22 Fear the King

    Wind stared at the little lizard on his cellmate's shoulder.  "Please tell me that's not your trump card."

    Nix sighed heavily and started trying to work loose his bindings.  King Lubo took a step closer to his face, a small webbed hand touched his cheek.

    King Lubo

    Description: A tiny gecko-like

    creature, may change colors at will.

    Special Characteristic: Immune to Fire.

    [Attack Rating: None]

    [Defense Rating: None]

    [Special Ability: Mass Hysteria]

    King Lubo chittered loudly from Nix's shoulder, drawing the attention of all six of the Sythryn.

    [Fear the King]

    A gentle wave pushed out in all directions from King Lubo, it felt like a pleasant breeze.  An instant later there was total chaos. All six of the Sythryn screeched in fear, covering their faces they ran in circles and straight lines.  Slamming into each other, one fell down and rolled in the fire.  In the end, each of them charged mindlessly into the marsh.

    Nix watched them run away and turned toward the scout. "Gonna burn you Wind!"

    Wind nodded, "do it!"

    The scout turned his back toward him and a moment later one strand shot out and wrapped around Wind's wrist.  To his credit, he didn't make a noise although his face was a frozen mask of pain. The smell of burnt flesh and rope blended together, a few seconds later Wind pulled his hands free of his restraints and the strand vanished.

    After freeing his own feet, the scout freed Nix quickly.  "Get the locks!"

    Nix nodded and sent a separate strand around the locks of each cage. Within a few minutes, the group was free and reequipping themselves.

    Wind glanced at the lizard on Nix's shoulder once again and gave it a respectful nod, "Impressive."

    Sharl starting going through the things left behind by the Sythryn.  "We probably have a few minutes, but let's check for clues and get out of here."

    King Lubo darted from his shoulder, moving in a blur he stopped on a pile of sticks and mud.  He chittered loudly at Nix.

    The normally stoic scout walked over and started removing the top layer of sticks.  He stopped after a few seconds and turned back to the group, "found something!"

    It took a few minutes to uncover the four partially eaten and decomposed bodies.  They had obviously been there for a while.

    Sharl pointed to their armbands.  "Burning Sea.  These Sythryn seem abnormally aggressive, not to mention the other characteristics."

    Pon nodded, the old man was so angry that his entire body gave off an intense heat.  "I've been here many times in the past.  Those things have changed drastically, something or someone is causing it."

    King Lubo darted back onto Nix's shoulder.

    Wind stared at the King hard and then back at Nix. "Hey Nix... Can I have that gecko?"

    "Sure."  Nix gently picked up King Lubo and placed it on Wind's shoulder.

    [Command: Protect Wind]

    "...."  Sharl.

    "...."  Pon.

    "...." Ronnie.

    The members of Daybreakers witnessed something they had never seen, Wind looked happy for the first time since he had joined the guild.

    Sharl patted her best scout on the shoulder and then addressed the group. "We aren't in any condition to continue, let's head out."

    Nix nodded in agreement, "I want you to meet someone.  A member of the Souza Accord has approached me.  Honestly, I don't know what to think."

    Pon's old face was finally losing some of its anger.  "What is the Souza Accord?"

    Nix decided it was best just to put it out there. "An Aquarion Rebel faction that wants to peacefully co-exist with humans."

    The Daybreakers stared at him for a long moment, each of them wondering if they had heard right.

    Ronnie's face looked scared, "Co-exist?  You know the things they've been doing?"

    Sharl nodded, "I'm with my sister on this, an alliance of any sort is most likely a trap.  Isn't odd that this comes after we've been able to even the scales?"

    "I would welcome a peaceful faction if that is what they are."  Wind spoke quietly, "I would be willing to listen."

    Pon looked at his friend, despite outward appearances he knew the scout to be a calm headed person who thinks things through.  "I would also listen and see what this faction says."

    "Okay, I'll bring the four of you back to Jenza and then take Pon and Wind back to the Lake with me."

    Sharl stepped closer and grabbed his arm.  "The Aquarions are at the Lake Cavern?"

    Nix nodded, "just one.  We parted earlier, so she may not be back yet."

    "I'll come Nix,"  Ronnie was against it, but she wanted to stay with Pon and Wind.

    Sharl sighed heavily.  "Am I being too stubborn?  Damn it, I can be open-minded about this also.  Count me in."

    Nix smiled at the Daybreakers Guild Leader, "Okay then, join hands please."

    Nix activated Deep Blue and chose the Lake Cavern.

    A moment later the group of five appeared on the beach.

    [Lake Cavern has been upgraded and changed to Sea World.]

    [The amount of slots that can be stored in the Portal Key is now six.]

    [Beach hut has been upgraded to Beach Cottage.]

    The rest of his group stared at him, sure that he had brought them someplace else.

    The Cavern was gone and replaced with a blue sky.  The lake that had been a few hundred meters across was easily a mile wide.  Nix could see beach all the way around it.  A hundred meters of beach ended in a tall rock wall that stretched skyward.  A cozy looking cottage sat peacefully near the rocks.

