, the heart of the hundred and eight states in the world. It had been renowned as a transportation hub for a hundred counties since ancient times. It was also one of the most prosperous and wealthy agricultural areas besides the convenient transportation, which further added to its military significance. Countless dynasties had risen from this place at the beginning.

    However, at the northwest border of the Mystic Sun State, Angry Fire Mountain was vastly different from the plateau that was only one river away.

    Angry Fire Mountain was almost ten thousand meters high, surrounded by steep, harsh mountains that stabbed into the clouds hundreds of square kilometers around. The valleys among the mountains had bottomless cracks that seemed to be leading to the deepest level of hell.

    From those cracks, surging red smoke spurted out all year around, keeping a high temperature in the local area. When people observed from the plateau, they would inevitably feel that the whole mountain was on fire. That was how the mountain got its name.

    Because of the harsh environment and the various kinds of ferocious animals of the fire class living deep inside the valleys and the fiery clouds, the place was respected as one of the most dangerous locations in the entire Ancient Sages Sector. Not only were the common folk reluctant to pass the area without a good reason, even the low-level Cultivators had also to be highly vigilant when they were in the area. One moment of carelessness, and they would be absorbed into the fiery clouds and swallowed by the ferocious beasts. Even their ashes would not be left.

    However, that was all the history a few years back.

    Two years ago, Angry Fire Mountain, known as one of the ten most dangerous locations of the Ancient Sages Sector, had been trespassed on. Most of the ferocious animals of the fire class had either been killed or driven away. The rest of them had been implanted with barriers and runes, turning into domesticated animals at the service of the Cultivators.

    On the cracks that were shooting out the fiery spiritual energy at the bottom of the earth incessantly, countless rune arrays had been established. Not only did they lower the temperature of the local area to an acceptable level for ordinary people, such rune arrays could also absorb the fiery spiritual energy and transform it into ever-changing, mysterious fire for tempering, explosives that were invincible in wars, or various hot springs.

    Even the strengthless common folk could grow into muscular fighters if they strengthened their body by soaking in the hot spring for a long time.

    Ever since then, Angry Fire Mountain had become livelier with each passing day.

    Flying boats shipped towers and pavilions from all directions. More than ten floating mountains were even stopped at the above of Angry Fire Mountain. A rather splendid town was almost established in the middle of the mountain.

    Outside of the town, almost ten huge military camps had been set up. Brawny men from everywhere were joining the army every day. Almost ten thousand torches as thick as the thigh of a bull were consumed on a daily basis, illuminating the vast Angry Fire Mountain into a sleepless city. The clinks of blades and the roars of men could be heard every night.

    People who lived on the plateau looked at the bloodily burning mountain in fright. The raging flames of light from the mountain even eclipsed the splendor of the Great Qian Dynasty and the Dark Cloud Prairies.

    All kinds of rumors were spreading on the street.

    A lot of them told other people how they saw a crimson dragon soaring from Angry Fire Mountain and hovering amid clouds at night.

    \"A true dragon has shown up!\"

    The touts and butchers on the street grimaced and spoke to each other thoughtfully.

    Even the scoundrels who spent their entire time in the casinos had put down their dice and dimes, considering if they should join the army and make a name for themselves.

    That day, the anomaly in the sky further proved their judgment.

    Starting from five o'clock in the morning, when there was not the slightest light in the sky, flashes of light tore apart the night sky and lunged in the direction of Angry Fire Mountain.

    When they were the largest in number, hundreds of fire lines occupied the sky. Explosions echoed like rumbling thunder each louder than the last, almost deafening the common folk below.

    Such a terrible view drove a lot of people mad. They kneeled on the ground and kowtowed at the sky the entire day, until their head was bleeding and their mouth was foaming, and they passed out on one side of the road.

    Cultivators! There were countless high and almighty Cultivators!

    The common folk had never seen so many Cultivators gathering together, marching toward Angry Fire Mountain incessantly. The fiery lines in the sky burnt for an entire morning without stop. How could they not feel frightened or go mad?

    \"Why are so many Cultivators here? Are they here to pay homage to the true dragon?\"

    \"The true dragon has shown up, and all the people bow. This is truly a sign of a change of dynasties!\"

    Not just the ignorant common folk on the plateau who did not know anything better, even the Cultivators who had arrived at Angry Fire Mountain from thousands of kilometers away without any rest were mumbling the same thing.

    The Angry Fire Mountain was perhaps the liveliest place in the entire Ancient Sages Sector at that moment.

    On the hills large and small, and above the towers and pavilions floating in midair, sabers, swords, and spears were rising like an ocean, and too many flags were flapping in the wind.

    Almost ten thousand soldiers who were wearing fine armor stood like statues made of iron and copper. Holding the flags that were almost ten meters tall, they were absolutely motionless. The emblem of angry fire on the flags was the only thing moving in the wind like crazily dancing flames.

    Countless hideous, ferocious animals of the fire class were all awed by such a view. Lying under the feet of the tamers, they did not dare move at all but only bulged their big red eyes and stared at the crowd down below somewhat in fear.

    The valley that could accommodate hundreds of thousands of people had been full. Even the well-heeled Cultivators had to stand right next to each other, leaving no space for privacy at all. They were all wearing expressions of confusion and panic.

    The guest gong outside of the valley had been bashed for an entire day. Yet, it was still echoing nonstop. Every time a leader or an elder of a sect came to visit, the gong would be hit hard together with roars that rumbled like thunder.

    \"Master Zhao Yunfeng of the Heavenly Wolf Manor has come, offering two thousand-year ginsengs and one jade ornament!

    \"Leader Long, Elder Sun, and Elder Qian of the Glamorous Cloud Sect as well as their thirty-three true disciples are here, offering thirty Glamorous Cloud Flags that everybody of the sect has baptized with their heart blood for eighty-one days!

    \"Master Shangguan of the Wild Sand Fortress is here, offering one World Unity Cauldron! Elder Scorching Sun is the best expert in the world, who has the support of a million elite soldiers of the Angry Fire Army and countless experts of the Red Sun Sect. It will only be a matter of time for him to unite the world again! This cauldron will be the best medium to carve the magnificent feats of Elder Scorching Sun for all the posterity to memorize!\"

    After the announcement, the atmosphere in the valley was more heated than ever. Even the rocks were about to be melted, and the sky was to be burnt through. Countless muscular soldiers wearing the red flame armor shouted at the top of their voices.

    \"The invincible Elder Scorching Sun will sweep across and unite the world, and he will be remembered by all future generations!\"

    At first, only the soldiers of the Angry Fire Army were shouting. But very soon, the Cultivators of the Red Sun Sect, who were wearing crimson robes and glowing in redness, shouted with their faces blushing and their veins protruding.

    Under their aggressive eyes, the tens of thousands of Cultivators of other sects could only grit their teeth to echo with them. For a moment, there was not a second voice in the hundreds of square kilometers nearby except for the echoes of the slogan.

    \"Elder Scorching Sun is invincible!\"

    \"Sweep across and unite the world!\"

    \"To be remembered by all future generations!\"
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