2 A bit of Warmth

    Nix rolled over on the warm stone, slowly sitting up while he gathered his wits.  He was on a spawning platform, similar to the one he had experienced at the Gladis Hub.  He stood up and removed the outer coat.

    "I see you are awake.  May I help you sir?"   A feminine voice spoke from behind him.  She wore light blue robes. Her black hair hung down her back in a long braid.

    "I'm Nix,  somehow I've lost my way.  Could you tell me a bit about the area?"

    She bowed slightly.  "Well met Nix.  I am Cyan, the temple cleric here.  This is the Temple of Shi, the Ice Spirit of Cyphix City.  Here, let me download you the local shops and businesses."

    Nix felt his bracelet vibrate, he tapped it once and the heads up display came up (hud).  He cycled through the menus, this time none of them were grayed out.  He clicked on the map she had sent him, "I need to earn some money, so I can find a place to sleep.  Any ideas?"

    "You have yellow eyes, like the sun."  She ignored what he said and handed him a token from her pockets.  "This is a welcome token, newcomers to the city receive one."

    "Oh... thank you."  He rolled it over in his hands and then glanced up at her.  "What do I do with it?"

    Her laughter was light, like a summer breeze.  "Give that to any Inn Keeper, it will pay for three days of food and lodging."

    "Can you recommend one Inn over the others?  I'd like some peace and quiet, along with some good food."

    "Try the Kindled Spirit Inn, tell them that Cyan sent you."

    After thanking her, he left the temple.  It was cold outside, but nothing like the deadly temperatures he had endured.  He slipped on his overcoat and walked down the steps.

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    He had assumed that Cyphix was small, however, that wasn't the case.  The roads were made from a brown stone that gripped his shoes when he walked.  The shops were made of red brick, most of them were separated by narrow alleyways.  As a former arsonist, he noted that Cyphix was unlikely to burn down to the ground.

    He passed several weapons and armor shops as he walked toward the Kindled Spirit.  He didn't see anything signifying a Tailor business.  Carefully, he made his plans.  First, he would get a room and something to eat.  Then he would access his hud and find out everything he could about Colonial.  He hadn't followed Virtual Gaming while he was wreaking havoc in New York.  In this instance, knowledge was everything.

    The Kindled Spirit was a wood building, the only one on its block.  Its architecture seemed faintly European in design, lots of windows and pointed roofs.  He pushed open the heavy door and immediately felt comfort like he hadn't known in months.  It was warm and smelled of barbecue and baked goods.  A friendly-looking woman of middle age smiled at him when he walked in.

    "Greeting Sir!  Welcome to the Kindled Spirit.  I'm Hyai the owner.  What can I do for you today?"  Hyai was a broad-shouldered woman with faded red hair and lots of freckles.  Her impressive breasts seemed to defy gravity by sticking straight out.  She wore an ankle-length blue skirt and a white buttoned shirt.  The buttons protested by straining against the fabric.  Small bits of white skin were visible next to each one.

    He handed her the token that Cyan had given him.  "Cyan sent me, I would like a room and something to eat."

    She nodded and favored him with a smile, "We are serving lunch, we have bear stew or fried cod."

    "I'll take the stew, and whatever that comes with."

    "It comes with a pint, a loaf of bread and a smile."

    He smiled at her words, probably the first time he had really done so for a long time.  "That seems like a great lunch, thank you."

    He looked around the room.  The table he had chosen was close to the fireplace, the warmth against his back and the crackling of flames gave him comfort.  There were no other customers in sight.

    He opened his hud and brought up the gaming menu.  There was a brief introduction, which he read carefully.

    In Colonial, we take you on an adventure that spans seven different continents.  We welcome back the days of pirates and seafaring.  Not the pirate type?  Then start your adventures as a powerful magic wielder capable of leveling entire cities.

    Cities are all connected by portals.  There is a small fee that is charged for those who are level 20 or higher.  Explore to your heart's content knowing that you don't need to pick a faction class until level 10.

    There are two factions within Colonial, Sea Farers and Terrans. In either of these factions, you can learn melee, ranged or magic skills.  There are strengths and weaknesses in both, choose wisely.

    There are no adventure classes in Colonial.  If you wish to be a swordsman, then you train the sword.  Each faction may train, one primary weapon and one secondary weapon.  Secondary weapon skills can only be trained to 60 percent of your current primary weapon skill. If you choose the path of magic, then your primary weapon is replaced with a Path of Study.

    Weapons in Colonial


    Sword- [All Types]



    Halberd [Includes all Spears]

    Dagger [If the dagger is both primary and secondary, there are no penalties.]