    "There's surf!"  Ronnie was standing in the water, kicking her feet at the white foam.

    A moment later there was a disturbance in the middle of the water, the turtles surfaced and were racing toward the shore.  Nix could see Soup in front, easily pulling away from the rest.

    He waded into the shallows and dipped a hand into the water before touching it to his lips.  "It's Saltwater!"

    Nix rubbed Soup's head for a moment before turning around.  His group was still staring at him.  "I received a World Seed as part of my Quest."

    Sharl had taken off her shoes and was scrunching her toes in the soft sand.  "What Quest?"

    "I solved the mystery behind the Aquarion Attacks."

    Pon whistled, "if you were awarded a World Seed, then that was a Major Quest."

    Nix laughed at himself, "I didn't even know what it was, so I was too scared to use it."

    Ronnie finally noticed the cottage and ran towards the front door. "Dibs on a room!"

    Nix shook his head and walked toward the cottage, "forget it."

    Despite running toward the door, she stopped before opening it and waited for Nix.  "Why not?  You gave that sweet gecko to Wind!"

    Nix shrugged, "Wind never asks for anything."

    Ronnie stuck her tongue out at him, "that makes me sound like a mooch."

    The old fire mage laughed, "kinda does."

    The inside had changed drastically.  The front door opened to a small living room and dining room.  A small galley kitchen was nestled neatly behind it with a huge pantry closet attached.  A quick walk around showed that there were three identical bedrooms.  Ronnie had jumped on each bed as they entered to see if they matched the comfort level of the hut bed.

    "This one is mine right?"  Ronnie lay flat on her back in the bedroom closest to the door, she had declared that all the beds were acceptable.

    Nix shook his head, "forget about it."  A glance out the door showed that it was getting darker.  "Damn..."

    All of them ran outside to watch as the small Sea World had its first sunset.

    Pon stood in the surf watching it, the old mage was smiling from ear to ear.  "This is a huge upgrade Nix."

    "I was told that there were two ways to use a World Seed.  One was by itself and the other was by combining it with an existing one.  This is the later obviously."

    A few minutes later the entire group was enjoying a sunset swim in the new Sea World.  All three men had donned their Malu Aquatic gear.  While the women were trying out their new swimsuits.

    Wind was sitting in the surf, playing with King Lubo.  "Did you make those swimsuits Nix?"

    Ronnie was wearing a one-piece Malu swimsuit while Sharl had opted for the bikini version.

    Swimsuit: Malu Aquatic

    Description: One Piece swimsuit

    that features underwater breathing.

    Non-combat only.  Female only.

    Swimsuit: Malu Aquatic

    Description: Bikini swimsuit

    that features underwater breathing.

    Non-combat only.  Female only.

    Nix nodded, "sure did."

    Pon smiled while he watched his guild leader run through the surf.  "On behalf of all the men in Colonial, thank you."

    Wind looked up from his gecko and nodded in agreement.  "You are the man Nix."

    Nix entered the water and lazily climbed on Soups shell as she swam in circles.  Sharl swam toward him and he helped her up.

    "Hey!"  Ronnie chased after them shaking her fist.

    "Let's lose her Soup."  Nix grabbed Sharl with one hand and Soup's shell with the other as she dived and accelerated.

    The Sea had an abundance of plant life.  Unlike its predecessor, it was teeming with small fish and sea life.  Sharl and Nix were given an underwater tour of the Sea by Soup.  There was a small coral reef and a network of tiny caves.

    Soup slowed down and her two riders were able to sit up comfortably.  Sharl's long hair was flowing in the water.  "That's a big accomplishment you know.  As long as I've been playing, the Aquarion raids were part of our life.  You've been here just over a month and you have solved a major quest."

    Nix smiled and leaned back slightly.  "Sounds impressive when you say it like that.  However, you did help me recovering the Cyphix captives.  That raid led to me solving the quest."

    Sharl moved closer and pushed him backward.  She straddled his waists and leaned down for a long kiss.  "Sorry for being narrow-minded back there."

    He cupped her large breasts in either hand, enjoying the soft spongy feel, her nipples hardening against his palms.  "Oh, crap."

    Sharl leaned back slightly, her full dark lips holding a slight smile.  "What?"

    Nix looked embarrassed for once.  "If we take off our swimsuits this deep, we will probably drown before we can get to the surface."

    Sharl's laughter echoed in his ears while he reluctantly pushed her away.

    A few minutes later they walked out of the surf together.  Pon had used his fire magic to light a fire on the beach.  Wind was sleeping peacefully while Ronnie and Pon were talking.

    Ronnie made a face at her sister, "I want a free tour with Soup also!"

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    Sharl hid the smile that bubbled up.  "This is you asking for stuff again."

    Wind suddenly popped up, his eyes darting toward the cottage.  "Someones here!"

    An instant later a figure dressed in black appeared on the beach.  Nix stood slowly and motioned for his friends to follow.  "Time to meet Mina."
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