1977 My Will Begins Here!

    It could be clearly seen through the high-resolution telescopes that all the sinners who were charging at the front were tied up by more than one chain, which was connected to the iron rings that had been welded to the shuttles.

    In case they ran off, several narrow and long chains even pierced through their shoulder blades or ankles, completely joining them to the shuttles.

    Han Te and Liu Li could clearly see their wretched appearance when the chains penetrated through their bodies resulting in bleeding wounds. The wounds were even gray, dark colored, implying that the flesh had started to rot.

    However, there was not much pain on their faces. Instead, their eyes were bloodshot, their faces twisted, and they were twitching. Black veins were even protruding.

    Although they were in the middle of splashing waves and surging lake water, some black air currents were still darting out of their pores and rising into the sky, congregating into a raging black cloud.

    It seemed to be both infinite aggressiveness and infinite sorrow and helplessness!

    "This is..."

    Every hair on Han Te and Liu Li's head was rising and shivering.

    "Those sinners have been bound to the shuttles and injected with tremendous exhilarants, which have corrupted their minds and turned them more bloodthirsty and frenzy than ever." Li Yao's voice was mixed with the fury like magma and the chill of ice. "Also, their shuttles have carried abundant crystal bombs that will explode at first touch. As long as they hit the boats of the Village of Peace hard, they will immediately create holes several meters in diameter on the shells of the boats and shock or kill the defenders.

    "They are the members of a daring team-or rather, cannon fodder that have been forced to die here-on a suicide charge. The real invaders are hiding behind them like weasels!"

    Li Yao's soul pierced through countless sinners as he looked at the far distance with eyes as sharp as a hawk's.

    He saw that five bizarre-shaped balloons were floating on the surface of the lake that was half covered by the waves. At first glance, they seemed to be hot-air balloons that had fallen to the lake. But their surfaces were made of metal that was as smooth as a mirror. It also boasted a very remarkable mimetic effect, allowing them to melt with the lake water. It was practically impossible to notice them without careful observation.

    Dozens of well-connected, extendable mechanical arms extended out of the five 'hot-air balloons' and waved about on the lake. Whichever sinner hesitated would immediately be grabbed by the neck and torn in half before their broken bodies were thrown ahead.

    The upper half of the 'hot-air balloons' were filled with shooting holes that made it look like a beehive. They shot out lines of fire, raising a wall of destruction behind the sinners and forcing them to move forward.

    Inside the five 'hot-air balloons' that looked like metal octopi, almost a hundred people who had rather daunting auras were hiding. They were the real members of the Black Water Gang.

    Perhaps they had threatened all the adult warriors of the dozens of villages with the old and weak to tie themselves to the iron tanks that had been packed up with crystal bombs. The captives were then injected with excitants and struggled for a slim chance of survival for their family with their own death in the dizziness and madness!

    Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack!

    Below Li Yao's tracks, the deck made of iron was torn apart with a few shocking holes!

    His array of crystal cameras bypassed the sad and anxious sinners and the gangsters hiding behind the sinners, extending all the way to the end of the Heavenly Rails in the middle of the gray clouds beyond the dark night sky.

    At the end of the Heavenly Rails, the Flower of the Other Shore blossomed. The dim redness looked like strange eyes that were staring at everything on the ground with a smile, at the land that was filled with slaughter, sin, and war.

    If Li Yao had fists, he certainly would have clenched them in his fury.

    Even though he did not have fists, his drills and jigsaws were thirstier than ever!

    Countless suicide teams swarmed toward them.

    Da! Da! Da! Da! Da!

    The turrets and shooting holes of the Village of Peace released colorful snakes of fire, raising a dance of destruction made of electricity, magma, ice, and wind.

    Countless sinners were hit by the bullets. Their shuttles carried abundant highly unstable crystal bombs, which were immediately detonated and turned into the most brilliant fireballs.

    Flames occupied the eyes of all the other sinners, but they could not burn the bouncing bloody streaks on their eyeballs. They still roared and charged forward.

    Hiu! Hiu! Hiu! Hiu! Hiu!

    Right then, five dark holes slowly opened on top of the five 'hot-air balloons', which shot out dozens of cannonballs.

    Those cannonballs started burning the moment they reached the peak of the parabolas. Like shooting stars from the sky, at least a third of them landed on the fleet of the Village of Peace precisely!

    In hasty roars, a lot of warriors of the Village of Peace aimed their guns and cannons at the sky, blowing the 'shooting stars' into pieces. However, the broken 'shooting stars' still smashed down overwhelming and left countless holes on the shell and the deck of the boats. Some of them even pierced through multiple decks, raising fire inside and outside of the ships.

