34 Water Nymphs

    Although they had rested before the raid, by the time they arrived back at their base in Safarza, everyone was exhausted.  Nix had just started to drowse off when his cot was jarred suddenly.  He opened his eyes to an apologetic Ronnie who was pushing their cots together.

    "Don't get any ideas, I've no interest in making a public spectacle of myself." She pulled a huge blanket out of her inventory and snuggled up next to him.

    "Right..."  Nix pulled the blanket over himself and pulled her closer.  He smiled and remembered the prison guard who had changed his life.  "Thanks, Glory," he mumbled just before he drifted off to sleep.

    A few hours later Nix slowly drifted back to consciousness, Ronnie had already left and moved her cot away. A quick scan of the tent showed him that he was the only one still sleeping.

    Colonial System Message: The Kingdom of Berma has been liberated by the Alliance of the Inferno Guild and the Souza Accord.

    Quest: Sea Farer Faction

    Description: You have raised

    your rating to ally level with

    one of the Kingdoms of Broyan.

    Achieve this with two other Broyan


    He shielded his eyes from the glare of the mid-day sun and headed toward the mess tent.  Shouts and cheers of encouragement came from the area behind it so Nix walked around the back to check it out.  "The f*ck is going on?"  Ronnie and Semmi were fighting inside of a roughly drawn circle. He moved to break it up, but Tess stopped him with a hand.

    "It's fine Nix, it's just an unarmed match game." The normally very pretty cleric was nursing some serious bruises on her face.  "No real damage can be done and the bruises heal within an hour."

    "Oh god... you're fighting for fun?  You look like you got your ass kicked."

    Tess smiled and shook her head, "it only looks that way.  I knocked out Gypsy, although it was a close fight."

    Nix looked around the crowd, both Wind and Chael had obviously taken part.  He cringed slightly when Semmi knocked Ronnie to the ground with a straight right hand.  It's obvious that she knew how to punch.  "It doesn't look good for Ronnie."

    "She's taking on a 'doesn't look good' match.'"  Tess shook her head, "that girl is stubborn."

    "What is a 'doesn't look good' match?" Nix had to hold himself back from running into the circle and pulling Ronnie out.

    "It's a game option that compares the likelihood of you winning against your opponent.  It's based on strength, agility and stamina scores.  No talents or special gear is allowed.  Based on how you match up, you get one of three messages. [Could go either way]  [Doesn't look good] and [Don't even think about it.]

    "Doesn't look good means she will probably lose?"  Nix felt sympathy for his archer friend as Semmi drove a knee into her stomach.  Ronnie fell to one knee gasping for air.

    "Yep."  Tess nodded in agreement, "this is the end for Ronnie."

    Unexpectedly when Semmi moved in for the finish, Ronnie dived forward and gripped her around the waist before rising up and slamming her onto the hard ground.  A quick-mount and Ronnie finished her off with punches.  The dark archer staggered to her feet and raised her hands in victory.

    Tess clapped, "nice comeback."  She glanced at her friend who was still unconscious on the ground.  "Match games only allow you to get knocked out for a few seconds, except for a bruised ego, she'll be fine."

    "That's dumb."  Nix pulled a piece of cloth out of his inventory and handed it to Ronnie when she approached.  "What the hell are you doing?"

    Ronnie smiled and wiped her face, "did you see me kick her ass?"

    Nix shook his head, "I saw you get beat up and then get lucky."

    Ronnie flexed her arm and then whistled.  "Damn Nix, what's your strength rating at?"

    "I'm wondering the same thing."  Tess brought up her stats, her strength was listed as twenty.  "There's no difference in Colonial between the stats of genders, but I'm getting a 'don't even think about it' message from you."

    "More than double yours."  Nix didn't want to say that his strength and stamina were both over sixty.  He looked around the group, there were several disappointed faces looking at him.  Apparently, there were some people who wanted to punch him in the face.  He laughed and pulled Ronnie away, "let's go eat."

