2394 The Most Touching Family Reunion!

    Li Yao's head exploded after a hum. The hair all over his body was erecting like the thorns of a hedgehog. A numb, hot steam rose all the way from his heels to his skull, and then from his skull back to his heels. He was in the state of utter bewilderment, and his mouth was opened wide enough for a fist to be stuffed as he watched the two children jumping at him, unable to move his feet.

    Li Yao had experienced hundreds of fierce battles in his life. He thought he had seen the worst. Even when he was faced with Blackstar the Great, the legendary ancestor of all Immortal Cultivators, he was still able to chit chat with the enemy casually. Even if he could not defeat the enemy, he could at least run as quickly as possible.

    However,  when he was faced with the two children who emerged out of nowhere, Li Yao was struck, pierced, and completely captured by a weird strength that arose from the center of his heart. Caught unprepared and with his head blank, he did not know how he should respond at all.

    "Dad! Dad! Dad! Dad! Dad! Dad!"

    It all happened too fast. The two children had already lunged onto his body while wagging their nonexistent tails.

    The girl put on a delightful smile in his arms in the cutest way, and the boy was grabbing his collar and trying to climb to his face in the most annoying way. Was the boy going to climb up and kiss him?

    To be frank, Li Yao almost peed himself.

    My good heavens!

    Li Yao felt ten thousand peals of thunder rumbling in his head. Who the f*ck can tell me what is going on exactly?

    "Dad! Dad!"

    Even the red ants and the green ants behind the two little kids were also colliding and rubbing in earsplitting metallic noises.

    "Dad! Dad!"

    Li Yao vaguely heard blurred cheers from the "city of tiny spiritual puppets" on the other side of the crack.

    All the sounds made him feel even more creeped out. He gritted his teeth and shoved the two children off from his body before he stepped all the way back to a rock. He opened his hands and scratched his head hard, unable to calm himself down for a long time... if ever!

    "This... This has to be a mistake!"

    Li Yao wailed, "Who's your dad?"

    "You, Vulture Li Yao from the Star Glory Federation!"

    Having been shoved by him heartlessly,   the two kids both pursed their lips with pitiful expressions while they replied at the same time,  "You're our dad, and we are your children!"


    Li Yao's brain exploded again, and he almost passed out.

    The top secret that he was from the Star Glory Federation was only known by Long Yangjun in the entire Imperium of True Human Beings, and Long Yangjun had absolutely no reason to tell it to a second person because it would mean the exposure of Long Yangjun's own identity.

    Where did the two kids learn it from?

    Also... they looked really similar to him!

    Li Yao was an expert in the Divinity Transformation Stage after all. Despite the mess on his mind and his reluctance to accept it,   he still kept the last bit of his rationality. Focusing the spiritual energy on his eyes,  he was able to scan the appearances of the two children carefully. From the shape of flesh to the structure of bones, it was obvious that they contained a lot of the features of himself and Ding Lingdang.

    His eyelids cramping hard, Li Yao snapped his fingers and cut a strand of hair from the heads of the two children. He then delivered the hair to his face and burned them up with his spiritual energy.

    Looking at the rising smoke, Li Yao turned into a dumbfounded statue again.

    Although he hated facing the highly shocking fact,  the two children were very likely to be the children of himself and Ding Lingdang. Fine. Even without any test, the blood bond between them that he could sense all the time was enough to prove their relationships.

    He had become a father uncannily!

    Li Yao's lips and eyes were moving beyond his control. He had no idea how he should react right now at all.

    He rose abruptly and circled around the two children before he sat back and scratched his hair again. Then,   he stood up again and observed the environment in confusion,   especially the red ants and the green ants,  in a long daze. In the end, he sat back again.

    Li Yao had never been more thirsty in his life, nor had he ever been as awkward.

    However, after confirming that they were indeed his bloodline, and when they were smiling delightfully and innocently at him, he also seemed never... happier in his life?

    Even the vigorous, mischievous-looking boy appeared more and more agreeable now!

    Shua! Shua! Shua! Shua!

    Li Yao analyzed his memories quickly, trying to locate the source of the problem.

    Neither himself nor Ding Lingdang was ignorant enough to have created such two big children without knowing it at all. So, the only possibility was that-

    Somebody stole the life seeds of me and Ding Lingdang and developed the two children!

    Li Yao's eyes suddenly grew extremely cold. Could it be that they are tools to threaten me just like Li Jialing?