    The cannonballs that fell to the surface of the lake, after raising water pillars dozens of meters high, also released intense smoke and seriously blocked the vision of the shooters of the Village of Peace.

    For a moment, screams, moans, explosions, and cries for help echoed at the same time. The Village of Peace's thorough fire network had been disrupted.

    The suicide teams were getting closer and closer to the Village of Peace. Right now, one did not need a telescope to see their eyes that were filled with bloody tears but had lost all humanity.

    Seeing that an overwhelming number of burning shots were heading toward them, Han Te and Liu Li were about to lower their heads to dodge, when an invisible barrier seemed to have appeared above their heads and froze all the burning shots in midair. They were stunned for a long time before they finally called Li Yao.

    "Grandpa Yao!"

    "I'll deal with the situation in this place. You go and find Leader Gu." Li Yao's soul glanced at the seemingly peaceful lake behind the Village of Peace. "Give me... five minutes."


    Han Te and Liu Li were both slightly dazed. Recalling what Li Yao had said a few days ago, they nodded heavily and hurried to reinforce Gu Zhengyang.

    Creak! Creak! Creak! Creak!

    It was not until the two little fellows left the deck that Li Yao moved the covers of the compartments on the two sides of his body and extended the drill on the left side and the jigsaw on the right.

    The two pieces of 'civil magical equipment' that had been well-tempered by him were now bursting out orange brilliance that seemed like a burning star!

    "What are you going to do?" the mental devil asked.

    "I want to find out what the limits of the Divinity Transformation Stage are!"

    "Just-Just think before you leap," the mental devil stammered. "You can detonate the crystal bombs that have been tied to the sinners in advance to destroy all of them while they are still on the lake. You are not planning to rescue them, are you? Look at them! Look at their eyes! They are no longer human beings but animals and beasts!"

    "Yes," Li Yao said, "but in any case... they used to be human beings that were as noble and proud as myself!"

    "...Need I remind you that even a 'Divinity Transformation Stage Cultivator' is far from omnipotent, especially when your soul and your original body are separated and you are managing a pile of garbage? Your soul has limits, too. Things will be very awkward if the strength of your soul is exhausted!

    "Besides, even if you can temporarily save those people, so what? The sinners of almost all the villages in the hundred square kilometers around are here. So many people with so little food will still die eventually! You can save them now, but you cannot save them forever! Even if you can save the Village of Peace and all the other villages in the hundred square kilometers around, you cannot save the entire Land of Sins! Let's consider the big picture and not forget our mission!"

    "You do have a point," Li Yao said. "However... if I cannot carry out my will without any restriction, what is the difference between the Divinity Transformation Stage and a useless fish? Isn't our mission to spread the ideology of the Cultivators to the center of the cosmos?

    "Then, let it begin here!"

    Li Yao's soul unleashed the most aggressive waves!

    The hundred crystal bombs hidden at the bottom of the lake exploded instantly!

    After a series of dull explosions, the lake seemed to become an ocean that had been stricken by a tornado. The surging tides dozens of meters tall blocked the entire sky and consumed countless suicide shuttles.

    Li Yao activated his soul power without caring about anything. His soul spread out like a tide and was attenuated to the limits of his control.

    He could sense the fundamental structures of the hundreds of shuttles and the discontent, fury and sorrow of the sinners who were working as cannon fodder.

    Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack!

    Li Yao's computational ability was boosted to the maximum. Even the crystal processor that accommodated his soul could not bear it any longer and uttered feeble noises.

    In Li Yao's perception, the whole world turned into the purest energy flow and infinite data torrents. He could even conclude that there were 7,322 bullets flying crazily within five hundred meters of him.

    He calculated the trajectories of 1,324 of the bullets as well as their final landing points with consideration of the wind and tide.

    His soul immediately released 1,324 telepathic thoughts, imposing subtle interference on the bullets.

    Hiu! Hiu! Hiu! Hiu! Hiu! Hiu! Hiu!

    All the bullets deviated from their original targets and hit the chains on the cannon fodder precisely. Countless chains were directly blown apart. Even those that were not blown apart were shaking quickly and barely connected to the tanks.

    Being washed by the cold lake water, the cannon fodder's frantic nerves immediately constricted hard. The broken chains raised their instinct to counterattack. They began to struggle violently. A lot of them got rid of the control of the shuttles!

    With a smile, Li Yao accurately controlled the crystal bombs that had been buried at the bottom of the lake and unleashed the second blast!
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