    Ronnie was all smiles when they sat down to eat some of the boxed lunches Jun Li had prepared for the raid.  Semmi sat down with them, she was all smiles and even shared a bottle of apple cider with them.  Nix glanced around the tent, he had thought there would be some hurt feelings or anger issues, but it was the exact opposite.

    An hour later they were back at the TOC (Tactical Operations Center) and were zoomed in on the small kingdom of Trifelez.  Jun Li had highlighted an area in western Berma that was close to the border.  "Originally I wanted to keep our base here, but looking at it objectively we may be better suited by continuing to move it."

    Pon nodded in agreement, "the longer we stay in one place, the more likely our enemies will find us."

    "I think we should move."  Nix studied the hud map, it was storming in Trifelez even though it was clear skies in Berma.


    Two hours later, the camp had been moved and reset in a small valley bordering Trifelez.  Wind and Semmy had scouted the area thoroughly and reported no hidden dangers.  The storms in the neighboring kingdom were expected to blow through in a day or two.  According to the scouts, there were a few natural pools in the area so most of the group filtered off in small groups to enjoy a day off.

    Nix opened up his stable menu, it showed the three Vila that were wounded had fully recovered. Mina approached him just as he was closing his hud.

    "There are some very interesting water creatures in the area Nix."  Mina had scolded him after the raid for making her worry, "you may want to consider training them."

    "Show me."  He followed her out of the camp to a small grove of trees surrounding a pool.  She held up a finger to her lips, "Water Nymphs are illusionists, try not to alert them."

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    Nix nodded and then ducked lower, he could hear the soft sounds of moaning.  Silently the two of them crept closer to the pool.  "Of course it would be Ronnie,"  he muttered under his breath.

    The Water Nymphs were transparent like clear water, their general image was that of a slender female with long hair and full breasts.  They were laughing as they teased the human that was wrapped in their illusion.

    [Scan Surrounding Areas?]


    [Scanning, Stand By...]

    [8 Sea-Beasts have been Located.]

    [Type 1: Water Nymphs: 5]

    [Type 2: Grass snake: 3]

    [Do you wish to train the available Sea-Beasts?]


    Four of the Nymphs were holding her down, each on a limb.  They had dragged her half out of the pond.  The two holding her arms were kissing her breasts and nibbling at them with soft water lips, the fifth one had her head buried between Ronnie's legs.  She was raising her hips off the ground and arching her back.

    He was about to stop it when Mina placed a hand on her shoulders.  "Wait Nix, this is a rare opportunity.  It's nearly impossible to find Water Nymphs.  They never hurt females anyway."

    The training completed shortly after Ronnie climaxed against the Water Nymphs wet lips, immediately they stopped and faced him.  Their smiles were gone, but their faces showed curiosity.

    Nix looked at the menu options for them.  "They are CC pets?"  (Crowd Control)

    Mina nodded, "men are especially susceptible to them, although as you can tell they prefer women when they are playing."

    Ronnie sat up at the sound of voices, her dark nipples were fully erect and she was completely out of breath.  She didn't cover up when she saw Nix and Mina.  "What the hell happened?"

    Nix had to bite down on the laugh that threatened to escape.  "What do you think happened?"

    Ronnie pursed her lips as if trying to remember.  "I was bathing when you and Semmi joined me."  She looked around for the woman she had been fighting earlier in the day.  "I don't see Semmi."

    He could no longer stop the laughter, he pointed at the Water Nymphs.  "I'm afraid my new girls had their way with you."

    Ronnie stared at the Water Nymphs, "real Water Nymphs?"  Unmindful that she was still naked she stood up and approached them.  A dark hand reached out to touch the watery skin of the nearest.

    Nix nodded, "really good at weaving illusions apparently."

    Ronnie wrinkled her nose at them and then walked to the side of the pool to get dressed.  She definitely didn't look angry.  "Make sure you bring them to the Sea-World."

    Nix nodded, "without a doubt."
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