    The two children had been observing Li Yao's behavior in curiosity all the time. Sensing his daunting vibe at this time, they exclaimed at the same time, "Dad is angry! Is he angry at us? Did we do anything wrong?"

    "No, no. I'm not angry."

    Li Yao was somehow upset when he saw the sparkling eyes of the two kids. He couldn't help but comfort them even though he was still reluctant to admit that he was their father.

    He was almost scratching his face again, wondering how he should handle such a complicated situation.

    In any case, children were always innocent, not to mention that they were his own children! If somebody did "create" them to deal with him, it would certainly be his responsibility to find out the one behind the curtain and teach the guy a lesson.

    Thinking quickly, Li Yao took a deep breath and tried to control his facial muscles and his vocal cords, asking in the most "gentle" way, "Why-Why are you here? Who brought you to this place?"

    The images of countless villains popped up in his head.

    Of the many villains whom he used to fight against, it seemed that any could've done that.

    "Nobody. We came here on our own!"

    The two children looked at each other and said with a sweet smile, "We are here to look for Dad after chasing you all the way from the federation to the Imperium!"

    "You two children, from the federation to the Imperium?"

    Li Yao was stunned again, yet he had to admit that it was very likely to be true. After all, the life seeds of himself and Ding Lingdang were stored in the federation, and there was no reason why they would be teleported to the Imperium uncannily.

    However, if they were just two regular kids-no, even if they were the kids of two experts in the Nascent Soul Stage, and they were talented enough to have started their training while they were still in the womb, what level could they have reached when they were no more than ten years old? They would've been considered as unbelievable geniuses if they could awaken their spiritual roots and reach the middle or high level of the Refinement Stage, wouldn't they?

    Even a monster like Li Jialing was still a lamb at anyone's mercy when he was younger than ten.

    A journey from the federation to the Imperium, and a dive to the depths of the capital planet-were they really accomplishable for two children?

    Also, were such a harsh cave of magma and such a weird "metal world" habitable and buildable for two children?

    He remembered it now!

    Li Yao remembered how he was rescued from the battlefield. It seemed that two battle puppets that belonged to the Black Iron Group betrayed their master Li Minghui and killed multiple more of their own kind unstoppably.

    Also, Li Yao heard a lot of weird conversations while he was in the coma. The pieces of the conversations were now surfacing, too!

    Li Yao's eyeballs were almost jumping out of his eye sockets. The blood all over his body was now frozen and now boiling, and his entire face was blue and black. He struggled to say, "You are... not human beings!"

    "Of course!"

    The two children did not deny it at all. They quickly nodded their heads and even turned on the tips of their toes. "I am Li Xiaoming. I am Li Wenwen. Mankind is our father, but we are certainly not human beings!"

    Ripples of information were spreading out of their tiny heads. Though feeble, they were completely different from the brainwaves of regular human beings.

    Receiving their instructions, the tiny spiritual puppets that looked like ants were also dancing in the same pace. They were like naughty children who were eager to show their products to their parents.

    "Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop!"

    Li Yao's head was expanding and exploding again. Looking at the carefree and innocent appearances of the two children, Li Yao found it both annoying and cute.

    It was strange that he was supposed to be alert, if not angry, when faced with such a weird scene, but he could not grow anxious at all.

    "What... are you exactly?" Li Yao asked, full of confusion.

    "Yes, what are we exactly?" The two children stopped dancing and looked back at Li Yao, blinking their big, glittering eyes.

    Even the tiny ants stopped moving and thought in silence.

    "Where did you come from? How were you 'created'?" Li Yao continued asking.

    "Right, why are we here, and how were we created?" the two children looked at each other and asked each other.

    "What do you want? Where are you going?" A few veins were bulging out of Li Yao's forehead.

    "Exactly, where are we going, and what are we going to do?" The two children held their chins, deep in thought, as if they were two little philosophers.


    Li Yao couldn't hold it anymore. "Stop mimicking me. Do you not know anything at all?"

    "We indeed do not know anything at all!"

    The two children replied innocently, "Where we are from, who we are, where we are going... We don't know the first thing about the answers to these questions. That's why we have come to the center of the cosmos from the edge of it, from the Star Glory Federation to the Imperium of True Human Beings, following Dad's trace all the way. We are hoping that Dad can tell us the final answer!"
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