    Pistol [If the pistol is both primary and secondary, there are no penalties.]


    Paths of Magic

    Death Magic

    Water Magic

    Fire Magic

    Healing Magic

    Wind Magic

    There are many support skills in Colonial.  Everything from stealth abilities to first aide.  You may learn up to three support skills, their total rating cannot exceed 10.

    For Example:  Combat Medic=6, Stun=3, Swim=1.

    Some Support skills are very rare and can be difficult to find. There are a few that are readily available.  Support skills may be reset at any time.

    Colonial is an Open World game that lets you choose every detail of your adventure.  There is a Main faction quest, but keep in mind that once you start down that trail, there will be many cities that no longer welcome you.

    Some of our players choose to become LifeStyle players.  At level 10, this is the alternative choice.  Lifestyle players are not part of any faction and are considered non-combatants.

    "Reading up a bit?  It's a good idea."  Hyai came back with a tray and set it down in front of him.

    "Thank you.'  He immediately grabbed the mug, which was way bigger than any pint he had ever seen.  He took a drink and coughed a bit.  It was sweet and fizzy, although not unpleasant.

    "Anything else Mr. Nix?"

    "Some company if you don't mind.  Traveling can be a bit lonely."  Nix smiled at her and sampled the stew. It was well seasoned and the meat seemed to melt in his mouth.  He sighed contently and continued eating.

    Hyai nodded and took the chair across from him.  She proved very easy to talk to.  She was a widow with one daughter who had married and moved away.  She had been running the Inn by herself for nearly a decade.  She knew just a bit of fire magic, although by her own admission was definitely not a mage.

    After talking about local events and business, Nix pushed his tray away.  He liked her warmth, perhaps it was her fire magic since he had some experience with fire himself.

    She stood up and gathered his tray.  "Anything else Nix?"  She had started calling him by his first name about halfway through his dinner.

    A hot bath would be nice and perhaps some more company.  He smiled suggestively, so she wouldn't misunderstand.

    Her face blushed slightly and she looked down.  "This isn't that sort of establishment Nix."

    Nix laughed, "I do like a warm woman, but if you're against it, I'll just take a bath."

    She handed him a key with a large wooden tag that said 'bath' on it.  "It's at the top of the stairs, there's a small closet next to it that has  towels."

    "Okay, thank you Hyai."

    Ten minutes later he sunk up to his chin in steaming water.  During the last few nights, he couldn't have imagined feeling so warm.  The Bathroom was just big enough for the enormous porcelain tub.  There was a full-length mirror on the back of the door.

    Fully content, he felt himself starting to drift off until a soft knock on the door caught his attention.  Hyai opened the door, a towel folded in her hands.

    "I brought a towel."  She sat it on top of his and slowly started to undress.  "Times like this make me wish I was still pretty."

    Nix sat up straight in the tub, watching her undress.  There were marks on her soft body where her clothes dug into her skin.  Even fully naked, her pink capped breasts continued to defy gravity.  "Nonsense, you are a beautiful woman."

    She eased into the water and quickly moved toward him, her nipples brushed his chest when she leaned against him.  Their first kiss was light and friendly, very quickly heating up as their tongues teased and tasted one another.

    She reached between them and gripped him, her breath coming heavy against his mouth. Rising up slightly she sunk onto him, a low moan escaping her lips.

    Water sloshed over the sides of the tub as they moved against each other, the end came embarrassing quick for Nix, but thankfully she seemed to have arrived there first.    She lay against him afterward, her head on his shoulder as they continued to talk.  Nix couldn't help but hold her firm breasts while they chatted, inevitably this led to another round.

    They stood in front of the mirror a good while later, drying each other off and occasionally kissing.  It was warm and comfortable.

    "You seem very tired Nix."

    He laughed at her words, "just a bit.  A warm bed seems like a distant dream."

    "Shall I wake you for dinner?"

    Nix shook his head, "I'll sleep instead.  Tomorrow I need to get a better feel for Colonial."

    "The City Library might be a good place to start.  Lots of maps and cultural information that you can upload to your hud."

    They dressed quickly, Hyai exited first, "wait a minute before you leave okay?  Wagging tongues."

    Nix nodded and gave her a quick kiss, it seemed to surprise her and make her happy at the same time.  "See ya in the morning."

    Nix climbed into the warm bed of his room a few minutes later.  "I need to find some work, perhaps figure out this World's Geography and then make plans."

    He yawned and closed his eyes.  "Thanks, Glory," he mumbled softly.
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